Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Bureaucracy Anyone?

Welcome to your new health care system. Keep in mind that this is only about one-third of the complexity - they just couldn't fit it all in one graph.


  1. A nightmare. After spending my career in the federal government, I can personally attest to the fact that governmnet agencies and offices grow, their budgets grow, their "mandates" grow, their multiple manuals of regulations grow. You frequently have trainees making determinations on eligibilities and entitlements, on the issues in YOUR case. Good luck getting a live person on the phone if you are tired of looping through automated phone options. Many times, we had queues on our phone lines of 45 to 60 or more minutes wait in order to talk to a real person.

    When a "customer" didn't get a check or benefit as expected, it was usually because the data input had not been made by the cutoff date necessitated by the fact that payments were not made locally. From all over the country, the computer input had to be made to the Agency center in D.C. which then sent all of it to the Treasury Department which is where the direct deposits were triggered. There was no way to fix a local error and the person just had to wait for the next cycle.

    Britain is attempting to reorganize a bit of its National Health Care System back to the local level so that General Practitioners are making more local decisions with their patients. See the article in the NYT;

    So, to you who have long and breathlessly awaited centralized healtcare, prepare to enjoy bureacracy to the max. Salud!!

  2. Everybody says the only thing the government does well is the military.
    And that is a lie.
    The only reason the military operates as well as it does is because we taxpayers throw good money after bad on program after program after program. The waste and ineffciency is beyond belief. And the fraud is ugly beyond words. Ask your retired military friends about the disability retirement scam that they all play. If the private sector ran the military it would cost 50% less than it does now. Our government can't do anything without massive fraud and waste.


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