Friday, October 15, 2010

Campaign Events this weekend and early next week! Updated - More events added

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With ballots coming out this week, we must get out there to impact the voters that will vote right away! That doesn't mean we stop working after this, but we need to make a really concerted effort to influence these early voters before they vote!!

From the Puget Sound Conservative Underground
Tidal-Wave Sign-Wave - Oct. 15, 22, 29
  • A “get out the vote” effort via campaign sign-waving on I-405 and I-5 overpasses all at the same time during all the remaining Friday afternoon rush hours in October;
  • Since this election is supposed to be a “tidal wave” win by Republicans, this event will be a “tidal wave” like concentration of sign waving on all of the freeway overpasses stretching from Shoreline to Lynnwood and from Kirkland to Bothell;
  • Needless to say, we’ll need everyone to participate to pull this off and “wow” the rush hour drivers in liberal King and Snohomish Counties.
RSVP here -

Phone bank while Patty parties with Obama - Oct. 21
On October 21, President Obama is making his 2nd trip to Washington State to campaign for Patty Murray. (In 2008 when running for President, he only visited our state once.) He'll be partying at the U.W. campus with any Puget Sound progressives who are still supporting him. What do you say about the idea that at the same time he and Patty party, we conservatives work at the the Victory Phone Banks to talk to voters about Dino Rossi?
Here's how you can help:

From Kirby Wilbur and AFP
Eastside - doordrop initiative guides, anti-income tax literature, and incumbent voting records - Oct. 16
Location #1:
Saturday, Oct. 16th - Meet at the Houghton Park and Ride (405 and NE 70th ), 8-10 AM, to pick up materials
Location #2:
Saturday, Oct. 16th - Meet in Federal Way, the parking lot in front of 32610 Pacific Highway South, 9-noon, to pick up materials

Questions should be directed to Kirby Wilbur at

From FreedomWorks
Two days of activism to support Dino Rossi - Oct. 18, 19
1. Morning - Monday, October 18th:
9am-12pm Get out the Vote Training/Activist meet and greet, phone bank with FreedomWorks
  • Presentation introducing new information and GOTV tools for local organizing
  • Presentation and discussion about what comes after Election Day and how we Take America Back
  • Collect GOTV materials for use in your neighborhood as FreedomWorks has created yard signs, bumper stickers and door hangers for our key GOTV efforts
  • Link you to the new online, at home, phone banking technology, allowing you and your neighbors to be more effective when you work to get out the vote for Dino Rossi
Holiday Inn Express, SeaTac Airport
19621 International Boulevard
SeaTac, WA 98188
Please RSVP to as soon as possible

2. Afternoon - Monday, October 18th:
1pm Bring Back Boeing Rally (Where did all the jobs go Patty?)
Join us for rally to ask, where did all of the Boeing jobs go, and how can we get them back? Patty Murray will be holding a fundraiser with Bill Clinton simultaneously and we want to change the messaging of that fundraiser. While she claims to have helped Boeing, we all know the real story. We are working very hard to ensure this is not a political/campaign rally, but rather a rally of citizens concerned about a lot of jobs that are now nonexistent.
Flying Heritage Collection Paine Field
3407 109th st SW
Everett, WA 98204

Please RSVP for the rally here:
Check out ideas for signs and see the kind of message we want to send:

Tuesday, October 19th:
9am-dark Get out the Vote for Dino Rossi with signs and walking lists, and other materials
Meet at the hotel to get signs followed by campaigning in the surrounding area. If you have a truck or other type of vehicle that can carry a lot of signs, please bring that with you. Also, hammers or sledge hammers to place signs in the ground, as well as comfortable walking shoes! :)
Holiday Inn Express, SeaTac Airport
19621 International Boulevard
SeaTac, WA 98188
Please RSVP to as soon as possible

From the James Watkins campaign
Phone banking and meet & greets - Oct. 16, 17, 21
Victory Phone Bank in Silverdale
Saturday, October 16, 2010
9330 Silverdale Way NW Suite 202

James Watkins Meet & Greet in Woodinville
Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 3:00pm
Carlson Residence
14724 173rd Ave NE
Woodinville, WA, 98072

James Watkins Meet & Greet in Snohomish
Sunday, October 17, 2010 - 1:30pm
Sutherland residence
6410 - 158th Street SE
Snohomish, WA

Edmonds-Woodway High Candidate Forum
Thursday, October 21, 2010 - 12:15pm
Edmonds-Woodway High School
7600 212th St SW
Edmonds, WA

Update: More events added as they come in

From the Olympia Tea Party
Sign waving during Bill Clinton's visit
We need help constructing 20+ signs for the I-5 Communication Project when Clinton and the Obamas come to town.

I say Communication Project because
we intend to reach 1/3 Million motorists in I-5 each of these three days:
  1. Monday Oct 18th - Clinton in Everett (details to follow)
  2. Thursday Oct 21st - Obama in Seattle (7 - 8 AM during morning rush hour)
  3. Monday Oct 25th - Michelle O in Tacoma (details to follow)
The point is to put the damper on Obama's attempt to run up enthusiasm. Putting the damper on their enthusiasm has lots of value because when 1/3 Million people see us up and down I-5 with a single message - well, you get the idea.

