Monday, March 15, 2010




  2. god give it a rest all you whiney white people talkin about where loseing america and whats funny is there the same dorks who said america love it or leave it oh no god forbid poor people blacks and all the mexicans we pay 3.00 an hour to do stuff that where too lazy to do not get health care and why are we as a people defending these greedy insurance companies who have all the money in the world should'nt they give back also not just wall street this whole health care thing is really about greed and those who have power and control issues and oh yeah im white too and i really know how you people really think so good luck with that

  3. Dear Anonymous, March 16, 3:38pm.

    The problem isn't greed or health care or money. It is economics. Free health care for everybody will be so expensive for the country that it will slow (or reverse) growth, decrease the quality of health care and harm the whole to help a few.

    Americans are HAPPY to sacrifice to help the whole. Most Americans are UNHAPPY to sacrifice to help a few a little bit.

    Eventually, government will run out of everybody else's money and we will all be screwed.

  4. Dear Anonymous.

    Thank God we live in a nation that has free speech and allows you to disagree. Thank God we live in a nation with the right to take or leave a job, even though I doubt anyone pays $3.00 an hour. These folks are definitely doing jobs that someone else doesn't want to do, e.g. house cleaning or child care. But you also have a right to go to school, learn a trade or continue for a degree and make more money. You have a right and responsibility to take care of your family through hard work and eduction. You can do it and there are resources for you. I returned to college 2 years ago for my degree and am now in graduate school... all at the age of 50. Yes, there will always be greed and people who make more than others. But for the most part it's choices. Stay in school, don't have children until you are married, don't abuse drugs or alcohol, save some money, treat your family with kindness and love and you will have a happy life. I am not rich but I am happy. Good choices make a happy life. And I don't think we are whiny, just opposed to big government and we live in a country that allows us to complain and make our opinions known. God Bless America.

  5. @Anonymous:

    I'd recommend going back to high school. You obviously need a remedial English course. If you could learn some critical thinking skills too, we'd all be lucky.

    @Liberty Belle:

    I totally agree. I didn't even know about Paul Ryan before this, but as soon as I saw him, I became his biggest fan. The courage of this man, it's so refreshing!


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