Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back in town!


I can't believe I never got to post about our Tax Day Tea Parties! I rushed out of town the very next morning and it's been go-go-go ever since, going out of town a second time in one week. I'm getting married on Saturday as well so you can imagine how busy things are this week. Please forgive me for abandoning the blog.

First item, the Tea Parties!

The Tea Parties were a rousing success, all across the nation, and even in ol' blue Seattle. We had around 1,000 people in downtown Seattle, and about a dozen counter protesters. The counter protesters, by the way, were all white and old. They looked like a bunch of old, burned-out hippies with frazzled hair and they smelled of pot and patchouli. I thought it funny that they had no one else but white people in their group while we have many Tea Party members of all different races and ethnicities. Hmmmm. They must be racists then, obviously.

We had no problems with "infiltrators" and the Seattle Police Department were there to keep the peace, and they were wonderfully helpful. We had one guy right behind the stage who kept yelling "bullsh*t" while our speakers were talking, but we just ignored him and went on. Eventually a friend of mine engaged him in conversation and completely owned him as he had no real basis for his anger and beliefs.

Again, I am always amazed at the friendship, politeness, intelligence, patriotism, and all around niceness of our crowds. We cleaned up after ourselves, we didn't yell at people, we smiled and we had fun!

A big thanks goes out to all of our speakers and volunteers because this event would never, ever have happened without you all. My dad took some video of everyone and as soon as I get it I will update the post with the video.

I just can't say enough about how well it went!

I will say this though: the time for protesting is winding down as campaign season picks up. I will be choosing my candidates in the next couple of weeks and I will be spending much more time on their campaigns than I will on organizing protests. We must be victorious at the ballot box or we will be up a raging creek without a paddle. We will only win in November if each of you finds one or two candidates to support and you give it your all. We all must sacrifice to get good people elected. Please, please make your decisions as soon as possible and COMMIT!

Most of all, please don't give up. I've heard so many nasty things from supposedly decent people who claim to be my friend, and so I know it can be hard to keep going. But that is exactly the reason they are piling on. DO NOT LET THE HATERS WIN. They have no interest in dialogue, they only seek to destroy you, your motivation, your emotions, your energy, and our movement.

It is up to you whether or not they are successful.

Second item, my wedding!

I just wanted to give a brief description as people have been asking about it. We are getting married in a very small, immediate-family-only wedding. I don't need giant production and I certainly don't have the money for one. With the economy the way it is, and the direction in which Obamanomics is taking us all, I didn't want to spend frivolously. You see, unlike the government, I look at my revenue and my expenses and I decide whether or not I can afford something. When I decide that I cannot, I move on and I do not buy it. Duh! That's the same reason we're not honeymooning yet. It's just not in the cards for us right now. Do I wish that we could afford a great, tropical honeymoon? Of course, but we can't, so we have that as a goal to work towards. The important thing is the marriage, not the other stuff surrounding it.

Thanks for all of your kind words and support and forgive me for the lack of posting last week and this week!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Have a happy wedding! That's wonderful! My wife and I postponed our honeymoon for a year, because we didn't have the money, and now we've been married for 4 years, and we're doing great.

    I support Jeff Smith and JD Hayworth in Arizona, and I need to look for some other candidates, too.

    Great post! Keep up the good fight!

    I'm a fellow tea-partier!

  2. Hi Liberty Belle, I was at the Tea Party Rally on Boston Common and the composition of it --and of the protestors -- was a little different from what you saw elsewhere. In Boston, both groups were overwhelmingly middle aged and white. It will be a shame if politics becomes the exclusive sport of us old fogeys. Another thing that struck me at the rally was the busses -- at least two, Greyhound sized, with beautiful custom paint jobs advertising the Tea Party movement and its nationwide scope. Do you know who paid for these busses -- was it Koch Industries? Thanks.

  3. Keli,

    The Seattle Tea Party was indeed a success, thanks in no small part to you. Also congrats on your impending nuptials.

    If I were to take exception to your update, it would only be in your invocation of "sacrifice." To my mind defending one's values is never a sacrifice. And consider this from Ayn Rand:

    "The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters and intends to be the master."

  4. Anonymous: great point about "sacrifice." How quickly I lapsed back into group-think. Thank you for reminding me!

  5. I was also at the rally in Seattle and would have to disagree with several of your comments. First of all, your claim of diversity is overstated. There was one speaker of color, and the crowd was predominantly older and white. Definitely not representative of the overall society.

    I also saw the counter protesters, and while there may have been a couple of inappropriate comments, it was pretty civil. And for someone who claims to welcome opposing viewpoints, on many occasions you felt the need to denigrate those who don't believe the same as you. Much like your comments about the bunch of old, burned-out hippies with frazzled hair and they smelled of pot and patchouli.

    There were quite a few of us "liberals" in the crowd who wanted to see what your movement was all about and did so in respectful way.

    I did not hear or see any solutions to the problems that the country is facing, nor did I see a group open to discussing the issues and working with the "other side."

  6. I do not doubt that you're an intelligent person, but I don't think you have demonstrated such intelligence in the few posts I read on your front page (especially in this particular post).

    To be fair, I suggest a more informative About page that includes your position on policies and critics of your opponents. I would like to hear your views and perhaps you can change my mind about the perception of TEA party and its unbalance stance.

  7. I have to mirror the previous comment. I'm intrigued by your posts, but I'd really be interested to see more of the roots of your beliefs. Where does this view for the left come from? Your steadfastness that everything left is dangerous and to be feared? That anything outside your views is somehow less than? It's so passionate, yet so undefined.

  8. It's my belief too. The Left is trying to destroy America.
    And where it comes from the is the Left's actions. Insidious and evil.
    We have been woken up and we are now aware and ready.

  9. "We must be victorious at the ballot box or we will be up a raging creek without a paddle."

    Actually, if you're not victorious at the ballet box, I can tell you what will happen. Absolutely nothing. This is the same alarmist crap people have been spewing since this country was founded. And not just specifically from the left or right either. BOTH sides do it. No matter what happens, life will go on, and one side will bitch and scream until their party is in power again. Then the roles change. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Your struggle is not special, and, more then likely, nothing will change. Enjoy :-)


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