Friday, March 26, 2010

Burden of Proof

Due to time constraints, I haven't had a chance to address the slurs allegedly shouted by tea partiers in D.C. last weekend as the Democrats ran roughshod over the wishes of a majority of Americans. I say allegedly because last time I checked, we live in a country that requires proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, before we convict people. And that burden of proof rests on the shoulders of the accusers, not the accused. Unfortunately, that seems to be yet another part of our Constitution and legal tradition that this administration and Congress want to ignore and violate, aided and abetted by the mainstream media (a.k.a. the Democrat-Media Complex, or the DMC for short).

Who could have guessed?

The DMC's modus operandi is on display in this situation, and predictable as ever. If the accusation fits their narrative of tea partiers and aids in their efforts to smear the Tea Party Movement in such a way as to demonize and marginalize us, then the Democrat-Media Complex will descend upon it with glee and fervor, regardless of having no evidence or proof to support the accusations. Though they won the battle last weekend, they know they moved against the will of the people and that they are definitively acting without the consent of the governed (or taxed for that matter), and therefore, they must use any weapon in their arsenal to stop our momentum.

Below is my response to the accusations. Be sure to read Michelle Malkin's response as well. She covers a lot of ground, with references, including the "hate crime" hoaxes frequently committed by some on the left.

First and foremost:

*I want to see proof that it happened. Already the "spitting" allegation has been downgraded to "he allowed saliva to hit my face." If the situation were reversed, the DMC would be demanding proof too, as well they should. We do no good to anyone or to justice when we don't demand the same level of evidence across the board. Remember, justice is supposed to be blind and when you disregard this ideal for political gain, you corrupt the system and eventually everyone suffers as a result.

The following point is only relevant IF the accusations are true. Again, we have no idea if they are because there is no proof.

*IF it is true that one person out of the millions of Americans who participate in the Tea Party Movement yelled a racial slur at the Congressman, then you must acknowledge that one person represents no one but himself. To paint the entire movement with such a broad brush is true injustice, and the DMC knows it. It is the epitome of intellectual laziness and moral bankruptcy to use the alleged actions of one person to thereby convict millions of innocent people, especially for political gain.

I suppose that by using the DMC's logic, we should be able to assume that all Democrats are KKK sympathizers or former members, a la Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV). Right?

*IF this happened, then of course the people of the Tea Party Movement reject this person and their behavior. Duh.

Other thoughts:

*Where is the outrage when "hate crimes" are perpetrated against conservatives? Why does the mainstream media turn a blind eye when a black conservative gets called a "ni**er", beat up by SEIU thugs when it is all caught on tape and the man accused is arrested? If the DMC was consistent in its outrage, no matter what party or side of the debate the alleged victim came from, then they would have a lot more credibility when they claim to be the victims.

*My own Congressman, Jim McDermott described me (a conservative) as a teabagger and as an indecent person on the floor of the House of Representatives because I believe in limited government (so that said government does not have the power to oppress the people). But I guess we don't deserve respect or decorum or decency from an elected official in the eyes of the DMC.

*Every tea party group that I know has put out press release after press release condemning racism and racist acts. Does the mainstream media report this? No. They act as though we never address it. So, just to set the record straight, the Tea Party Movement decisively and categorically rejects real racism, and we work for the benefit of ALL Americans. Period. (I say "real" racism because the Democrats accuse us of being racist just for being capitalists.)

*The DMC has been calling us racists for over a year, simply for disagreeing with the Democrats, and particularly for disagreeing with President Obama. The fact that they have incorrectly and unjustly read racism into every single thing we have done and said over the last year shows that they are willing to hurl lies and accusations for any reason at all, so why should we believe the hype this time without proof? The DMC has no regard for real victims of racism, otherwise they wouldn't use the term so carelessly.

In fact, if there is one side that is obsessed with race, it is the left's representatives. During the primaries, Joe Biden said that Obama was the "first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean;" Harry Reid celebrated that Obama was a "light-skinned African-American" with "no negro dialect;" Chris Matthews forgot that the President was black for an hour; and more recently, Dan Rather said something about President Obama not being able to sell watermelons.

If anyone is obsessed with the color of our President's skin, it certainly isn't my side. I, and my fellow tea partiers, could not care less about the color of someone's skin. MLK Jr. was so right when he said it was about the content of a person's character. And right now, the Democrats are showing their complete and utter lack of it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dana Loesch: Now it's our turn

Another article I must repost here.

