Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We hold these truths to be self-evident...


  1. I was talking to my dad and maybe it was just me but reality hit me square in the face as I heard his words. He just got done watching our president talk, my dad said “let me get this straight, he says there are 30 million people uninsured, I was watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics and they said we have 300 million people in the US. So you're saying that they are going to redo our entire healthcare system because 10% of our population doesn't have insurance.” I 've never heard the percentage before, they do a good job of telling you the large number of people uninsured but never put it against our population. Put against the 270 million who can afford it that's really not that bad, I'd almost be proud of that, 90% of our population can afford it. If all of the 90% donated into a healthcare charity I'd imagine we could pay the doctors and hospitals for the lost money from those who aren't and far cheaper than govt can. Try to help them maybe, but revamp our entire system around them, I don't think so. Our govt plans on putting out money on behalf of citizens, what about not taking as much from the facilities that provide insurance. Lower taxes, permits and fees on healthcare,if healthcare prices are going up let them legitimately compete(in business, not for the graces of government officials). Lower the prices it takes to provide healthcare and watch how lower prices alone will decrease our(10%) number of uninsured in America.


    Like anything else if you're catching flack from the other side, it just means your doing a good job, think of all the people that hate the USC football team and the Dallas Cowboys ; )

  2. Hey Belle,
    I tried to read alot of the other new posts you have been getting but it has been too painful and I have had to stop.
    And then I realized why it was so painful.
    The main drive of these so called "progressives" has been to kill babies. And now they are killing old and sick people through euthanazia and soon they will be killing a lot more with this new health care fraud they are pushing. The liberals are all about death, our death, not theirs. They want to kill the most defenseless among us as effeicently as they can. They use their smooth talking to cloud the issue but what they really are is death. Murderers of the weak and sick and old.
    I choose life. I choose the right. I choose to fight.

  3. Anon...your dad is pretty smart...and obviously so are you. One of the GOP candidates who has announced for the Senate seat that Patty Murray will hopefully be vacating is a Harvard educated MD (Art Coday) and he doesn't think we have to turn our health care system over to our government. We need to start paying close attention to the forthcoming elections as this is the only means of avoiding the precipice. If Obamacare were defensible, they would not have insisted on passing the bills in the House and the Senate without letting everyone read and debate each section.

  4. Anonymous,

    Did your dad mention that of the 270 million who have insurance, what percentage are getting through the government? Try counting it up: everyone over 65 and with permanent disabilities (Medicare), families in poverty (Medicaid), children of working-class families that are above the poverty line (CHIP). That's not including military and other government employees at the local, state and federal levels (teachers, firefighters, police, postal workers...)

    Pull government support out from under those folks, and how many uninsured do you think we would have? There are 45 million people on Medicare alone. And if you're OK with government support for them, why are you pained by measures to get that last 10% insured as well?

    "So you're saying that they are going to redo our entire healthcare system because 10% of our population doesn't have insurance."

    No. First, how is the "entire healthcare system" getting "redone"? I've read the bills as they passed the House and Senate, and I didn't see a single thing that said my dad can't continue to practice medicine, that my employer can't continue to provide insurance as part of my compensation, that if I lose my job my spouse can't put me on their coverage. I used to work for UnitedHealthCare and am currently insured by them. I didn't see anything in the bills that said UHC would disappear. The way some people talk, you'd think the legislation puts us in the British health care system where everyone is insured by the government and most health care workers are government employees. Read the bills for yourself instead of regurgitating rhetoric.

    Second, the goal is not only to get 30 million Americans insured today; it's also to ensure that Americans can continue to be insured tomorrow. If you watch the news, you've probably heard about premiums in the individual insurance market (i.e. people buying their own health care like you advocate, instead of getting it through employment or government) going up in California and other states by 30-40%. You think that's a trend that will keep insurance affordable for most Americans?

    Yep, progressives hate babies, that's why they fight for ensuring that every child born in America has health care and a decent education so s/he has a chance as an adult to succeed. Oh, and folks like you love women struggling with unwanted pregnancy so much, you leap at the chance to send teenagers to prison.

    I've read every section of each bill. Point out which ones bother you so much, and let's debate them.

