Friday, April 2, 2010

The Constitution is a BFD

Looks like Organizing for America is capitalizing on Joe Biden's big mouth. They are selling t-shirts that say, "Health reform is a BFD," (BFD stands for big f---ing deal, fyi), commemorating Vice President Biden's F-bomb.

Profits for thee but not for me, eh OFA?

Well, two can play at this game. (Hint: that's what is awesome about capitalism.)

I believe there will be a demand for those t-shirts (which are kind of cute, I'll admit), but I think that there will be a much larger demand for t-shirts with these designs on them:

Buy yours today at Maybe we should buy the Constitution design for this guy.


  1. The link isn't working but I like the sentiment in these t-shirt designs. I wonder if we can get a bulk rate in sizes ranging from "Tiny-minded" to "Political Fat Cat" and deliver them to all those who voted for this latest Obama monstrosity.

  2. Scoop Jackson (Real American Democrat)April 3, 2010 at 9:52 AM

    What is wrong with Delaware? How could they continue to elect this guy for all these years? And how in our worst nightmare could joe biden be our Vice President. Because he knows about world affairs? Our relationships with everybody is going down the tubes since he and clinton took over.
    I realize that we have incompetent patty murray who has particpated fully in the degradation of the United States, but joe biden is on a whole other level of idiocy and embarrassment.

  3. Could you come up with something a little different for my city, where "BFD" stands for "Boston Fire Department"?

  4. who made those graphics looks super photoshoped my grandma could do better by hand you know picking up a pencil and createing something by yourself instead of letting a computer do all the work what happened to creativity now its all point and click you dont have to study a thing these days all you have to do is google it god i weep for the generation y brats

  5. wait, I usually hear BDF used in a sarcastic way. Are you guys saying that we shouldn't care about the constitution and liberty?

    You all send the darnedest mixed message I ever heard.

    ps. anonymous is the only way I can post so that I'm not giving money to those liberal communist corporations.


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