Friday, March 19, 2010



If you click here you will find a page that contains a Congressional Directory that allows you to browse Representatives and Senators alphabetically, by your zip code, etc. It will give you all of their contact info including district offices and D.C. offices, with phone numbers, email addresses and fax numbers.

My dad has been faxing in the evening and at night and his faxes have been going through! Otherwise, during the day, they are busy. So try sending your faxes TONIGHT!

Also, all those that love liberty will be gathering in Olympia tomorrow, Saturday, starting at 9:00 a.m. and going all day long. It's just been thrown together so if you can get down there, please do it!! I'll post more info as I get it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Vote in the "Coffee Party" Poll

Want to tell the "Coffee Party" how you feel about the health care deform bill?

Tell them here. You'll end up signing up for their email list, but then at least you'll know what they and their Open Society Institute brethren are up to! Huzzah!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Tips for Tea Partiers heading to D.C. on Tuesday

Some days I have to link twice to the same person because some days that person hits the bullseye so many times that the double-linking is unavoidable.

Ed Morrissey is spot on, again, when he gives tips to Tea Partiers heading to D.C. for the People's Surge tomorrow.
Conservatives have begun melting the phones but calls from non-constituents are being mostly ignored. Show of hands — who’s going tomorrow? And among those of you who are, who’s still so ignorant about the basics of the bill after month upon endless month of Obama speechifying that you need some Democratic backbencher to explain it to you? A few tips if you do find yourself inside some lucky Blue Dog’s office: Be sure to ask (a) what Pelosi’s bribing him with; (b) why, if Democrats are so confident about cost control, they had to rig the estimate on the first decade of costs by delaying the program’s start by five years (in fact, just hand your rep a copy of this); (c) how he/she can be so sure what’s in the bill when they’ll be busy writing it right at that very moment.
One of my favorite things about the guys at Hot Air is that their analytic skills and wit are almost unparalleled. They bring such fresh and cogent ideas to many of the issues we face every day, combined with humor and humility.

Real health care reform + individual liberty = the BEST solution

Ed Morrissey from Hot Air wrote an article about retail health clinics and how they are the model we should be following for health care reform. Please read his whole article and then hope hard that we get the chance to implement the types of reforms that foster freedom, choice, and liberty.


From our friends at Tea Party Patriots:

Dear Fellow Tea Party Patriots,

We have just received a report from the floor of the House, from an extremely reliable source, that Democratic Majority Whip James Clyburn is reporting that four Democratic Congressmen that were no votes on the healtcare bill have now switched to a yes vote. We need you to flood their offices with phone calls, faxes and if local, go by their offices. Especially target Rep. Altmire from Pennsylvannia. This should be a sign that we need to continue to pound hard with phones calls, faxes and visits to all the targets. We need to keep the pressure up and not let up.

Rep. John Boccieri, Ohio, 16th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3876, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3059
Local Office Number: (330) 489-4414, Local Fax Number: (330) 489-4448
Voted Yes on Stupak
Voted No on Health Care

Rep. Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania 4th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2565, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-2274
Local Office Number: (724) 378-0928, Local Fax Number: (724) 378-6171
Voted Yes on Stupak

Voted No on Health Care Rep. Bart Gordon, Tennessee 6th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4231, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-6887
Local Office Number: (615) 896-1986, Local Fax Number:
Chief of Staff: Donna Pignatelli email:
Voted No on Health Care

Rep. Brian Baird, Washington 3rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3536, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2478
Local Office Number: (360) 695-6292, Local Fax Number: (360) 695-6197
Voted Yes on Stupak

Let me add - THIS IS A BAD BILL! Even my most progressive friends and I agree on this! Everything that people hate about insurance companies will now be cemented into place! The individual mandate ensures that we will all be customers of the insurance companies, without reforming the insurance companies at all! This is a bad bill, no matter what side you are on. Let's demand, together, a good bill, with input from EVERYONE, not just one party! And let's demand it be done in full daylight, not behind closed doors. We should all be very ashamed of how this bill has come to be, regardless of your party affiliation or ideology.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Washington's real state-of-the-state

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Like most governors, ours has no concept of the word "budget." I'm beginning to wonder who ran her own family's budget. Reading Gov. Gregoire's speech gives no insight to the actual financial situation we're in, nor does she seem to have any interest in restoring economic security. She simply seems to want to spend and spend and spend. Don't tell me you don't wish Dino Rossi had been reelected...