  5. PG,
    Yes, you specifically hate black babies.The amount of black babies aborted in America is the ugliest stain on our country. And conservitives want no part of that. We fought against it and we are fighting against it right now.
    Conservitives love black babies and want them to succeed. We vote for life, for black and white, red and brown, we vote for life!
    Here is how people on the right are trying to help blacks:
    1. By trying to cure them of the brainwashing they have received from the left that they are victims.
    2. By trying to show all families that having a decent father in the home gives a child an exponentially higher chance of success. Single motherhood leads many black men straight to prison. Please see the work of Ann Coulter.
    3. By trying to explain to the socialists of the left that the higher minimum wage actually leads to higher unemployment for black teenagers. We realize the left has no use for facts, but this is incredibly bad for black teenagers.
    4. By trying to teach all people that hard work and delayed gratification can lead to success. After failure of course, and that is another thing many people on the left don't get, failure is a part of life and it is not George W. Bush's fault. Or Ronald Reagans. Get up and try again. Learn from your mistakes and work hard. Sacrifice, don't wait for reperations because they ain't going to come.
    5. By teaching all people of all races that America is the land of opportunity and freedom despite what the left wing, America hating college professors teach people. Once we vote in November we can get back to work building America. Freedom for all. Save the children! Save the innocent!

  6. Patty:

    I sure hope you convinced yourself that conservatives care about anyone of color, because it is not working on anybody else. They may like black babies, or more specifically unborn black children. The problem starts after they are born.

    Then, all conservatives can talk about is all the welfare and fatherless children. Open your eyes, white folks ain't doing so great themselves. Maybe that hateful Ann Coulter should speak about that too.

    And, if conservatives are doing so much to help them, why are the Tea Parties and the Republican Party 95% white? Or have they been so brainwashed by the left that they can't see those compassionate conservatives who are so eager to help them? It's not like conversatives haven't tried to reach out to them with their pictures of the President in white face, Tom Tancredo talking about the need for purity in our society or Rush Limbaugh constant race baiting.

    What part of America do you think is being taken away from you Patty, and how are the these crazy liberals doing it? Isn't that what it is really about. Conservatives are trying to conserve the life that they were often born into, and not necessarily earned.

  7. Patty, a couple of questions:

    Re: "We realize the left has no use for facts, but this is incredibly bad for black teenagers."

    Please give me the name and phone number of a black teenager you actually know. I would love to talk to them about their views as well.

    We progressives dig down on facts. Like from the OECD about health care systems worldwide.

    Re: Freedom for all. Save the children! Save the innocent!

    So do you think that my wife, diagnosed with epilepsy after a grand mal seizure in 5th grade, should be continued to be denied insurance, and pay $550/month for meds that keep her from dying in 72 hours? How would you structure a program to help such innocents. The health insurance system as it currently exists has not been helpful, to say the least.

    Grand mals in someone you love is not a real pretty thing. Being denied insurance, and then Medicare due to too much income, is maddening.

    Insurance is based on spreading risk. Why not spread it to 300 million?

    PS Your "I believe in free speech..." missive contradicts your calling of anyone who espouses progressive/left Dem views "socialists". It's like all this screaming by Repubs about a "government takeover of healtcare" when Obama's mandate actually require all of us to ACQUIRE PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE. Bolds intended, because that is what is they are pushing.

    Us progressives want THE OPTION of buying into Medicare.

    Why is it you have such a problem with this?

  8. Anonymous and Bewert,
    Thank you for making my point.
    God bless you,

  9. You are too young to make such judgements of the world. You haven't even finished college yet.

    I am an entrepreneur with degrees in Finance and Information Systems, plus several issued patents. I know what both the top line and bottom line are.

    Your analysis is naive. Socialists are evil? Democrats are socialists? Capitalists are the root of all good?

    Madoff. Enron. Lehman Brothers. The list is endless. See Goldman Sachs.

    I am a progressive. Not a socialist. I believe capitalism, with government regulation to rein in greed, is the way to go.

    Your brush is broad. And naive.

  10. Re: Anonymous and Bewert,
    Thank you for making my point.
    God bless you,


    Do you have a clue?


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