Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Using the Gulf Spill to Fundraise = Tacky

Organizing for Obama, oops, I mean America, is doubling down on their attempt to use the Gulf spill to rake in donations. I'm surprised Mr. Hopenchange would actually stoop that low, though not because I think he is above smarmy and tacky tactics, but rather because it's so blatant and obvious. Even his campaign wunderkind David Plouffe apparently doesn't realize this, or just doesn't care.
Organizing for America
Liberty Belle --

The President laid out his vision for a clean-energy future last week. Once again, the pundits were quick to say that it can't be done.

Yes, the oil industry will try to stop us. They'll smear our efforts with every attack they can dream up. They'll run ads against the members of Congress standing with us -- and go even more negative as elections near. That's the way it's always been done.

But we don't settle for what people in Washington believe is possible. This movement has never let conventional wisdom dictate our strategy. With your help, we simply organize from the ground up.

We've set a big goal of getting to $1 million raised by the end of this week for our clean-energy campaign -- and that will require at least 241 donations from Seattle.

Can you donate $25 or more today?
Hahahahhhaaaaahahahahaha. Please. So instead of focusing on THE SPILL, i.e. containment, clean-up, and ultimately plugging the damn hole, OFA and Obama want to raise money to push his legislative agenda. Wow. Leadership schmeadership. It's the Obama Way.


  1. Liberty Belle, Yeah, I think Organizing for America should probably take you off its mailing list -- unless, of course, you enjoy hearing from Mr. Plouffe. But why in the world people should not contribute money to a clean energy campaign is beyond me. The goal is worthy and the means are democracy. Or is it democracy only when an oil company donates tens of thousands of dollars to Joe Barton's campaign fund? And is it only democracy when a federal judge who owns stock in oil companies that are drilling offshore stays Obama's moratorium on off shore drilling, instead of, say, recusing himself?

  2. Friend of Liberty BelleJune 23, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    Jesse Fell,
    The oil companies need all the help they can get to fight against hypocrites like you that use oil in a myriad of ways every day and then whine and complain about how the oil companies get the oil that we need to live and thrive.
    You and your ilk are insane and need to go live in a cave and let the rest of us obtain and use oil responsibly.
    It is your fault that BP had to drill so far out in the Gulf. The leak is the fault of you and your insane friends.

  3. Dear Friend of Liberty Belle, We are all trapped in dependency on oil, for now. So we have no choice but to be "hypocrites", as you say. I ride my bike to work and turn off lights when I leave the room and take boring vacations close to home instead of going on safaris in Uganda -- and there's not a whole lot more that an individual can do. We have to live, as you say also. But the reason that BP had to drill so far out in the gulf is that the easily accessible oil is all used up. From now on, drilling is going to have to be in riskier places and for smaller rewards (the deposit that BP was drilling is said to contain only a five days' supply of oil for the US). This is why we have to start looking for alternative sources of energy. I hear that the generation of scientists now being trained in places like MIT and Cal Tech are passionate about finding those alternatives. Let's hope they come up with something soon. And let's give them all the support we can -- by supporting efforts to find and use clean energy. Imagine if we didn't have to drill offshore, or get coal by ripping the tops off of mountains or sending men down into mine shafts. Imagine if the Middle East became a destination for scholars and tourists, and nothing more to us. Let's hope we all live to see the day.

  4. Interesting note on the oil spill clean up: Gov. Bobby Jindal says that he has deployed only 1,053 of the 6,000 National Guard Troops that the federal government has authorized him to deploy because the Coast Guard has not authorized him to deploy more than that amount. But the Coast Guard Admiral in charge of the gulf efforts says that there is absolutely nothing in the way of Gov. Jindal deploying all 6,000. I wonder why you haven't redistributed that bit of knowledge.


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