Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Messaging for the Bring Back Boeing Rally

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining us up in Everett for the Bring Back Boeing Rally. Again, this is not so much a campaign rally for Dino or against Patty, rather we are trying to show that it is time for new leadership considering what Boeing (and ultimately our state) has lost over the last few years.

Here are some ideas for signs that go along with that sort of message:

New leadership creates new opportunity
Time 4 new leadership and new opportunities
A better future starts with new leadership
A brighter tomorrow begins with a new direction
Chicago and South Carolina endorse our current leadership.
It is the responsibility of leadership to provide opportunity.
Snohomish County needs Boeing Jobs not Poor leadership!
With new leadership we can bring Boeing back!!!
With new leadership anything is possible
Our current leadership has taken us as far as we can go…
Our leaders have lost Boeing jobs, it’s time they lose there.
It was hard losing all those jobs, and it won’t easy bringing them back but with new leadership anything is
Our current leadership is out of possibilities.
We need new leadership
We need a brighter future
Boeing 72,200 less jobs.
Any sign with a total amount of Boeing jobs losses and dates
Current representatives please understand we need new leadership
Please understand that we need a new direction
Aerospace workers for a brighter tomorrow
Our leadership has shipped jobs to South Carolina and offices to Chicago. It’s time to send them a care package.
New Leadership = More/New Jobs
New leadership, brighter future
A brighter Future for Boeing depends on New Leadership
The future is only better ….ect
Send our leadership to South Carolina and bring Boeing back!
Our current leaders shipped offices to Chicago. Now ship our leaders out of office.
Our government is broken
Outsource our leadership not jobs.

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