Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Conservative Agenda for Cities

According to even the most progressive people with which I have had the pleasure of conversing, nobody wants to see people on welfare for forty years. Good. We can agree on something. Unfortunately for my friends, I happen to think that liberal policies tend to ensure those kinds of unwanted outcomes. More on this later. For now, a great article discussing the benefits of conservative ideas and policies in urban areas. Enjoy.


  1. Personal accountability vs. blaming others.
    Freedom vs. Victimhood
    Life vs. Death
    Conservative vs. Liberal (Socialist)
    Thank you Barack Hussein Obama for making the differences distincly clear.

  2. I am afraid you are much like all in your movement. Short on facts, the use of revisionist history to make a point, histrionics and of course thin skinned. You dish it out but you can't take it. The idea that "Socialist" is a dirty word in the vein of Communist brings back notions of McCarthyism.

    You are very young. You like the attention. You use your ability to write a coherent sentence (a talent not exactly in evidence by most of the members of the tea party)to somehow say "things" that are inflammatory, egregious and misleading but in an "intellectual" manner. This is why the media has glommed onto you. Your acting talents have enabled you to utilize that to your advantage.

    Your anger is perhaps because your "acting" career on the conventional stage failed so you have found an alternative one. Good for you. But you have no substance, no real depth which may be why you failed as an actor. Its fairly obvious.

    Of course you will deride this as another "ad hominen" attack.. I love that this latin term is frequently hauled out by your ilk to show some type of superiority but in the meantime the signage, the verbiage and the behaviors are those who embrace the very thing you claim to deride. Hypocrisy is what I call it.

    Sad litte girl with atttention need disorder

  3. Anon...Actually, LibertyBelle's alter-ego is not a "failed" actor. I have seen her and she is a talented improv performer. Besides, how can you "fail" at something you do just for fun, because you enjoy it? You sound like a wanna-be-but-never-would-make-it psychologist.

  4. Please quibble on the semantics. Improv "actor" whatever its all ACTING. There is something pathetic about this young woman with her claims of degress in Mathematics from Oxford. Is that like Sarah Palin's degrees or are we "socialists" not allowed to make demands and requests for proof of purchase so to speak.

    You like to think you hold the cards and are smarter than everyone else. Don't confuse being a smart ass with smartness.

    I can read the Constitution too it does not make me an expert. And yet I studied to be an Attorney and decided to go into Education as a way of helping others. But I also believe in a strong and organized Government designed to serve the people by offering services for those less fortunate to go to "Oxford University" and by regulating businesses and industries to prevent such collapses as we are experiencing.

    Liberty Belle is too young to know the benefit of what is real Social Justice and reform but she took advantage of it and now decries it. Easy to do in this day and age now offer real solutions and ideas or is that too much to ask?

    Maybe improv them.

  5. Anonymous the hater.
    Liberty Belle is a hero to many of us.
    That's all

  6. Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, Liberty Belle. Keep up the good work.

  7. It's hard to refute an argument that simply states you "think liberal policies ensure those unwanted outcomes", but I'll give it a shot.

    The thing about this kind of argument that frustrates progressive democrats like me is that so often fiscal conservatism clashes with moral/religious conservatism. Everyone can agree that young, unwed mothers are likely candidates to be on some kind of government assitance, so it seems like programs to give access to contraceptives and sexual education would be the fiscally conservative thing to do (as these are shown to reduce teen pregnancy). For an ounce of prevention, we save a young person from a potentially disasterous life consequence as well as spare our welfare system yet another dependent. However, that's when the moral/religious side of conservatism comes in and declares contraception is bad, so we can't increase access to it. The two are often mutually exclusive, yet they are embodied by the same political party.

    Even worse, when fiscal conservatism clashes with moral and religious conservatism, the latter will always win, and the fiscal conservatives will always lose. I can get on board with fiscal conservatism much of the time even though I often think it overlooks the potential of government to be a positive force in the nation. Religious conservatism on the other hand far too often supports logically insupportable positions, and often positions that are detrimental to Americans.

    The article mentioned uses rather dubious logic to link conservatism to a drop in crime in New York. It's actually not clear that it uses logic at all, as it doesn't cite any kind of causal connection between the policies and the reduction in crime.

  8. I can get on board with fiscal conservatism much of the time even though I often think it overlooks the potential of government to be a positive force in the nation.


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