Monday, August 23, 2010

More on the Senate race

I just wanted to add a couple more thoughts to the discussion. First, to be totally clear, I think Clint is a good guy and I have nothing against him at all. I think it takes a lot of bravery to throw your hat into the ring of fire. I appreciate his efforts and his belief in America, and his passion.

We must remember that the Left did not get to where they are now - and America with them - in one election. It didn't happen overnight. It took decades. I look at the election in November as the first of many, many, many stops on a map, on a path leading back to individual liberty; personal responsibility and self-governance; fiscal restraint and responsibility; Constitutionally limited government; a real free market economy; and prosperity for all. The journey starts this year, it doesn't end. I think that Dino can help get the journey started. Maybe he won't be the right guy in six years, maybe he will be, but it will be up to us to make that decision at that time. For this election, especially considering that Patty Murray is the other option, it makes a lot of sense to support Dino. And PS - not everyone supporting Rossi is some sort of establishment Republican. Many of us, myself included, have a laundry list of complaints about the Republican Party establishment - believe me - but we each have to make a choice, and so I have done that.

Here's the thing.

All politicians represent a compromise of some sort. Had Clint won the primary, I would be endorsing him even though I don't agree with him 100% of the time. The ultimate question for me is which candidate will be a rubber stamp for things like ObamaCare? Answer: Patty Murray. Which candidate doesn't care about my concerns because she doesn't need my vote anyway? Answer: Patty Murray. Which candidate called us teabaggers? Answer: Patty Murray.

Which candidate has promised to repeal and replace ObamaCare, and has promised to cut spending and reform entitlements? Answer: Dino Rossi.

For the first part of our journey, that's a pretty darn good start, don't you think?

Now, can we stop tearing each other down and get back to defeating the Queen of Pork? Please?

I mean, what headline do you want to wake up to on November 3rd?


  1. Thanks, LiberT. I left a much shorter note but with the same message to Chris Widener on Red County. We need to focus on the real Senate race, and that is against Patty Murray.

  2. You claim to be somebody trained in Science yet you have nothing against Clint at all. Did you happen to see his TVW interview with Niki Reading?

    It's very funny!

  3. Uh...NineInchNachos... you can disagree with people without holding things against them. That's the real definition of tolerance. You know, tolerating different ideas without agreeing with them.

  4. Ah I see now, thanks for setting me on the path of enlightenment. Also would love your opinion of this political cartoon I drew... (warning: not exactly politically correct) God Bless America!

  5. Thank you, Liberty Belle, for your support on Red County. We need all of us to win this election in November, and you are helping to bring us all together for this important election.

  6. This phrase concerns me - and I think it should concern us all:

    Which candidate has promised to repeal and replace ObamaCare....

    REPLACE IT? With WHAT? That shivers my timbers!

  7. The Republican/Tea Party alternative to Obamacare is to pick one of the following:

    1) Be wealthy.
    2) Get a job with a large company which has the negotiating power to negotiate relatively reasonable health insurance rates.
    3) Do not have major health issues.
    4) If you or someone in your family does has a major expensive health issue, be prepared to sell your house, cash out your retirement account or kid's college funds.

  8. Let's roll. . .

    We have many brilliant minds that we can use to develop solutions to the many issues Americans are facing. Congress and the President are too far removed to be able to understand what we as Americans are really facing and feeling. Although some of those in Congress who are not re-elected will become closer to the real issues.

    What are the Tea Party's suggestions for the economic issues?

    Why won't the financial institutions who supposedly have a backlog of houses in short sales and foreclosures allow the following which would be a win-win situation for everyone:

    For example, for those who can't make payments on a $1,000,000 home (but can make payments on a $500,000 home), allow them to move into a $500,000 home which is being foreclosed upon and begin making payments. Allow someone who has a 500,000 home (who can make payments on a $300,000 home) move into a $300,000 home and so on. The financial institutions would be depleting their inventory of homes and maybe wouldn't have to accept an amount below the loan amount in many cases. At the same time, fewer people would be without a home.

    It's time to put the ideas on the table for others to see. We can't keep waiting and hoping. We need to act by putting the ideas on paper and offering those ideas to "our" candidates, those who truly represent us!


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