Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop Fiddling

The Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20.

11 men died in that explosion.

June 10 was the day that the President announced his invitation for the family members of the men who died in the rig explosion to meet with him.

Today is June 14.

We all know now that President Obama is not a leader. That much has been made clear to us over the last year and a half. We knew he liked to vote "present" while in the state legislature, and we know he started campaigning for the presidency after an extraordinarily short tenure in the US Senate. In fact, we know he thought he wasn't qualified enough for the position. We know he never held a job of consequence in the real world (academia does not count), he never produced anything, and we know he never ran anything except his campaign for President. (He touted running a presidential campaign as an example of his ability to be President, remember?)

We all know he loves parties. Did I mention he loves parties that raise tons of cash for the Democrats? We all know he loves celebrities, going out for a night on the town, going on vacation, playing golf, playing golf, playing golf, playing golf, and he loves being the super-cool, rock star President.

We all know Obama didn't even want to talk to the CEO of BP. We now know he was aware of the size of the disaster very early on, but made no efforts to convey this or respond to it appropriately. We all know that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal begged for three to five million feet of boom less than one week after the explosion and that he has only received about 800,000 feet as of the last report. We all know that President Obama is also Commander in Chief Obama who has access to the vast resources of the military, including the Army Corps of Engineers (pronounced core, not corpse) and the National Guard. We all know that that the National Guard is good at these types of things and that the military already possesses the organizational structure, chain of command, and resources necessary to combat the oil spill, they just need the orders to do so.

We know that Obama promised to clean up the corruption at the MMS and the department of Interior during his campaign and yet has done nothing about it in his first 18 months because he was solely focused on forcing through the health care bill that the majority of Americans still want repealed. We know that his administration gave BP a safety award in 2009. We know that his M.O. is to blame everyone else when challenges exist. We know Obama has no problem getting into bed with corporations if it furthers his own ideologically driven agenda, contrary to his populist rhetoric.

We know all of this. What we didn't know was that the President had yet to meet with the family members of the deceased rig workers. We hit the eight week mark tomorrow, Tuesday, and Obama is only now just getting around to inviting the family members. I can't imagine many other US Presidents acting so cavalier about an incident of this magnitude.

Hope and change? More like hope that round of "Hey Jude" was worth it champ because America is burning, and we are looking for a leader, for a change.

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Quiet on the set!

Cross posted at State Budget Solutions

It is well known that Governor Chris Christie is a tough guy when it comes to budgets, after all he must, in order to put New Jersey's financial house back in to some sort of order. One industry that will feel the pain of some cuts is the entertainment industry. Gov. Christie's budget cuts the twenty percent tax credit for certain production costs associated with film and television, and they are not happy. Yesterday, a protest was held by actors (semi-famous ones!), stunt doubles, producers, and lobbyists to show their discontentment with the budget cuts.
He was flanked by plasma-screen televisions that showed episodes of "Mercy" - NBC's medical drama shot on location in Jersey City. The tax credit's looming expiration led NBC to begin stripping equipment from its Secaucus warehouse and shipping it to New York, which has proposed boosting its incentive to $420 million annually.

O'Leary admitted "Mercy," which was recently canceled, was doomed anyway by low ratings. But the show may get picked up by a cable network, allowing workers to keep their jobs - if a generous tax credit program makes it financially viable, he said.
Ahhhh. So the tax credit is really more of a subsidy for a commodity that no one wants and therefore does not buy (watch). Notice, a "generous" tax credit is necessary to make the show "Mercy" financially viable. No wonder they are bummed about Christie's cuts.

The other gem gleaned from the article is the following:
People think of all the glitz and glamour that the motion picture industry brings," said Angela Miele, a vice president at the Motion Picture Association of America, which represents such firms as Disney, Sony and Paramount Pictures. "But what it really brings is lots of jobs. Our member companies operate like all other for-profit businesses and they will go where it is cheapest.
A basic economics lesson brought to you by the Motion Picture Association of America.