Monday, October 4, 2010

Dumping on the Greatest Generation

How disrespectful or ignorant does one have to be to leave this kind of mess at the WWII memorial in DC? There are no words for this.


  1. And these people claim to care about our environment? Pigs...

  2. Not surprising, for bunch of folk who believe the gub'ment will clean up after them. No individual responsibility here, comrade.

  3. I am sorry, but this is the way it looks after almost every rally. I live in the DC area and no matter what the reason, what political thought, left or right there is always trash left on the ground after rallies or protests. There are protests and marches nearly every other weekend and this is usually the result.

  4. Anonymous, I normally would agree with you. I imagine it usually is a mess. However, in this one instance, there was a huge mess left by One Nation when compared to Beck's rally. And honestly, I just find it a humorous aside, not really something to go on and on about, except the trashing of the WWII memorial. That really irks me.

  5. Did you attend the Beck rally? I did and from what I remember, it was pretty much the same. I was down on the national mall after this past week event and there was trash, but again nothing more than normal in my opinion. Even when rallies try to be clean garbage fill up fast and the overflow is blown by the wind.

  6. I did in fact attend Beck's rally and I can say right now that the WWII memorial was spotless.

  7. This is anonymous from above. I did not make it down to the World War II memorial at the Beck rally(I was more up toward the Lincoln Memorial) but I saw trash around, though I did not take pictures. Here are some pictures from flickr from the protest. None are mine.

    This is from a previous anti abortion rally.

    All protest leave things behind, no matter what the ideology is. I was around the Lincoln Memorial after the one nation protest and there were signs left behind, but I also walked along the Vietnam War Memorial and there was no trash around it. I think it is kind of a jump to say that the people of the rally disrespect veterans. It is important to have some context.

  8. Liberals lie.
    Liberals hate conservatives so much they will say anything to smear them.
    To them the end justifies the means.
    Liberals/progressives = hate.
    All the trash was picked up at the Beck rally by people who were there.


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