The Socialists Won a Battle; Now it's Our Turn
By Dana Loesch

Yesterday was my son’s 9th birthday and for his present, the government jacked his future. As he sat in the floor and happily opened his gifts, Bart Stupak appeared on television and revealed that he’d sold his soul. The joy was sucked from the room, but my son didn’t notice – thank God for innocence. The faces of the adults in the room fell as Stupak held his presser, as Pelosi gained another YES vote for health control.

The scene was an eerie replay for me; eight-and-a-half years ago that same boy sat in his bouncy seat while cooing and kicking his legs as his father and I watched the twin towers crumble to dust on live television. The feeling was the same.

A lot of people ask why I and others do what we do.

The scene I just described is my answer.

Last night the Democrat party died as it drove a spear through the torso of the Constitution and passed legislation that the majority of Americans overwhelmingly opposed. Nancy Pelosi sauntered into the capitol surrounded by fellow socialists, carrying the gavel used in 1965 to pass the now-bankrupt Medicare.

All summer long Americans filled town halls, emailed, called, and faxed their lawmakers, and they were forsaken. They were called Nazis, racists, homophobes; they were threatened, beaten, and called stupid because they disagreed with the minority who feels that the government should run our lives. Our lawmakers unofficially stopped representing us last spring.

Last night, our legislators officially broke the contract with America that is the Constitution. Last night, they ceased to represent us. Last night, a new party was born; the malignant tumor that is the progressive caucus consumed the Democrat party from within and gave birth to the mainstream Socialist Party.

We have lost our right to determine our own care. Our businesses, the engine of our economy, will see an additional annual $52 billion in new taxes levied upon them. The HHS has determined premium caps which will force the cruelty of rationing to curtail costs from the fed to insurers, and down to our medical professionals. The IRS will now oversee health control and determine whether you are compliant:

A new analysis by the Joint Economic Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee minority staff estimates up to 16,500 new IRS personnel will be needed to collect, examine and audit new tax information mandated on families and small businesses in the ‘reconciliation’ bill being taken up by the U.S. House of Representatives this weekend, according to Brady.

“When most people think of health care reform they think of more doctors exams, not more IRS exams,” says U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady, the top House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee. “Isn’t the federal government already intruding enough into our lives? We need thousands of new doctors and nurses in America, not thousands more IRS agents.”

Democrats (Socialists) employed the fuzziest of math which the CBO confirmed with a ball-busting report on its true cost.

They rallied that “people have a right to health care,” which no one disputes: people have a right to health care but they do not have a right to another’s living. Socialists employed all sorts of dirty tricks, back room deals (a NASA admin job?), and intimidation. They twisted arms and convinced men of lesser character to compromise on their principles. They ignored their electorate. This legislation rotted in congress since summer because of the massive opposition from the American people.

At one point during last night’s debate, John Boehner was rebuked for giving the Socialists hell when reminded to “show dignity to the House.”

There is no dignity left in a House run by political prostitutes.

Nancy Pelosi, Lynn Woolsey, and other Socialist party members tried to play the sex card and exploit women by saying that they were ill-served in this current system. If they think that I and other strong women are as stupid as those within the Socialist party that ironically defend the likes of Bill Clinton, John Edwards, et al. then they’re bigger tools for the old, white patriarchy than I originally thought.

How dare these women sell out their own sex and presume to speak for all women. How dare these “feminists” devalue women as nothing more than victims so as to win support for a bill that invites the IRS and president-appointed medical board into their wombs and doctors’ exam rooms. My body my choice except when you want people to foot the bill for you, right? I believe Heidi Fleiss was arrested for no lesser action.

The Constitution and a 200-year-old understanding that a republic is governed by its people has been shredded with the passage of this bill. The Socialists are emboldened now; they will next come for our children under the guise of “education reform.” They will then come after our energy via cap-and-tax. They will continue to push and bust through every legal barrier we have of protecting our Founding Father’s intent until that shining city on a hill is a barren wasteland.

They have been crafting this plot for over 50 years.

We just woke up one year ago last month.

The future of our republic depends upon us making up lost time.

We lost this battle, not because we didn’t fight, not because we were silent, but because the Socialists in congress don’t care about us or our will.

This battle. There are many battles in a war. We have faced worse, patriots. We have, many times, faced what appeared to be unwinnable situations.

