Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sons of Liberty Riders


  1. LB, I am sure there are many Americans that are proud to be called Socialists or anything else we choose. That is one of the many freedoms I am happy to have and don't for a moment want to deny anyone of having.

    I don't consider myself a Socialist, but closer to the current day public definition of a Progressive. I think you are trying to lump most of us that differ with your stand as Socialists. I want to suggest that many that use that term are trying to tie that label with the historic connection of Socialists with Communists.

    While I'm sure some aren't making that connection, probably the majority are hoping to. If you are not one of those trying to smear Progressive ideas and followers with the Socialist/Communist "Scarlet Letter" than you can show your integrity by advising those that share your views not to waste the precious time and efforts that each side has to work on the solutions we hope will help our nation, with smears.

    I also want to suggest that the social programs that the Progressive side has been advocating for for the past century are far from perfect. I'd like to assure you that we are not trying to burden the nation as a whole with expensive and inefficient systems.

    We are hoping that we can collectively agree on helping those of our fellow citizens through hard times that might befall any one of us and to assist them get on their feet and take care of themselves.

    Many of us believe strongly in the Capitalist system and know that it does support our country's Democratic principals. The vast majority of Americans - Progressives, Conservatives - and most in-between hope to never need welfare, food stamps, unemployment, disability, etc. - but we are aware that there may be unforeseen circumstances that puts a law-abiding hardworking family or individual in serious jeopardy. Most might agree that in those hopefully rare occurrences that our government will aid people to get through the hard times and get back on their feet to take care of themselves.

    And in closing, I hope you will acknowledge that 50+ years ago that women like yourself that are smart and hard-working were denied opportunites that were open to men, no matter how persistantly they tried.

    My favorite example is the Fortune 1000. Please explain to me how there are so many more hard-working, persistent, qualified men running close to 90% of these companies? Or is it possible you may acknowledge that the business world hasn't made as much "Progress" and still excludes the many equally, or even better qualified women?

    Thanks for the opportunity to try to indoctrinate you with my Communist, opps, I mean Socialist, opps, I mean Progressive ideas.


  2. I wish you had never got noticed nationally. The type of posts on your blog now frighten me. They seem like intelligent people yet they are seething with resentment and hate. It is scary that they think they know how we should all live. God help us all.

  3. Belle's friend, don't you think when someone declares that individual rights should take priority over community rights that they are telling those who prefer community rights how to live? It's ok to have an opinion, but once you promote an idea on how things should be I don't think it is reasonable for you to criticize others for doing the same thing.

  4. Motorcycles and politics in one place no less, if there is beer at the end of our first ride I'm buying you flowers cause cause you've shown me heaven, I signed up today!!!!!!


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