Friday, September 24, 2010

Real Racism

It's sad and pathetic. Some people accuse tea partiers of being racist because we are upset with President Obama's policies, and apparently because the President is black, opposing his policies makes us racist - according to some on the Left.

While those accusations are totally false and insulting, real racism and race baiting exists. Case in point: Loretta Sanchez from deep in the heart of Orange County, CA. This story broke a couple of days ago on conservative blogs, and today was picked up by the LA Times, in a surprising show of journalistic integrity.

First, the video:

Second, Ms. Sanchez states that her opponent is "anti-immigrant..."

...pero, quisas, se le olvido, que el senor Tran es un immigrante. Yo creo que Ms. Sanchez, quien nacio en California, es la persona que tiene problema con immigrantes.

(Her opponent, Van Tran, is an immigrant himself. So maybe it's Ms. Sanchez who has a problem with immigrants, or at least those immigrants who hail from countries other than Mexico.)

She also attempts to walk her comments back by saying that "she was referring not to some entire ethnic group invading Hispanic turf but just to those Vietnamese who are supporting Van Tran." Riiiiiigggghhhht.

Oh, the OC Weekly also refers to Tran's supporters as "trannies."

Can you imagine the absolute outrage across the MSM if a Republican candidate had complained about the "Vietnamese trying to steal my seat," or if a newspaper called a Vietnamese candidate's supporters "trannies?" The double standard in the media is so ridiculous at this point that it's no wonder that they and their profits are tanking.

This brings me to our own local candidate with ties to a very racist organization, La Raza: Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, running for reelection to the WA state legislature, position 2, in the 46th district. Ms. Kenney is on the board of the National Council of La Raza. Allow me to translate that for you: The National Council of The Race. How is that acceptable in America today? How is possible to get elected to public office while simultaneously sitting on the board of an organization that calls itself "The Race." (BTW - my friend Beau Gunderson is running against her and would appreciate your help and your vote if you live in the 46th district. Kenney has been in office since 1997, me thinks it's time for CHANGE.)

First, check out how Kenney has voted on issues that really matter to you, such as raising taxes. She is a rubber stamp for the most liberal, tax and spend policies in this state. She has no interest in reforming the budget process or in increasing the prosperity of the residents of our state. No, she would rather sit on the board of a racist organization. In fact, she helped to spend all the money with no concern for the future or for the taxpayers - it is literally her fault our state is in a budget crisis. Last time I wrote about her, I think one of her staff members must have seen the post pop up on their Google news alert because almost immediately someone commented and tried to defend Kenney's involvement with La Raza.

I welcome her staff back to my site with this post, and I say this: As a fellow hispanic, it is shameful to watch people like you Ms. Kenney, and your Orange County counterpart, Ms. Sanchez, race bait in order to maintain your own personal power. You are both blemishes on the identity of Americans who happen to be of hispanic ethnicity. My abuelos would be downright embarrassed by your cheap attempts to turn the people of this country against each other using race to divide. You are both modern day conquistadors - dividing and conquering for your own personal gain. You know, I believe that neither of you are actually racist, rather, I think you would both use racism and race baiting to keep the seat of power that you believe now belongs to you. It's hard to give up those perks, eh?

For those who claim that La Raza is just a sweet, little book club for hispanics, I leave you with these, for a start. (Included in my indictment is MEChA, another militant, racist group that I had personal experience with in college.)

Do you think that any of these people know that as hispanics, specifically Mexican hispanics, that we are descendants of the Spanish who conquered this land?

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