Bob Williams, Founder and Senior Fellow (and budget genius) of Evergreen Freedom Foundation, has put together the real state-of-the-state and I recommend you read all of it. It's not too long, and it is very, very enlightening. We need to come together on this and demand that our governor and our legislature get a grip on reality or we will be in serious, serious trouble. Well, we already are in serious trouble, but it will get much worse if they continue hurtling down the path on which they are currently traveling.

On the gimmickry of the Governor's accounting:
This problem has been building for some time, but it exploded exponentially last year. Governor Gregoire and legislative leaders convinced the public that the state was facing a $9 billion shortfall out of a $30 billion two-year general fund budget. Talk of “budget cuts’ ran thick. But when they finished the 2009-11 budget, legislators had increased total state spending by $1.3 billion.

Most legislators, however, are still describing the $1 billion budget cut they made in one portion of the overall budget (near-general fund) as if that is the only account that matters.

This year the governor said our state had another $2.8 billion budget shortfall. Again the tough budget cut talk began. Tears were shed. Dramatic speeches were made. Yet the final proposals look like this: the Senate proposed budgets that would raise total spending by $2.95 billion and the House proposed budgets would raise spending by $2.7 billion!

Put this increased spending in context: 1) an $11.8 billion budget shortfall over three fiscal years, 2) budgets that legislative leaders and our governor say have been cut to the bone, and 3) reductions in proposed spending that were counted as a “cut.” In reality, based on the proposed House and Senate budgets, total state spending will be increased by billions!

So when Gov. Gregoire and the Democrats in charge in Olympia moan about painful budget cuts, let's remind them that they are actually increasing spending, and ask them to show us exactly how it is that they've cut the budget.

On state employee salary benefits:
State employees earn an average of $5,302 more than private sector employees. In addition, state employee benefit packages are worth 30 percent of their salaries on average. From 2005-09 state employees received a 25.4% increase in salaries.

Rather than requiring state employees to pay more than 12 percent of their healthcare premiums, the governor and legislature are considering providing more taxpayer dollars to continue these generous medical, dental, and vision benefits. The House is proposing to raise the state’s contribution of $768 per employee per month by $95 per employee per month. The governor proposes an increase of $62 per employee per month and the Senate an increase of $27 per employee per month.

A 2008 study by the Washington Roundtable determined that state employee health care costs were 5.8 percent higher than private sector employee costs of large employers and that the average monthly contribution of state employees nationwide for family health care coverage was nearly four times that of Washington state employees.
I think it's time to open the state employee contracts and begin renegotiations. Washington's private sector simply cannot afford to pay higher and higher taxes so that state employees can enjoy higher and higher salaries, and better and better benefits. Additionally, for each state employee laid off due to the economy, 240 private sector employees have been laid off.

Read the whole thing. It is well worth your time.

On a related note: EFF's top ten ways to cut waste, balance the budget, and stimulate the economy without raising taxes! Also, EFF's 105 Days, 105 ways to do the same... Psst, Gov. Gregoire, you don't even have to do any of the work to research these ideas! Just put them into practice now!

Update: It turns out that the private sector job loss vs. public sector job loss is even worse now. We are now at roughly 362 private sector jobs lost for every ONE public sector job. Shameful.


Saw this over at Ace (via Purple Avenger) and had to repost. Thank you to all of our soldiers far away, and here at home.