Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Civil Discourse: You First Mr. President

Here is the President with Matt Lauer, talking about the current political climate and how leaders in D.C. need to set the tone so that we the people know how to act... or something.

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Wasn't that nice? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that it only took my President a little more than a whole year to acknowledge the legitimacy of a movement made up by millions of law-abiding, hard-working Americans. I think it's funny that he makes no connection between his own fiscal policy and our discontent, and thinks he can win us over by spending more money on ridiculous programs.

However, I do find it incredibly disingenuous when he pretends that he takes the high road when there is video evidence (you know, kind of like what we are asking for in the case of the alleged racial slur incident) of countless Democrat Party leaders taking the lowest road possible. Pardon me, but maybe he should ask his own party to cool it before he attacks everyone else.

Can we journey down this memory lane together? Yes we can!

#1: Speaker of the House of Representatives and Democrat Goddess, Nancy Pelosi, on how our movement isn't a legitimate movement of "the people."

#2: Queen Nancy on conservative rhetoric inciting violence - though nothing violent had happened and the rhetoric of which she spoke usually entailed encouraging people to stand up against the progressive and socialist-esque agenda of Obama/Pelosi/Reid.

#3: My own congressman calling us "teabaggers" as well as "indecent."

#4: Queen Nancy, yet again, accusing us of being an astroturfed as well as associating us with Nazism. Stay classy Madame Speaker.

#5: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat Party leader, equating opposition to ObamaCare with opposing the end of slavery, giving women the right to vote, and civil rights legislation. Funny, Harry Reid doesn't follow the President's own advice to assume that one's opponents are good people that have good intentions. Nope.

#6: Straight from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a very recent form letter to send to your friends to raise money for Democrats. [Emphasis mine]

This is nuts. At a time when most of America is celebrating historic health care legislation that's been a century in the making, a few narrow-minded tea party nut jobs are trying to tarnish this great achievement.

But if you think these vile two-bit wing-nuts are just gonna slink back into whatever century they crawled out from now that health care reform is the law, think again.

The same uncorked tea party rage that we saw before the health care vote is now being used against the courageous House Democrats who stood strong and made it happen.

In fact, the slimy thugs at the Republican National Committee already raised $1,494,084 in their "Fire Nancy Pelosi" campaign. That's why I'm asking you to help my Democratic friends in the House by contributing to their Million Dollar Match campaign.

Contribute to support Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats before the critical March 31st FEC fundraising deadline and your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of committed Democrats.

This is the first FEC fundraising deadline since the House passed health care reform. And, Republicans and the media are watching closely to see whether we reach our million dollar goal.

We gotta take this fight right to those Republican special interests and right-wing extremists determined to bring back the failed policies of the past.

Contribute to support House Democrats before the critical March 31st FEC fundraising deadline and your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of committed Democrats.

We will not be intimidated by the lies, distortions and hate spewing venom from the mouths of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner and the other Republican gas bags. And, we're not about to back down in the face of the tidal wave of special interest cash pouring into the campaigns of our Republican opponents thanks to the radical decision by the Supreme Court.

The March 31st FEC deadline is a golden opportunity to demonstrate that Democrats are on the march. We already dealt those tea party crazies a big blow by putting health care reform into the history books. Now let's make it a double-punch by beating them on this big fundraising deadline.


James Carville

P.S. Republicans failed to block health care reform. Now, they are unleashing millions of dollars of attack ads on House Democrats who voted for it. Stand with Speaker Pelosi and those courageous pro-health care Democrats. Contribute to support House Democrats before the critical March 31st FEC fundraising deadline and your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of committed Democrats.

Contribute Today:

Obama's insinuations that it is only the conservatives and the Republicans that engage in unsavory behavior and rhetoric is an outright lie. He should be embarrassed and ashamed to make such accusations when the leaders of his own party are crude and insulting and apparently don't give a damn about respect or decorum.

Further, his assertion that the Tea Party Movement started with a core of "birthers" is unbelievable. The Tea Party Movement started right here in Seattle because we were sick of federal spending - by Democrats and Republicans - and we weren't going to sit back and take it anymore. I demand an apology from the President for maligning not only millions of people, but the true history of a movement. How dare he rewrite the history of this movement to suit his own political narrative? Mr. President, remember when you believed in speaking truth to power? Well, sorry to inform you, but you are now the power, and the truth is, you're wrong. And most of the time you are very condescending towards those with whom you disagree.

Lastly, just as a reminder to the President, STOP pretending that your opponents had/have no ideas for health care reform. You make a mockery of our system when you LIE about your opponents. It's revolting actually, coming from a man of your stature. So in case you forgot, here are some of the GOP's alternatives to ObamaCare (which you ignored the entire year):

Coercion is Not Health Care Act, HR 2629
Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act, HR 1495
Patients' Choice Act, HR 2520 (Go here or here for the actual text and here for the summary.)
Empowering Patients First, HR 3400
Health Care Freedom Act, S. 1324 (Go here for the actual text and here for a summary.)

When the President starts demanding his own party and leadership treat us with respect, and he actually calls them out by name, then I'll believe that he cares about civility. At that point I'll stop thinking he's a hypocrite on this issue.


  1. Great work. Just to let you know, here in Iowa on the Thursday before the vote a group of committed patriots protested the Healthcare bill at Iowa's 3rd District Congressman's office in Des Moines. There was about 100 to 150 there in opposition to the bill. Organizing for America turned out about 100 pro bill protestors. The funny thing is that the pro bill protestors all started walking away at the same time about an hour into the protest. A number of the patriots asked them where they were going and that they were going to be there for another hour and half. The response that they got was astonishing. The pro bill people claimed that they had only been paid to be there for an hour.

  2. You go girl!! You're so good at putting into words all the things that I feel and rant (somewhat) incoherently about. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  3. I am a clean and sober drug addict. I am around clean and not so clean addicts all the time. The practicing drug addicts lie every time they open their mouth. And they sincerely believe they are telling you the truth. Swear to God truth.
    They blame everybody else for their problems. They lie and lie and lie and then can't figure out why everybody is so upset with them.

  4. "Stand guard and protect the Constitution when the the absolutists speak."



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