Thursday, June 3, 2010

It is happening people!

Watch the video below and feel the horror that this sort of hateful anti-Jewish sentiment is so openly displayed and ACCEPTED in the United States of America. The set up: a young high school boy shows up to an anti-Israel protest with his Israeli flag. The hateful mob chases him around and yells things like "Allahu Akbar" and "murderer" and so on. Watch it and then think about the question posted below.

So that one girl yells "You killed my people! You killed my people!" (Who at the end also states that Israel has no right to exist.) And the police must separate the rabid crowd from the lone boy, right? When Muslim extremists flew planes into the World Trade Center and into the Pentagon, and over 3,000 civilians were murdered - deliberately mind you - the vast, vast majority of Americans not only didn't protest outside of a Muslim country's embassy, nor did a mob try to attack a high school boy, nor did we cry out "murderer!" to every passing Muslim, but rather, most Americans united and tried hard to reach out to Muslims. As a nation, our President set the tone when he called for love, not hate, and everyone from the President on down made it clear that bigotry toward Muslims was not acceptable.

But now, when Israel tries to defend itself from those same terror elements by simply trying to check the cargo of the flotilla - to ensure it wasn't a weapons transfer to Hamas - and when the Israeli soldiers are viciously attacked by the terror sympathizers on the boat, and when the soldiers defend themselves, NOW it's okay to harrass and intimidate a young Israeli kid? Now it's okay to yell "murderer?" Now it's okay to openly talk about the destruction of Israel and her people? So the question is this: when are we as a society going to hold Muslims to the same standards of tolerance and decency by which we hold ourselves?

For a very good read about "anti-civilization" go here.


  1. Thanks for this post. If anyone has any doubts about what happened during the raids, I'd point them here:

    Plenty of video evidence. Let's stop pretending flotilla was ever about humanitarian aid. It was all designed to provoke and create an international incident.

  2. I believe you are mistaken. I remember several reports of harrasment of American Muslims after September 11th.

  3. I don't think the vast majority of Muslims were at the protest in the video. Also the 9/11 attacks were not committed by a country, and Al Quaida did not have an office in the US people could protest at. Taliban Afghanistan did not have diplomatic relations with the US, so there was no Afghan Embassy or other official presence in the US for people to protest the harboring of Al Quaida. If there was an embassy, you bet the army would have had to surround it to protect it.

    The problem with the Israel/Palestinian problem are the roughly 20 percent of Palestinians who feel that Israel has no right to exist, and the roughly 20 percent of Israelis who feel that God gave the entire region generally known as Israel to Jews, and the Muslims who have lived there for generations can take a flying leap into the Mediterranean.

    The solution is 1) Palestinians need to STOP launching rockets at Israeli towns and blowing stuff up. 2) Israel needs to STOP bulldozing Palestinian homes, confiscating Palestinians' land and restricting commerce in & out of Gaza.

    Next, Israel needs to either grant full Israeli citizenship to everyone who lives there, or grant Gaza & West Bank full nationhood in exchange for a complete halt of hostile activity.

  4. While a handful of nuts may have harassed Muslims after 9/11, the rest of the country, the world, the media, and general public opinion, etc. were very vocal about protecting the Muslim communities from violence and harassment. Not so in the case of Israel. As Netanyahu said, "Israel is guilty until proven guilty."

    And, in the case of a few nutjobs harassing Muslims after 9/11, they were roundly criticized by rest of society. Again, not so with Israel. So my point is that the domestic, and especially international, media, the usual suspects on the left, and so on, are not only tolerating talk about the extinction of Israel, but they are lauding these types of thoughts.

    If this incident had been a completely isolated incident, I would write it off as fringe wackos. But it's not. It is the meme across the world. And it is scary and it is sad. When I lived in Ireland, I found out that you could scratch the surface and find a rotten core of anti-Jewish sentiment and hatred, even in young, supposedly liberal Europeans.

    My question still stands: when will these hateful idiots be held up to the same standards of tolerance, peacefulness and diversity that the rest of us are held to?

  5. Criticizing Israel for the incident is not like criticizing Muslims for 9/11. Criticizing all Jews for the incident would be, and Muslims who blame individual Jews for the actions of the Israeli government are "hateful idiots."

    The side of the problem is the Israelis who believe (many Israeli Jews do not) that pushing people off land they've lived on for centuries and locking them inside city-prisons is perfectly acceptable because God gave the land to Jews exclusively. They are also hateful idiots.

  6. Islam, the religion of "peace". Um, yeah...

  7. There are hateful idiots and then there are just idiots. To claim that Israel is pushing people off land they've lived on for centuries and locking them inside city-prisons is to totally disregard the entire history of the middle-east since 1948. I am leery of Wikipedia, but this particular entry appears to be fairly accurate. For a quick look at the genesis of the modern state of Israel, take a look at:

    From the very get go, the Israelis were willing to agree to a plan to partitian the area into two states. The plan was rejected by the leaders of the Arab community and that marked the start of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. The stated aim since then has been to destroy Israel.


    As usual, Charles Krauthammmer explains it perfectly.
    Why aren't we protecting our friend instead of explaining away the violence of our enemies?

  9. I really have to question the validity of the statement that "the rest of the country, the world, the media, and general public opinion, etc. were very vocal about protecting the Muslim communities from violence and harassment". That seems like some mighty selective recollection from non-muslims to me.


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