My grandfather served as a gunner aboard the USS Alabama in the Pacific theater during WWII. He spoke of how demoralized our country was after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and took out our entire Pacific fleet.

I thought about how God delivered the Israelites from Egypt.

I thought about how this country rallied the dawn after 9-11 when I woke up and saw flags hanging from the ticky-tacky houses all up and down my street.

I thought of how Great Britain, rallied by Winston Churchill, fought off the German invasion.
Or how Ulysses S. Grant pressed on after his first lost.

How many men and women have shed blood for this country? How many patriots took to the streets to defend this country blessed by God? Don’t you dare give up, patriots. Don’t you dare make their sacrifices in vain because you’re afraid of battle. Take no prisoners, suffer no fools, never surrender.

What – you thought you get this land scott-free? Liberty is never fully paid off and to be deserving of it one must be willing to fight for it on the battlefield, in the halls of congress, by involving yourselves in your communities. Such a struggle is not a burden, it is a privilege.
How bad do you want liberty? I’ve received several emails from folks who’ve said that they’re ready to move, to leave the country, and give up. I received an email the other day from a woman named Melanie who confessed that she just “doesn’t have time to get involved.” During a conversation about precinct captains with a gentleman at a recent protest, I was told that the commitment “sounds like too much time.”

My reply:

Get out.

Get out of my country any freeloader who possesses such an attitude, you betrayers of conservatism, of liberty. How dare you claim the belief of self-sustenance and individualism while warming your hands by another patriot’s fire, living off the fat of another patriot’s blood, sweat, and tears. As I said on my radio program last week: any one who dares call themselves a patriot and refuses to commit to maintaining their country’s liberty can burn in hades with the socialists who’ve jeopardized our children’s futures.

If you cannot commit several hours per week to maintain the liberty that others afforded you then you by your inaction and silent voice abet those who seek to destroy it.

This is not over. We won the battle of the hearts and minds and still congress trampled over us with an un-Constitutional bill that, for the first time, forces citizens to purchase a product.

We won the battle of persuasion. We’ve won talk radio. We’ve won cable news. We’ve won social media networks. We’ve won the street corners and the community participation and the phone banks and the 11th hour hat tricks. We’re going to win the money battle, next.

We have the Ensuring Liberty PAC, a committee that will give an engine boost and more muscle to the tea party movement by selecting carefully vetted candidates to run these reverse-Elijah Lovejoy legislators out on a rail.

We will plague the Socialists who sold us out, we will end their political careers, we will dog them at their every appearance, their every step, and when they see the yellow of the Gadsen flying uniform in the wind with the American flag they will fear us as a government should fear its people – NOT the other way around.

We will hold every Republican to the fire and so help us if they don’t fight until their last breath to repeal this massive affront to liberty we will burn them in effigy along with the traitors to the Constitution.

We will insert ourselves into every branch and level of public service and devour our party so we will never have to worry about another impotent candidate ascending to power again, so we never again have to worry about being bulldozed by tyrants.

We will bring back the relationship between our churches and temples and the people and fight against the government’s attempt to sever volunteer charity and axe charitable deductions as a way to force more people under its thumb by way of no other options.

We’re going to seek out those small business owners who have spoken up and those who are speaking up, albeit it softly due to fear, and we’re going to bless them with our patronage.

We will modify our strategy and not damage ourselves with an inability to see the forest for the trees or an inability to recognize strategy.We will get off the cutesy little trend of hating the GOP and realizing that while we were drowning in apathy and Paris Hilton, and JLo and whatever mind-numbing vestige of a crumbling society we had people like Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Mike Pence, and more battling the demons of the Socialist party.

And what happened? We, myself included, blamed an entire party for leaving the base to which we failed to tether it. Did we fail to realize that had it not been for some people within the GOP, we would already be far more socialist than that which we’re currently facing? We cannot start a new movement by passing the buck. This situation isn’t the fault of the Socialists, the Republicans, the hippies, Heidi Montag, or anyone else.

I am thankful for grace. Credit is due this party for holding rank during this latest legislative battle.

We are responsible for our own vigilance. Do not betray the essence of the movement by denying this responsibility. Do not leave the lions in the party, whose platform best mirrors our own, out to dry. I will fiercely support those who support my freedoms and you should, too. I will fiercely support the best strategy to win.

