Wednesday, June 23, 2010 scrubs their "General Betray Us" ad from website - UPDATED - Google scrubs the cache too! Updated again! Correction

See below for updates

Via Hot Air, the bloggers at Weasel Zippers found that scrubbed their anti-Petraeus ad, "General Betray Us," from their website now that Obama has chosen Gen. Petraeus to replace Gen. McChrystal.
It was there the last time Google cache took a screen shot of it (June 18th), so it was scrubbed sometime between then and today. If you try the link now( it goes to MoveOn’s default page.
Now, why would they go and do a thing like that?


UPDATE: Google has now scrubbed the web cache of the page!! The screen shot of the web cache that Weasel Zippers linked to now gives you a "your search did not match any documents" screen, whereas yesterday it linked to the web cache of the "Betray Us" ad.

Well, thanks to Ma Libertybelle's diligent research, you can still see the full page ad here and below. Don't forget that Obama declined to vote at all when the question of whether or not to condemn's ad came up in the Senate. He didn't vote for condemnation, and he didn't vote against it. Kind of like voting present, isn't it?

UPDATE II: Looks like our great mom in tennis shoes voted no on the resolution to condemn the ad, or rather, she voted to support's condemnation of the man that Obama has now put in charge of Afghanistan. So Patty, are you going to apologize or admit you were wrong?

CORRECTION: The webmaster from Weasel Zippers emailed me to clarify that Google doesn't arbitrarily remove content from its cache, rather, the site owner must specifically request its removal through the Google Webmaster protocol, to start the process. While this makes me feel a little better about Google, it also highlights how desperate is to erase their ad from history. Thank you to "C" for the correction!


  1. Google scrubbed it:

    Your search - moveon petraeus - did not match any documents.

    Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    Try different keywords.
    Try more general keywords.
    Try fewer keywords.

  2. Cowards all of them. Do they REALLY think we are going to forget this? Stoopid libs...

  3. its kind of funny how the press (rolling stone)actually got though to the white house after decades of countless media backlash and all of the magazines and tv networks created to bash a certain president (fox) so my next question to you is are you still be a slave to that crappy magazine and there shitty music reviews but then again everyone needs something to tell them what to buy and listen to even if they think there smarter then everyone else cuz you dont need anyone to tell whats cool right cuz youve got died hair gotta get your alternative on right? in order to blend in whoops i mean to fit in...

  4. Joe Biden thinks we are smart asses for wanting to pay less of our hard earned money to the wasteful and stupid government.
    How in the world did a complete incompetent like Joe Biden get to be Vice President of the United States of America?
    Maybe the same way that an incompetent former school teacher got to be a Senator for Washington State. People on the left hate America. That is the only answer for them electing these buffons.

  5. Please make sure and call Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell to thank them for the new "Bail out the Big Banks" Financial reform bill.
    They made sure to include a section to bail out their Wall Street buddies just in case they made stupid, greedy bets again.
    Because Patty and Maria want to make sure us schmucks in the middle class get to pay for the greed of the big shot Wall Street guys and gals.
    Just because we don't get any of the upside doesn't make any difference. We just need to be happy that our hard earned tax dollars are going to bail out multi millonaire financial wizards.
    And they are wizards, they make huge bets and never lose. When they win they win, when they lose we lose not them. Now that is smart.
    Thank you Patty and Maria for helping them perpatrate the biggest financial fraud in our history.

  6. Agree with Scoop; here's a good and short 'in-your-face' piece on this financial reform bill. Would suggest devoting time to the dissemination of this:


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