Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life imitating art: Obamaphile desires dictatorship

In response to this post by Ma LibertyBelle, a few of Woody Allen's defenders crawled out of the woodwork to rationalize away his desire for an Obama dictatorship. One of the most laughable comments was that because Woody Allen is a comedian, we must therefore view everything he says through that lens. Pardon me, but as a person that works closely with many comedians, I can tell you that they are intelligent people that sometimes say serious things about which they feel passionately. But like I said, that was a laughable comment.

However, the following comment was not funny at all, rather, it was an extremely informative look into the mindset of some leftists/progressives/Obamaphiles. I don't usually have time to respond to commenters, or to repost their comments, but I could not let this one pass without calling attention to it.
Secondly, I had a realization many years ago that living in a dictatorship under the ruler who shares all of your values would not feel like a dictatorship. You would be able to live your life as you please because that's they way the dictator requires you to live. Allen's joke about an Obama dictatorship reflects this, just as you might fantasize about a Bush, Cheney, or Ron Paul dictatorship.
Where to even begin with this???!! I don't know whether to be disgusted, saddened, frightened, appalled... The commenter "Dancar" actually wants someone ordering him/her around and thinks it would be quite nice, so long as the dictator shares his/her values. This begs so many questions, including, if you share values with Herr Diktator, why not just run your own life??

What in the world could possibly be going on inside someone's head to think that any type of dictatorship is not just acceptable, but preferable somehow? Are you that lazy? Incompetent? Is it a lack of self-esteem? No ambition? Do you hate yourself? Do you hate others? It defies the fundamental nature of the human being to desire slavery for oneself, and it morphs into the ridiculous when the desire is based on the tenuous, flawed and ludicrous idea that you "share" values with the dictator.

I have never, ever, ever known a Conservative or Libertarian, etc. to EVER desire a dictatorship regardless of who is in power. Never, ever, ever. The notion of voluntarily handing over your rights as an individual, the rights inherent within each human being, to anyone, is wholly antithetical to everything we believe in. I don't care who is in power or what party they belong to, I will never submit to, nor have I ever "fantasized" about, a dictator.

You, Dancar, are one sick puppy, and I sincerely hope that there are not many more people like you out there.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Musings on the 1970 movie The Garden of the Finzi-Continis and Woody Allen, 2010

By Ma LibertyBelle

Recently, Woody Allen was quoted by a Spanish language newspaper to have said it would good if Barack Obama could be a dictator for a few years. The story was carried by several internet sites including
Gateway Pundit.

The utter reality-defying, dream-walking, finger-in-the-ears quality of Woody Allen's statement reminded me of an old but amazingly well-done movie entitled, "The Gardens of the Finzi-Continis". The movie is about a very wealthy Italian Jewish family in 1938 when Mussolini's racial laws are beginning to take force.
There really was such a family. In an article in the The Jewish Weekly (November 19, 1999), Nora Contini (a family descendent) writes,
Contini is an old Italian Jewish name. The book on which the film was based was written by Giorgio Bassani, a contemporary of my father's. The book, however, is a novel, and like most novels it is a mosaic of fact and fiction. The name is ours, but the story is a blend of many families and many fantasies.
One movie reviewer summarized the story thus:
Like similar ones of his Nazi brethren, (Mussolini's) laws start to clamp down on the rights of people of Jewish lineage. The proscribed list includes no servants, no phone listings, no library privileges, no public schools, and no obituaries. And it goes on and on. As the show opens, however, the law's harshness seems irrelevant to our protagonists. Biking through spectacular scenery, a group of affluent (Jewish) college students is the embodiment of serenity.
Another review says:
Simply stated, THE GARDEN OF THE FINZI-CONTINIS is a dream. Not a dream in any conventional sense, but a dream nevertheless. It is set in Italy just before and during the start of World War II. The aristocratic Jewish families in the story live in a dream world believing fascism will leave their plush existence untouched. [Emphasis added]
This seems to be the kind of dream world that Woody Allen and other Hollywood radicals like Sean Penn and Michael Moore inhabit. They embrace dictators like Venzuela's Hugo Chavez and pine for an American Dictator of their very own. Such a Dictator could accomplish SO MUCH GOOD! Of course, THEIR personal wealth, extensive and ostentatious real estate holdings, freedom of unfettered travel, unlimited consumption of energy resources and opulent luxury items, etc., would NOT be touched by any of the American Dictator's policies and actions.

THEY would be part of the In-Crowd. They would be standing at the side of or sitting at the feet
of the American Dictator, occasionally whispering observations and tidbits of advice into his ears, patting his back and high-fiving the nationalization of industries, the expropriation of family ranches for redistribution to the landless, the rationing of consumer use of water, electricity, natural gas and gasoline (see the blog of a young woman living in Chavez's Venezuela).

This is the only possible explanation for the idiocies that emerge from the mouths of Woody Allen and radical left Hollywood. Of course, the same must be said about the feminists, the gays and lesbians, the jet set hedonists, the MSM "journalists", left-wing politicians, and even some christian church members who deny the existence of rabid radical islam and excuse any outrage perpetrated by adherents while screaming Allah Akbar!

Based on Woody Allen's personal life choices (such as molesting and then marrying an adopted daughter), one might judge his latest statement as just evidence of his personal mental imbalance...Oh, if it were only this one pathetic little man who is so deluded.