Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A call for help - asap

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who took a two-week class. In that class, she and her group picked a topic, worked together, and presented their topic to the class. This girl and her group chose Net Neutrality as their topic, and as part of their presentation they created a blog and a PowerPoint slideshow. No big deal, right?


What if I told you that this class project was leaked to the super-lefties of the world and that they are FREAKING OUT? You would think that they would have more sense than that, right?


If you can't tell by now, this is a true story. My friend Kristin put together a PowerPoint about Net Neutrality and how to fight it. Someone leaked her class assignment to Think Progress and other civilized and tolerant left-wingers, and they are indeed freaking out. I know you think I am exaggerating, but I am not. They are acting as though they have found the documents that prove JFK was not killed by a lone gunman. Seriously.

They have taken over the Facebook page, the blog, and are dragging Kristin's good name through the mud. She is getting death threats and obscene messages, and it is unacceptable. They are lying through their teeth and frothing at the mouth, asserting that the PowerPoint was financed by some shady uber-coalition of free-market think tanks and activist groups (which they call "corporate") and that Kristin is just a tool for "the man."

I find this to be pretty funny because a conservative activist organization that has millions of contributors and donors as well as a wealthy benefactor, is somehow corporate, but a progressive activist organization that has millions of contributors and donors AND a wealthy benefactor (paging George Soros) is somehow grassroots.

Enough is enough. If you have a few extra minutes today, please consider dropping by the Facebook page and the blog and leaving supportive comments for Kristin, and for the argument against Net Neutrality.

And honestly, I've just been making fun of them because these groups and people have become caricatures of themselves and everyday they seem to fling themselves further and further away from reality.

"No Net Brutality": Facebook page
Twitter: @nonetbrutality


  1. If it's just an assignment, why did she keep updating? Why does she have two updates with today's date on them?

    By the way, a majority of the people who use the internet support Net Neutrality. This goes beyond liberals and conservatives. If you simply ask around, you will find democrats and republicans and tea party members who want access to the internet without restrictions from their telcoms.

  2. When are Americans going to wake up? The left is constantly using violence or threats of violence to make their points, yet the main stream media ignores it and paints the right as being the violent side.
    Americans need to wake up to the ugly, violent people on the left. They will stop at nothing to get their way. Threats, intimidation, and then actual violence.
    America wake up to the hate! The left in this country is so filled with hate that they think that the ends justifies the means and the means are anything goes.
    We will prevail! Keep sharing the truth.

  3. LibertyBelle,

    There is something seriously wrong with the people that are threatening your friend. Why doesn't she contact the police or FBI? The crazy lefties that react so violently are seriously sick. That's just bizarre behavior.

  4. Hey LibertyBelle,

    This has nothing to do with your article but wasn't sure where to let you know about this so hope you don't mind. Have you seen this video yet? It's disturbing. It's during a David Horowitz speech:

  5. Thanks, I sent the link to an activist list I'm on.

    See also "Net Neutrality: Toward a Stupid Internet":

  6. "If it's just an assignment, why did she keep updating? Why does she have two updates with today's date on them?"

    Because she cares about the issue, genius. The point wasn't that it was "just an assignment," it was that it was most certainly not what Think Progress, and others like you, made it out to be.

  7. maybe the left have to be violent because for so long the right have beat them down with there batons and hoses and did'nt the right invade iraq if im wrong please correct me and if the right can't play fair then why should the left "because the devils don't hear me unless i'm violent"-paris

  8. Are you seriously against net neutrality? I am with you against death threats and the like, but I am a firm supporter of the free expression and distribution of ideas - and that is what net neutrality means.

    If you are confused look at

  9. Thank you for making my point Rob Ownes.
    Your violence will be your undoing.


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