Don’t ask me to respect the office any longer. Respect is a two-way street and the office failed to respect the will of the American people. I, you, owe “the office” nothing. “The office” works for us. I’m not a serf that must verbally-fellate the office of the presidency just because some hustler managed to twist the arms of weak-willed sycophants into betraying the people whom they are to serve. Don’t snow job me into thinking I’m less of a patriot because I refuse to honor an administration that obliterated the very definition of liberty last night. Don’t be ironic.

I said last July that this is no time for nancies. This is the dawn of the modern-day sons and daughters of liberty. We must heed the call of action and with courageous steps and humble hearts work against tyranny. We will guard our hearts and we will realize that the only fight worth having is a fight on the right side of God. We will not allow our opposition to have the final defeat of using our frustration to make us as they are.

You need to decide right now: will you fight to preserve liberty? Will you give of your time, your money, your passion so that your future generations will benefit? Will you get behind groups like ELPAC, candidates who can best win the race and most mirror our platform? Will you become an evangelist for liberty?
“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our
- Samuel Adams

We may be down, but we are not out: Remember in November

Normally, when two teams compete, and it is a close, close game with both teams playing their hardest and their best, the two teams come together, shake hands and say, "good game" when the game is over.

If this had been a fair fight I would congratulate my opponents on a battle well won. I always do.

However, when the other team cheats, lies, manipulates, twists arms, shreds the Constitution, bribes, steals, pressures, bullies, and ignores the will of the people whom they purport to represent, there can be no congratulations. There can be no handshakes. There certainly can be no "good games."

Gloating and preening after cheating and bullying people into voting a certain way when the American people overwhelmingly demanded a fresh start makes the "winners" wholly unworthy of any sort of victory or support.

Also remember that ObamaPelosi Co. wanted this bill passed by July 2009. They wanted no debate and they wanted it signed into law before the August recess so that politicians would not have to face their constituents. Thus, when the President and Queen Nancy prattle on about "everyone has read the bill," and "this bill has been debated for over a year," remember their disingenuousness. The only reason the American people had even the little debate that we did, was due to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not due to any dignity or adherance to propriety by Obama or Pelosi or Reid.

Pick your candidates and propel them into office this November. Volunteer for them, give them money, talk about them, wear their t-shirts, poster their faces all over your city, talk to your neighbors, go door-to-door, participate in phone banking for them, hold fundraisers for them...

This was a big battle for sure, but it was hardly the last or deciding battle. We will win the war of ideas because our ideas combine mercy, grace, charity, freedom and liberty together, while their ideas gut liberty and hide cruelty and oppression in a cloak of false compassion. And in the end, we can always ask the question, "How will you pay for this when we all Go Galt?"

I'm reposting an article by Doctor Zero who writes for his own blog as well as writing for Hot Air sometimes. He writes today about the demands freedom makes. Read it, print it out and keep with you for the next six months.

Remember in November.

What Freedom Demands
By Doctor Zero

Tonight, self-appointed wise men in Washington are steamrolling the objections of sixty to seventy percent of the population, and forcing a massive health-care bill down our throats “for our own good.” Presumably the backroom deals, corrupt payoffs, Congressional Budget Office accounting tricks, threats of unconstitutional parliamentary maneuvers, and betrayals of principle are also for our own good. What do you know? Banana republics turn out to be the highest evolution of government – the only form of the State equipped to take proper care of its citizens, by lying to them and trapping them in legislative cages over their howling protests.

Tonight is not the end of the ObamaCare saga, but it does mark the beginning of a slow turn by the American ship of state. It doesn’t have to be a turn to the left. On the contrary, it could be the first overture in a rebirth of our commitment to freedom, and the last gasp of an exhausted statist ideology, long overdue for its disposal in the waste bin of history.

The decision is up to us. Our representatives will fight various legislative battles in the months to come… and then we will speak in November. As the voters of the United States ponder what to say, it would profit us to think long and hard about the freedom Democrats are trying to take from us tonight, and what freedom demands.

Yes, it makes demands. Freedom is not a gift. It is not given to you by the government, in a precise dosage that can be adjusted to match a politician’s diagnosis of what ails the body politic. Your forefathers won an impossible Revolution against an invincible foe to declare the self-evident truth that your rights descend from your Creator. Whether that Creator is a transcendent God, or a random combination of genetic material in the primordial soup, it is a power that existed before the first king assumed his throne, or the first president was elected.

