Monday, September 20, 2010

If only...

Mark Halperin on Sarah Palin:
You are right to complain that she is not offering specific policy proposals and that her inaccessibility to media outlets other than the one that pays her — Fox News — puts her beyond the kind of scrutiny and accountability we have come to expect for our leaders.

*Wiping tears from eyes*

Ahem. Where were you when we were trying to get you to scrutinize candidate Obama and his experience, ideas, and worldview? And where are you now that we are trying to hold him accountable? Things we have come to "expect" indeed.


  1. Actually, Halpern's article sort of reflects my view on Sarah Palin. She's somehow discovered how to do the Rush Limbaugh commentator/agitator/king-queenmaker thing (and apparently how to get paid well for it) but also how to be considered a potential high-level political candidate at the same time. Without having to do the things that political candidates normally have to do! And the pols can't figure out how to handle this - she even got Rove to back down!

  2. Sara Palin has not been a "leader" since she quit her governor job. She is now one of many media windbags (yes, MSNBC employs lots of windbags too).

    During the campaign, Obama sat down with lots of different media, and still does occasionally, including an exclusive interview on FOX News a few months back.

  3. Liberty,

    I just wanted to thank you for beginning the TP movement in this state. I remember that Feb. 2009 call you did to Kirby that started the ball rolling and got people in as blue a state as this one is to wake up and pay attention to what's going on. Thank you for taking a stand and being courageous. May you always walk in grace and be surrounded by love.

    Oh! I almost forgot. Check out this beautiful video called "Mourning in America". You'll understand when you watch it.


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