Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet my friend, and candidate, Beau Gunderson

Do you live the 46th legislative district in WA?
Are you sick of the same ol', same ol' in Olympia?
Would you like a breath of fresh air and new ideas in our state legislature?

If you answered yes to these questions, then I'd like to introduce you to my personal friend Beau Gunderson who is running for State Representative, position 2, in the 46th district. He is a really good guy who would make a far superior member of the legislature than the current incumbent.

He is running against Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, who has been in office in her current position since... 1997. Also, she proudly touts, as an accomplishment, that she is on the board of the National Council of La Raza, a racist organization that actively promotes ideas like "taking back" California and our other border states. As I am Hispanic myself, I find their organization especially offensive, racist, exclusionary, and dangerous. The guy in the video below is part of La Raza, so take a look for yourself. My grandparents, Jesus and Philomena, would be so ashamed of this group, and people like Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney for being a part of it.

Does the 46th district in Seattle really want to be represented by someone who chooses to not only affiliate with, but who actively works for, a racist organization that call themselves, "The Race?"

Her bio also lists her legislative priorities which includes economic development and education. Considering Washington's abysmal education system (despite throwing ever-more money at the problem) and our declining economy and increased unemployment, I'd say she's not really meeting her priorities.

As Beau gets his campaign up and running, I will continue to update you. And please friend him on Facebook and Twitter and let's see if we can get him elected!


  1. If you saw that I had replied to another of your posts and were looking forward to some intelligent debate, you'll be disappointed this time - hopefully not for the lack of intelligence, but for the debate part.

    I became acquainted with La Raza when I was a college student in California. They struck me as a Ku Klux Klan for Latinos.

    (Ironically, white supremist Tom Metzger was run off the same campus for expressing similar views about his race, as I recently recalled in my blog: .)

    When the campus La Raza leader was quoted by the campus paper explaining "We need to build an escalera for La Raza!" my thought was that all of these folks are getting their education at the same state-subsidized university I was enrolled in, and therefore had the same advantages I did. There's you damn latter folks!

    A few years later, I encountered La Raza again at a July 4 celebration:

  2. The NCLR -- which receives funding from the Ford Foundation and Walmart -- does not support Mexican irredentism, or the destruction of capitalism, or any of the other things that the overheated young teacher in the video calls for. To tie him around the NCLR's neck is a trick that reminds me of how how supporters of the Vietnam War tried to wrap Jane Fonda around the neck of the anti-war movement -- many of whose members were appalled by Fonda's reckless and immature antics. (I speak as one of these.) And your assertion that La Raza is "racist" is -- at least as far as this posting goes -- is wanting in proof, at least as far as your posting goes. Personally, I have no stomach for this sort of guilt by association. I attended the Tea Party Rally in Boston this past April, and there I overheard two Tea Party supporters talking about "all the n_ _ _ _ _ s" who were coming to the rally as protesters. I did not take these men as representative of the Tea Party, which I do not think is racist. I do think that every political organization and movement has as much to fear from some of its supporters as from its enemies. Liberty Belle, calling the NCLR is a very serious accusation, and you have not substantiated it.

  3. America First, Last and Always.July 1, 2010 at 7:03 PM

    What I don't understand is why Mexicans want to live in the US when they love Mexico so much? What is so wrong with Mexico that millions of them want to live here? What is wrong with their society and government that would force them to move thousands and thousands of miles away from their homeland in this day and age?
    With their abundant natural resources and strong family beliefs, why do they come here waving a Mexican flag trying to start a race war with whites and blacks? Do they really think that people are just going to roll over and say they want to live in a corrupt, third world society like the one that Mexicans have created for themselves back home? Why don't they spend their energy trying to fix what ails Mexico? Why not fight to clean up that mess? They may be able to win that fight back home. They will lose badly here. Badly. The giant is no longer sleeping. His eyes are wide, wide open.
    So quiet down the fierce, white hating rhetoric and go home and fix Mexico. You at least have a chance there.
    This is America and it is going to stay America.

  4. word i like this guy you know who else supports la raza rage against the machine remember anger is a gift -malcom x


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