Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Limit spending? Great idea.


  1. Do you have a vision of what the United States government would look like if you were allowed to define it? I think your vision would need to include what state and local governments would be responsible for and what individuals would be reponsible for as well. What things should be provided only by the private sector?

    I found your web site after hearing an interview on NPR but I am having a hard time determining what you propose as alternatives to those things you don't like.

  2. Anonymous, maybe going back to the Constitution and actually following it would be a nice start ... That's what most conservatives want, if you bother to research it.

  3. oh no the conservatives don't belive in the constitution unless it favors themselves and no one else why do you think there for wiretapping cuz we all have to go after the americans who hate america oh wait my bad smelly funny brown people

  4. Just because we find ourselves on the "right" don't think we didn't cringe and scream when the patriot act showed up, sorry to make you feel less special but it wasn't just the "left" that disagreed with president's past. Like the first 'bail out'(also the last guy) we think gov is maxing out it's credit cards. It works great up until you can't get another one and they take your car away. I like the 1/5 spending limit, as long as they can't make exceptions like they are doing with the "pay as you go" right now(current pres).


  5. Maybe it'd help get us on our way back to actually declaring war again, instead of a president deciding to send troops wherever he want's


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