Wednesday, June 23, 2010 scrubs their "General Betray Us" ad from website - UPDATED - Google scrubs the cache too! Updated again! Correction

See below for updates

Via Hot Air, the bloggers at Weasel Zippers found that scrubbed their anti-Petraeus ad, "General Betray Us," from their website now that Obama has chosen Gen. Petraeus to replace Gen. McChrystal.
It was there the last time Google cache took a screen shot of it (June 18th), so it was scrubbed sometime between then and today. If you try the link now( it goes to MoveOn’s default page.
Now, why would they go and do a thing like that?


UPDATE: Google has now scrubbed the web cache of the page!! The screen shot of the web cache that Weasel Zippers linked to now gives you a "your search did not match any documents" screen, whereas yesterday it linked to the web cache of the "Betray Us" ad.

Well, thanks to Ma Libertybelle's diligent research, you can still see the full page ad here and below. Don't forget that Obama declined to vote at all when the question of whether or not to condemn's ad came up in the Senate. He didn't vote for condemnation, and he didn't vote against it. Kind of like voting present, isn't it?

UPDATE II: Looks like our great mom in tennis shoes voted no on the resolution to condemn the ad, or rather, she voted to support's condemnation of the man that Obama has now put in charge of Afghanistan. So Patty, are you going to apologize or admit you were wrong?

CORRECTION: The webmaster from Weasel Zippers emailed me to clarify that Google doesn't arbitrarily remove content from its cache, rather, the site owner must specifically request its removal through the Google Webmaster protocol, to start the process. While this makes me feel a little better about Google, it also highlights how desperate is to erase their ad from history. Thank you to "C" for the correction!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Using the Gulf Spill to Fundraise = Tacky

Organizing for Obama, oops, I mean America, is doubling down on their attempt to use the Gulf spill to rake in donations. I'm surprised Mr. Hopenchange would actually stoop that low, though not because I think he is above smarmy and tacky tactics, but rather because it's so blatant and obvious. Even his campaign wunderkind David Plouffe apparently doesn't realize this, or just doesn't care.
Organizing for America
Liberty Belle --

The President laid out his vision for a clean-energy future last week. Once again, the pundits were quick to say that it can't be done.

Yes, the oil industry will try to stop us. They'll smear our efforts with every attack they can dream up. They'll run ads against the members of Congress standing with us -- and go even more negative as elections near. That's the way it's always been done.

But we don't settle for what people in Washington believe is possible. This movement has never let conventional wisdom dictate our strategy. With your help, we simply organize from the ground up.

We've set a big goal of getting to $1 million raised by the end of this week for our clean-energy campaign -- and that will require at least 241 donations from Seattle.

Can you donate $25 or more today?
Hahahahhhaaaaahahahahaha. Please. So instead of focusing on THE SPILL, i.e. containment, clean-up, and ultimately plugging the damn hole, OFA and Obama want to raise money to push his legislative agenda. Wow. Leadership schmeadership. It's the Obama Way.

DISCLOSE Act scheduled for a vote tomorrow - Can you make a few calls?

Hey all, looks like Queen Nancy is at it again. It appears that a vote on the DISCLOSE Act will be scheduled for tomorrow. Please get calling and faxing today and tell Reps. to vote NO.

A list of Reps. and their phone numbers and fax numbers can be found here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Buy a t-shirt, support Israel

If you are interested in buying cool t-shirts and supporting Israel, check out this website!

Nu Campaign. From the website:
Taken from the Israeli slang word ‘NU’ which literally translates as ’C’mon’ and begs a response, our t-shirts empower and engage wearers to take a stand and show their support for the State of Israel!

Through stimulating and artistic design, NU shirts illustrate the ‘human story’ behind major Israeli causes and events. On the inside of the shirt, opposite the heart, the story is printed, so that wearers carry it with them inside and become its ambassadors out on the streets. Proceeds from t-shirts sales are donated toward Israeli non-profit organizations behind the causes.

By wearing NU, not only do you make a significant contribution toward Israel but you join our worldwide community of people that care and support the State of Israel!
Let's see... buying a t-shirt from Nu allows me to a.) wear a cute t-shirt, and b.) support Israel against her genocidal enemies... sounds like a great deal to me!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I happen to have the most incredible parents in the world, and I see this more as every day goes by. They both sacrificed so much to give their children a better life and taught us the meaning of honesty and integrity.

Doctor Zero writes today about these gifts, particularly from fathers, and how our world dismisses the importance of fathers far too often.
A good father reveals the nature of honor to his sons and daughters through his conduct. He is loyal to his wife and children, despite the easy temptations offered by the modern world. He works to build a better future for them, rather than waiting for it to be dropped in his lap, or demanding others provide it for him. He rejoices in this task, and his joy is so obvious that his family forgives his occasional moments of weariness or frustration. Through marriage, he has chosen duty over indulgence. He sees the intricate beauty of permanence, when the flickering neon light of passing fancy is more obvious. Honor is one of the many frequencies of love.

The absence of a father is a terrible burden for children, and their mother, to bear. I know, because I’m one of the many children who grew up without my father in the house. It’s a pain that is not always easy to understand. What’s missing is too big to be seen clearly. Generations have grown up listening to the seductive lie that fathers are less than critical. They are portrayed as a dangerous accessory, prone to explosion and meltdown, easily replaced by a wad of cash or a government check. Some men have disgraced themselves by allowing this lie to spread, because it suits their convenience. Some women spread it because they have lost faith in the human race, and believe they armor themselves against an inevitable tragedy.
He is absolutely right, especially in our inner cities and minority communities. It breaks my heart to think of so many kids growing up without their fathers. It infuriates me that liberal policy-makers think an extra $25 added to a welfare check and public housing somehow make up for a missing father.

Doctor Zero also mentions that opponents of freedom continue to spread the lie that fathers are unimportant because fathers teach their children about honor, and "honor sustains liberty."

So happy Father's Day to all of the fathers out there, and thank you to my own for teaching me about honor and therefore, teaching me about liberty.

Doctor Zero is quite possibly the most poetic political analyst/blogger out there and he has published a book with a collection of his essays, which you can find here.