Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anti-semitism knocking at the door

Astounding. Disgusting. Take your pick. The girl in this video is revolting, as only those who hate Jewish people can be.

This was brought to my attention by my mom and by Francine in the comments. I had to repost it. David Horowitz is a hero.


  1. Legal Immigration OnlyMay 12, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    Fox is playing a similar type video of a Hispanic person claiming they are going to take over the part of the US that was taken from Mexico. He is very angry and hates white people.
    The enemy is here. Right now. We have been brainwashed to be tolerant and open minded and we have been so open minded our brains have fallen out.
    Time for action. Time to defend

  2. yeah you guys only post stuff that you want to hear cuz ive posted some stuff on here that you won't or have'nt put up but you have only put stuff that i've written that you thought was non-threating or harmless so yeah you can take your freedom of speech and shoot yourself with your semi automatic machine guns so there.......

  3. People want to say this is no big deal, it was just a young, dumb student, but it CAN happen, even here. My grandparents were murdered in Auschwitz; they were older people whose only "crime" was that they were Jewish. For that, they were gassed to death.

    It's also revolting that a bastard like Pat Buchanan can rail against too many Jews on the Supreme Court. I don't like Kagan, at all, but why doesn't Buchanan rail against the Catholics on the Supreme Court? When an anti-Semite like Buchanan can start talking like that, it's scary.

    And then, for anyone who is concerned about this, there is a new online "game" on Comedy Central, the same network that caved in to the Muslims about South Park, called "I.S.R.A.E.L. Attacks", which is blatantly anti-Semitic, and not just anti-Israel. It's truly sickening and reprehensible.

    Yes, I realize too many Jews voted for Obama and vote for the Left. I'm not one of those. And even if we do, and even if liberals are wrong, do we invoke the same kinds of hatred that brought about the Holocaust? Do we let the Muslims talk the way they do, as this student did, because if you think this is merely about Jew-hatred and Israel hatred, think again; this is hatred of the West, of Christianity, of anything except their own brand of sick religious and totalitarian beliefs.

  4. I appreciate you posting this video. It really shows the significant growth of antisemitism at work in our community. I am sure individuals such as this one is a beneficiary of the PELL grant and other Tax-Funded scholarship initiatives that help equip such individuals to be political activists and promoter of terrorism

  5. This is the first time I have ever commented on a blog and I am not sure if this the right place or subjct. One of the things I am very concerned about that my interest your blog is Federal Farm Subsidies. I recently read that in one of Washington State's grain growing counties that the average subsidy for every man, women and child in that county was over $40,000.00. This has been going on for many years.

    Note: I was raised on a combination cattle ranch and wheat farm.

  6. It truth, he asked a BS question designed to win a point. She asked a question which if he answered honestly, might have left him on the defensive, so he changed the topic and put her on the spot. Tired old debating trick. Had she been brighter she might have answered that she condemned many of the statements and tactics of Hamas and Hezbollah as any decent person of reason would do. Of course. Now, does he condemn Israel? No, would have to be his answer. What? Isn't Israel ignoring Geneva Conventions by building settlements on occupied lands? So, if your neighbor builds a fence on your property and you protest repeatedly to absolutely no avail, then your neighbor actually moves his relatives onto your land, when you punch him in the nose you're the terrorist. When a weaker people feel they have no choice, they strike out in any way they can, eg. native Americans in the 19th Century. When the Europeans stole their land, and they fought back, sometimes brutally, they became "savages" not terrorists.
    Fact is, we're so spoon fed the Israeli point of view, we can't even acknowledge that the other side might be right too.
    Palestine was occupied primarily by European Jews and partitioned by the UN. What would you do if "outsiders" did that to America?
    And before you proclaim me an anti-Semite, know this...there's tens of thousands of Jews in America that think the apologists for Israel and the far right in Israel are morally bankrupt, and the only solution is the return to the 67 lines and the creation of an independent Palestinian State. If the US aggressively pushed for this, it would give fanatic Muslims one less reason to hate us. Actually I'm pro-Semite...Jews and Palestinians.
    Maybe David Horowitz is your hero, but to me, he's just another pitchman selling his wares.

  7. I"m Jewish and fairly moderate, and am not a fan of Hamas. But this is hardly anti-Semitic (though this woman may be anti-Semitic). She was really stupid to wade into answering the question that way when she'd already predicted he'd bait her into doing that. But he was deceptive about answering her that way, albeit a great deal smarter than her. But both are cut from the same brainwashed fundamental cloth. Those are two persons for whom negotiation is not possible, and symptomatic of the polarized and ineffectual debate in this country.

  8. I don't get it. I didn't hear antisemitism in this video, other than the quote Horowitz read. The Founding Fathers permitted slavery to exist in the US, but that doesn't mean that everyone who supports the ideas of the Founding Fathers supports slavery. But that doesn't stop Horowitz from implying that anyone who doesn't condemn Hammas supports genocide against Jews. An what's with the insulting comment about her "terrorist" scarf? Who's being revolting here?

  9. Terry,

    I agree with you. This is the most sensible post here, and acknowledges the gray area that most on the left or right refuse to recognize. Horowitz is a crusader, not a scholar or diplomat, so has no interest in doing anything but, as you say, pitching his wares.

    That being said, it is really sad that we've gotten to a point where an American-educated Arab (which I presume this woman is) will blindly allow herself to be spoonfed the Hamas line. What Hamas aspires to do (while admittedly born out of a noble purpose of wanting to reclaim confiscated land) is simply not good. It is destructive and violent.


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