This Saturday, Oct 16th
You are invited to my home in Olympia
To help make the signs and plan details
  • From Noon to about 2 PM
  • We will have Pizza.
  • The signs cost about $12 each to construct
  • We intend that you keep these big (very useful) signs for your group to use
  • If you can put a few bucks into the hat for the pizza and sign materials we will gladly accept your help.
  • Reply to this email and let me know if you are coming (so we can plan the pizza).
If you can't make it Saturday but want a sign, let me know and we will figure out a way to get you one or tell you how to construct it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Messaging for the Bring Back Boeing Rally

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining us up in Everett for the Bring Back Boeing Rally. Again, this is not so much a campaign rally for Dino or against Patty, rather we are trying to show that it is time for new leadership considering what Boeing (and ultimately our state) has lost over the last few years.

Here are some ideas for signs that go along with that sort of message:

New leadership creates new opportunity
Time 4 new leadership and new opportunities
A better future starts with new leadership
A brighter tomorrow begins with a new direction
Chicago and South Carolina endorse our current leadership.
It is the responsibility of leadership to provide opportunity.
Snohomish County needs Boeing Jobs not Poor leadership!
With new leadership we can bring Boeing back!!!
With new leadership anything is possible
Our current leadership has taken us as far as we can go…
Our leaders have lost Boeing jobs, it’s time they lose there.
It was hard losing all those jobs, and it won’t easy bringing them back but with new leadership anything is
Our current leadership is out of possibilities.
We need new leadership
We need a brighter future
Boeing 72,200 less jobs.
Any sign with a total amount of Boeing jobs losses and dates
Current representatives please understand we need new leadership
Please understand that we need a new direction
Aerospace workers for a brighter tomorrow
Our leadership has shipped jobs to South Carolina and offices to Chicago. It’s time to send them a care package.
New Leadership = More/New Jobs
New leadership, brighter future
A brighter Future for Boeing depends on New Leadership
The future is only better ….ect
Send our leadership to South Carolina and bring Boeing back!
Our current leaders shipped offices to Chicago. Now ship our leaders out of office.
Our government is broken
Outsource our leadership not jobs.

Monday, October 11, 2010

All the leaves are brown...

By Littlefish

What an exciting opportunity for voters in California with two extraordinary candidates to vote for this year, and what an exciting opportunity to alter the course of a government that has deteriorated in its ethics and management of our society and economy. Senator Boxer and Governor Brown have been whole heartedly involved in the last 3 decades of debt and deterioration. This year, after all these decades, Californians have the opportunity to replace them with proven managers, proven leaders of the new economy, and both extraordinary women that should give great momentum to the cause of forming dreams of success in young women everywhere.

A lot is said about the money Meg Whitman has spent on this election, but few discuss how impressive it is that she has earned such monies. She knows how to grow business. She knows how to create jobs, create wealth, and create opportunity. Jerry Brown has been milking the tax cow his entire life, it’s the only skill he has, and the tax cow is milked, its over, there is no more free milk. California needs someone who knows how to improve the lot of all Californians, nut just penalize some for the benefit of a few others.

“If we don’t re-dedicate ourselves to education with the same attitude Americans have applied to going to the moon and fighting wars, the results will be profound. We will gradually lose our successful workforce.” – Meg Whitman

“People ask me, how is managing in the New Economy different from managing in the Old Economy? Actually, it's a lot the same. It's about the financial discipline of the bottom line, understanding your customers, segmenting your customers by their needs, and building a world-class management team.” - Meg Whitman

For Senate, Carly Fiorina, besides being a successful business woman, is also a cancer survivor. I find this amazing. She announced her candidacy while she was still mostly bald. That must have been an amazing moment of clarity in her life, facing death, seeing problems that she knew how to solve, and having been blessed with success and the ability to manage large economies, she fought back to health and decided to run for office. Growing her career from secretarial and receptionist positions all the way up to CEO of Hewlitt Packard, this is a person who knows how to grow and manage complex organizations. Barbara Boxer? To quote campaign manager Marty Wilson, “In contrast, Barbara Boxer presented the same ‘solutions’ she has championed for the last 28 years: grow government and raise taxes, killing jobs and mortgaging our children’s future with sky-high debt. The choice between a practical problem solver versus a failed career politician couldn’t be clearer.”

“My mother...taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled.” - Carly Fiorina

“Do not be afraid to make decisions, do not be afraid to make mistakes.” - Carly Fiorina

“But ours was intended to be a citizen government. It is what ‘of, by and for the people’ means. And when our most important issue in California is the creation of jobs, I think it's quite helpful to have someone in the U.S. Senate or in the governor's seat who actually knows where jobs come from.” - Carly Fiorina

We elect representatives to manage the society and economy they preside over, it is clear from the run away debt and the deteriorating conditions, that things are not going well, and have not been going well for some time now. Are the same managers the right answer? After 30 years of debt and deterioration, how exciting to be able to finally change this condition and start working toward a more successful future. The opportunity to vote for Whitman and Fiorina is one of the most empowering opportunities citizens of California have had in decades.

God Bless America