Monday, June 21, 2010

Buy a t-shirt, support Israel

If you are interested in buying cool t-shirts and supporting Israel, check out this website!

Nu Campaign. From the website:
Taken from the Israeli slang word ‘NU’ which literally translates as ’C’mon’ and begs a response, our t-shirts empower and engage wearers to take a stand and show their support for the State of Israel!

Through stimulating and artistic design, NU shirts illustrate the ‘human story’ behind major Israeli causes and events. On the inside of the shirt, opposite the heart, the story is printed, so that wearers carry it with them inside and become its ambassadors out on the streets. Proceeds from t-shirts sales are donated toward Israeli non-profit organizations behind the causes.

By wearing NU, not only do you make a significant contribution toward Israel but you join our worldwide community of people that care and support the State of Israel!
Let's see... buying a t-shirt from Nu allows me to a.) wear a cute t-shirt, and b.) support Israel against her genocidal enemies... sounds like a great deal to me!

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