Liberty burns in your imagination, flows through your veins, and rings through your words.

This radiant idea has burned through all the bloody clouds of the last three centuries: you are not clay to be sculpted by the will of another. You are not a racially inferior inconvenience, to be marched into a concentration camp. You aren’t a class enemy to be exiled by dictators. You are not a disposable cog in the machinery of collectivist economics, or a mouth to be starved by the failure of collective agriculture. You are an American, and through a dereliction of their duty as elected representatives, the Democrats have forced you to choose whether you will retain the full measure of the honor and dignity your Constitution asserts for you.

If you choose to obey their demands, it will be the last such choice you make. Your opinion was disregarded on this travesty of a health-care bill. It will not be solicited in the future. Fifteen thousand new IRS agents will ensure that you comply with endless future “adjustments” to socialized insurance, until it mutates into socialist medicine, and bankrupts us along with the crushing weight of other unsustainable entitlements. On that dark day, you will be fighting battles, not making choices.

Like your muscles, heart, and lungs, freedom is a part of you, and it makes demands. You cannot exercise freedom in the absence of responsibility. That means you must accept the challenges of a complex, fast-moving world. You must exercise your influence in that world, and money is the medium of exchange that transforms your labor into your will. You have to demand the best return on your investments, and the best quality for your purchases. This requires education, to gather the information necessary for making wise decisions.

We are currently paying the price for decades of turning away from those demands, and trusting government to insure our quality of life. It’s understandable. The free market is huge and powerful, and it does not pause to adore the millions of individuals passing through it… and occasionally stumbling. We feel overwhelmed by the waves of information crashing around us. In the case of an arcane discipline like medicine, we don’t feel as if we understand it well enough to make informed decisions, and our will is expressed through an insurance system that has already been turned into an incomprehensible mess by government regulation. It would be so easy to let righteous politicians with limitless power and money take care of us, tapping into the vast fortunes of the super-rich for the benefit of all, and transforming health care into a “human right” – which means the little people won’t have to think about it any more.

If you are in thrall to this temptation, consider what you are being asked to surrender. Hidden in ObamaCare’s thousands of pages are countless legislative snares, and subsidies designed to convert your freedom into benefits for favored constituencies. The money drained from our economy into this health-care sinkhole will reduce your freedom – even when it’s money from the wallets of other people. That’s because a collapsing free market will eliminate choices and options you currently take for granted. Mandates that wipe out part-time employment will destroy services your family needs. Jobs shipped overseas to avoid crushing penalties are employment opportunities forever denied to you. Higher taxes on corporations slither down to you as elevated prices on goods you may no longer be able to afford.

A swelling government reduces the size of the private sector… the galaxy in which free Americans burn as stars. Common sense tells you that a nation with a gigantic government is less free. What is the proper name for a system in which the State controls everything, and the private sector is completely gone? Why should free men applaud heavy steps taken in that direction? What about the freedom of Bart Stupak’s constituents, who foolishly trusted him to resist the tyranny of forcing pro-life taxpayers to fund abortions? Today they watched Stupak’s honor shrivel into a meaningless piece of paper, offered by a compulsive liar, whose every commitment comes with an expiration date.

The call of freedom requires you to turn away easy solutions offered by corrupt politicians. It’s not a “solution” anyway – just the gateway to another, heavier imposition on your liberty down the line. If its authors believed otherwise, why would they use tricks and lies to chisel out a “deficit-neutral” ten-year forecast from the Congressional Budget Office? A free man dismisses such deception with contempt, and demands to know what happens in Year Eleven. A free woman looks at a “crisis” in a heavily regulated market and commands government to remove itself to undo the damage it has already caused. What is the final form of a State that is rewarded for its failures with more power? We already know that name, don’t we?

Tonight, the Democrat Party declares war on the American middle class. They are gambling on the forced creation of an entitlement we’ll be too exhausted and weary to reject – no matter how poor its quality, corrupt its inception, or unbearable its cost. We do have one last chance to strike this down. There is no reason any Democrat up for re-election in 2010 or 2012 needs to retain their seats. They don’t own those seats, any more than the Kennedys owned Massachussetts. There’s no reason the Democrats need to exist as a viable political party after 2012. Obama can be their last President.

It would be incredible if the American people could bring about such a transformation of their decadent political class, in these coming elections.

Sometimes freedom demands that you do the incredible to preserve it.