Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random thoughts this morning

*The President's much-loved narrative (delivered personally or via OFA emails) about "the people" being "instruments of change" and "beating back the special interests" needs to be challenged. Let's just analyze it for a moment by using Scott Brown's stated reason for voting yes on the Permanent Bailout bill - oh excuse me, the Financial Regulation bill. He said he received 3,000 phone calls from OFA volunteers and it swayed him.

So let me ask you this: who is the most powerful man in the world? That's right, Barack Obama. What group exists solely to push his policies and ideology? That's right, Organizing for America (formerly known as Organizing for Obama and still uses the URL of So when the most powerful man in the world uses the group formed exclusively to push his own agenda organizes 3,000 people out of the over 300 million in the US, exactly how does that constitute a mass uprising of the grassroots?

On the other hand, the Tea Party Movement started with a few random women in different states and eventually grew only by the efforts of each individual who decided to organize their own tea parties, with their own money and time, and with absolutely no connections to anyone with any power. But remember, in the Democrats' twilight zone world that we are all forced to live in, we are the ones that are astroturfed. Reminds me of when Obama's bestie Valerie Jarrett said she was "speaking truth to power." Honey, you ARE the power now, so you better start listening to the truth.

*While we're on the subject of the President and his woefully phony grassroots, let's not forget about public-sector unions and their cadre of extremely powerful and influential, beltway-insider, highly paid team of crooks and gangsters who thuggishly intimidate and threaten 14 year-old children and families in their own homes in order steal more money from the private sector. Just take a look at how public-sector unions broke California.

PS: will Nancy Pelosi shed some tears about the actual violence and threats from the left? Will she and the other ten thousand Democrats and lefty journalists write and speak about their fears of political upheaval now that the unions are the ones actually being violent? Or will they pretend that nothing has happened and continue to make stuff up about the Tea Partiers? I know which one I'm betting on.

Here's an idea: there are millions and millions of unemployed people in the private-sector. Let's fire all of the current public-sector employees who greedily refuse to take pay freezes, pay cuts, or pay a pittance into their own benefit plans, and replace them with the private-sector unemployed! I'm sure these new employees will no doubt be very grateful for the job and won't mind renegotiating the contracts to a sustainable and fiscally responsible level!

*Looks like a Harvard Business School study on the effects of government spending on private enterprise surprised everyone (except those that actually understand basic economics) including the researchers. They found... drum roll please.... that government spending adversely effects the growth of private business and increases unemployment!! Ta da!! Great job Champ. Is Keynesianism dead yet?

*Speaking of wasted dollars we just don't have. This John Stossel episode does a very good job of pointing out how one of the worst possible results of government spending/stimulus spending is that it allows the government to pick winners and losers. Since when did that become okay for all of you progressives out there? You really want to hand the power over to a few people in the government and allow them to dole out the funds, thereby boosting up their personal favorites and letting others crash and burn? This, by the way, is called crony capitalism. In real capitalism the consumers are free to choose who to give their business to, and therefore it is the consumers that choose the winners and losers. And that is what I call, Power to the People.