Friday, October 1, 2010

Which One, Patty Murray?

Dino knocks it out of the park again with his new TV ad.

Norm Dicks Lies Again - Call his offices!!

Norm Dicks was scheduled to debate challenger Doug Cloud on Monday of this week, but ducked out at the last minute. Apparently Dicks sent a representative to tell the 300 people there that the absent Congressman had to get back to DC to cast super important votes. And in Norm Dicks' world, casting votes in DC apparently means meeting with Boeing employee union members in Everett - a city totally and completely outside of his district.

Incumbents have come up with some unusual strategies to avoid debates in this election.

Take Democrat Norm Dicks, a 34-year veteran of the House from Washington State. You'd think he'd be eager to tout all he has done for his Tacoma district, but this past Monday he pulled out of a debate with his GOP opponent after the local newspaper had announced he would attend. Mr. Dicks' office sent a representative to the debate who told the 300 people in attendance that his boss had to miss the event to cast "several important votes" back in Washington. The only problem is that there were no votes scheduled for Monday or Tuesday of this week. While the debate was going on, Mr. Dicks was actually in Everett, a city outside his district, meeting with a group of unionized Boeing employees.

Doug Cloud, Mr. Dicks' opponent, took full advantage of the Congressman's absence. "I'm drawing a line in the sand and Norm Dicks doesn't want to face that line and the mistakes he's made," he told the audience for the aborted debate.
(H/T: Steve Beren)

The people of Kitsap County have been unrepresented by this buffoon of a man for THIRTY-TWO years. You would think the man could pony up a few minutes of his day to debate his challenger, in front of 300 of his constituents.

What a WUSSY. Kick him out of office Kitsap. The man already has a giant, plush office building (that remains half empty, wasting tax payer dollars of course) named after himself, it's time to retire his drunk ass, pardon my language. (It's a well known "secret" that ol' Dicks is a total drunk.)

One thing you can do now, before you get your ballots, is to call his offices and ask why 1.) he missed a debate with his challenger, 2.) he lied about his whereabouts, and 3.) we should rehire a liar such as himself. Call his office today and call them next week because he needs to be accountable to the people he pretends to represent.

Contact Norm Dicks
Washington DC: 202-225-5916
Tacoma: 253-593-6536
Bremerton: 360-479-4011
Port Angeles: 360-452-3370


This just in: Jay Inslee in the 1st Congressional District in WA refuses to debate his challenger too!! From James Watkins' campaign:

Inslee’s Avoidance of Public Debates No Joke

LYNNWOOD—James Watkins, candidate for the 1st congressional district has responded to Jay Inslee’s strange assertion that Watkins diminishes the value of community forums, and he presses Inslee to face the voters in a debate.

Watkins says, “I’ve been enthusiastically attending community forums and other unfiltered events open to the public since January. I’ve only seen Jay at one public candidate event, where he came late, but just in time to answer one question. Community-minded groups inviting all the local candidates to a meeting on behalf of voters is no joke. But for Jay Inslee to substitute this format for a full debate when our future is hanging in the balance is a serious display of bad faith on the part of a ‘people’s representative.’”

Watkins believes this is just another tactic Inslee is using to hide his record from voters.

“I’m sure Inslee would love his allotted six minutes at the next forum to be devoted to discussing the six-minute time slot rather than issues voters are interested in,” says Watkins. “He would much rather do that than explain why he voted for the largest deficit in U.S. history, a pork-laden stimulus plan that created no jobs, and a national energy tax on working families.”

The Watkins campaign has been requesting debates of Inslee since the primary election in August. Inslee refused to debate Watkins until, pressured by the media last week, he made a vague commitment to attend candidate forums which limit the engagement between candidates and one debate late in the election season.

Watkins stands with 1st District voters in supporting good government principles of transparency, independence, and fiscal responsibility. Inslee voted for a budget with a $1.34 trillion deficit and took no significant action as Boeing cut 30,000 jobs.

Watkins is the only candidate that has fostered the creation of new private-sector jobs. At the federal level he cut government spending as an FDIC troubleshooter. For more information on James Watkins, visit

Eco-NutBars! Tastes great! Less filling! - Updated

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I LOVE it when people show their true colors. It's so nice to finally see a group be honest about what they really want. (H/T: Geobent)

Ed Morrissey comments:
What makes this fascinating is that the people who produce this dreck have no clue as to just how far removed they have become from normal human sensibilities, or at least they didn’t until the video began provoking the fully-predictable reaction. They have become so wrapped up in Gaia that they seem to have little connection to humanity.

The other, mainly unrelated point that comes to mind is that this represents a reductio ad absurdum of the view from the hard Left about how dissent gets treated by the mainstream American populace, vis-a-vis the Iraq war especially. Can you imagine the reaction had an organization like Move America Forward produced a video like this, where those who didn’t support a robust strategy for the war on terror were blown up by a button-pushing advocate for the strategy? Especially children in a classroom being terrorized by their teacher into compliance with the groupthink?
Apparently the eco-nutbars are upset that AGW skeptics are sharing the video, while the group who produced the film is trying to erase its existence. Of course we are going to share it! People should know how crazy some of the eco-crazies really are, and the power they dream of holding. Now of course, many people who consider themselves environmentalists are also completely disgusted with this video and the ideas behind it - and thank goodness for that - but we all need to realize that there are some sick fanatics behind a portion of the "green" movement so that we can stop them before they do any actual damage.


I want to make sure that it was clear that I explicitly mentioned the fact that many mainstream environmentalists were disgusted with this film. The Guardian newspaper in the UK has an article with comments from various "green" charities discussing the rising backlash against the film - from environmentalists.

However, it's just as interesting to note that some of the reactions from mainstream environmentalist groups show us that they still don't quite get why the film was appalling. Some of them are sorry that people were offended, but don't mention anything about being sorry for the ideas behind the content. Some of them think that it's just darn hard to joke about serious issues, and really, that was the problem. Some of them say they were just trying to be creative about how dangerous climate change is, but that the film "missed its mark."

I find it disturbing that none of the groups said anything about (or at least the Guardian didn't report it if they did) the idea of punishing people for thinking differently (see this morning's post on groupthink). People are disgusted by the visuals of children exploding, yes, for sure. But more than that, most of us are genuinely chilled by the fact that the filmmakers and some of their backers (including the Guardian) don't seem to make the connection between what they see as a critical issue and the notion of freedom of thought. To say that the film missed its mark completely misses the point. The Guardian had this to say:
The film may have been somewhat tasteless, but it was an imaginative attempt to challenge public apathy over climate change.
There is such a disconnect for these people between trying to motivate people to take action on an issue and the message that their film delivered. The film accomplished nothing close to motivating people to care about climate change. The film threatened to kill people who disagree about climate change. The fact that the filmmakers and some (I said some) environmental groups don't get this is worrying. Though, I think the everyday person who is concerned about global warming probably gets it. It's probably the insulated, entrenched activists who live in a groupthink bubble and have lost touch with reality that don't quite understand why this video is so appalling.