Friday, June 4, 2010

Disgusting: Jew-hater of the day, Helen Thomas

I might have to make this a daily feature if all the of the Jew-hating Americans keep showing their true colors so openly. It's time to call these people out and let them know their hatred is not welcome in the United States of America.


  1. Thomas's comment may have been poorly worded, but there's no cause to accuse her of "Jew hatred" unless you have evidence of other problematic comments by her. If someone her age were a "Jew hater," I suspect a fair amount of evidence of it would have surfaced elsewhere by now.

    On another topic, could you please clarify what you mean when you indicate that you "attended the University of Oxford"? Are you a degree holder, or did attend via a summer program or the like? Like Thomas's poorly chosen use of words, your short biography is ambiguous on this point.

    Max P

  2. Take America Back from the LeftJune 6, 2010 at 4:40 PM

    Liberty Belle,
    Max P's above comment shows how insane the left is.

  3. For years the Right has rightly criticized the Left's concept "hate speech," where certain ideas are deemed unacceptable and cannot be discussed, are instead dismissed as hate speech, and are in effect outside the protection of the First Amendment.

    But the Right is not innocent of ignoring the First Amendment when it comes to certain ideas. Helen Thomas's comment expressed certain opinions of Israel. You may not agree with that opinion, and I don't agree with that opinion either, but anyone who truly agrees with the First Amendment and freedom of political speech would not dismiss her comment as "hate speech" or demand that she be fired.



  5. For years the Left has used the term "hate speech" to stifle discussion & debate on certain controversial topics, and the Right has rightly criticized them for it. But the Right is not innocent of this itself.

    If you feel that Bush's invasion of Iraq was justified even though Saddam had no WMDs, that's OK. If you feel that Obamacare should have passed with the public option that's OK too. People who say these things don't find that everyone agrees with them, but these views are within the acceptable range of political opinion, and no one objects to the fact these views are expressed.

    What Thomas said was a political opinion about Israel. You may not agree with it, and I don't agree with it either. But the fact that she expressed this does not justify name-calling or her losing her post.

    Do we really believe in First Amendment Freedom of Speech or not?

  6. we will see if you post this but i doubt it cuz ive said before you only post the harmless or constructive tea party comments cuz i wonder who else have tried to post on here but you "just block there freedom of speech"so whatever so why is it that when white people say some stuff to each other like"you talk like a black guy" or "your slow as a black guy pick up the speed" no one says anything but when you say something like "your cheap like a jew" or "stop being such a jew' white people lose there freakin heads oh just to let you know im white and my uncle is jewish

  7. if john peters is white and his uncle is jewish than I am Lebron James.

    white people don't say "you talk like a black guy" or "your as slow as a black guy."

    We do say that since racism is bad, we should hold everybody to the same standard.
    All the colors of the rainbow.


    So Reuters admits to cropping some blockade photos. Will the hatred ever end?

  9. hey lebron try winning a ring then talk some smack and yes i am white and im just reporting the white truth

  10. Hey john peters and anonymous,
    So what do you think about those 2 black guys in West Seattle who tortured that white kid for hours and hours the other night?
    What do you think about the DA's hesitancy to charge them with a hate crime for their hate crime?
    What about that double standard? Do you think white people are going to stand for being tortured and beat by young black men who blame all the things wrong with their lives on white people? Instead of being accountable for their own lives and actions they torture a white kid. They have been lied to their whole lives by the left and this is what happens.
    Don't let them get the drop on you.
    Stay aware. All the damage that the left has done is only partially out there. The brain washing that progressives in academia have done is only beginning to be felt. They have twisted the minds of at least two generations. And it is going to get bad. Very, very bad.
    We are not going to just sit there and take it.

  11. maybe that white kid asked to get beat up and whatnot

  12. Did Helen Thomas say anything more than that Zionism, in her opinion, was a bad idea -- and that the world's Jews could have found a safer home and a better place to pursue self-realization in the United States or Canada? If that is all she said, she can hardly be accused of "Jew hating". Her reflection is certainly an idle one, after all these years. The state of Israel is a fact, a given, and practical thinking about the Middle East must state with acceptance of this fact. But anyone who reflects on the dilemmas of Israel's relations with its Arab neighbors and the moral ambiguity of the means by which it is forced to defend itself can be excused from asking "what if?"


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