Friday, September 24, 2010

18 years is long enough Patty!

We want our seat back Patty! You can keep the misery!


  1. Patty Murray campaigned two decades ago that she was "hope and change" She was going to be different. I believed her and voted for her.
    Now, she will not answer my questions on why she voted to give Goldman Sachs/AIG etc. 3 trillion dollars to bail them out of their bad bets.
    I have played by all the rules and yet I have to pay for other peoples bad decisions. Filthy rich peoples bad decisions. Patty is now a pawn of the investment bankers and won't answer my questions.
    Patty ignored my pleas for rational health care and financial reform and went with 2,000 page bills that nobody has fully read or understands.
    But which I will be paying for.
    Patty has done enough damage. It is too bad the Republicans couldn't do better than Dino but he is still better than Patty.
    Patty, why won't you tell us the truth? What happened to your tennis shoes?

  2. Patty Murray belongs to the party of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.
    The two people most responsible for the recent financial crisis.
    Why hasn't Patty spoken out about their role in this disaster? Why does she try and deflect blame from them?
    Where is your integrity Patty? How can you sleep at night?

  3. Adam "Smooth Talker" SmytheSeptember 26, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    Over 10 years ago some corrupt Boeing (former McDonnel Douglas people) leaders got caught trying to hire an Air Force procurement officer.
    The people got caught and punished yet for the last 10 years John McCain has done all he could to punish the whole company. From the working stiffs on the line all the way to the idiots how now run the company. Despite Boeing being the top US exporter, John McCain has done all he could to keep work away from Boeing. Especially the tanker.
    He has cleaned Patty Murray's clock time after time after time because she is so weak. It is a no brainer that Boeing should build the tanker yet Patty can't bring it home. Even with right on her side she is horribly ineffective.
    John McCain is a resentful idiot, but he sure has cleaned Patty Murray's clock.

  4. Liberty,

    I think you've made a video in the past that you posted on your site here that was good. I wish you would make one for Dino Rossi. His campaign ads are improving but they're still not strong enough. He needs to fight back and point out where Patty Murray is lying or distorting the truth. He also needs to keep reminding voters how she contributed to the weak economy. The guy is just too nice. I hope he gets in this time. He would be good for getting our economy back on track in this state.


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