Monday, October 4, 2010

EFF's Informed Voter Guide and a free policy book from the Heartland Institute!

Informed Voter Guide
Please, please, please take some time to look over the Evergreen Freedom Foundation's Informed Voter Guide. It. Is. Awesome. They have done so much research on state legislators' voting records, supreme court candidates' records, and a review of all of the initiatives on the ballot.

The Informed Voter Guide from Evergreen Freedom Foundation on Vimeo.

Free policy book
The Heartland Institute is providing free copies of their book called "The Patriot's Toolbox."

So here’s our next big thing: The Patriot’s Toolbox, a 263-page book that consists of eight chapters, each presenting ten principles for free-market reform in clear and precise English. Each chapter originally appeared in the Legislative Principles series, which means they are specially designed and edited to meet the needs of busy elected officials and opinion leaders. No rhetoric, no history lessons, and no long-winded lectures. Just solid facts backed up with bibliographies.
Make sure you get your copy today. Order it here.

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