Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Updated List of State Reps. Voting NO to Higher Taxes!

The original list of 12 legislators that we needed to call is shrinking. Here's the list, with the new information added, as of this afternoon, based on constituents calling and then letting me know what they were told.

360-786-7806 19 Takko, Dean (Pacific)
360-786-7904 24 Kessler, Lynn (Port Angeles)
360-786-7968 25 Morrell, Dawn (Puyallup)
360-786-7802 26 Seaquist, Larry (Bremerton) VOTING NO
360-786-7890 28 Kelley, Troy (Fort Lewis) VOTING NO
360-786-7866 31 Hurst, Christopher (Enumclaw) VOTING NO
360-786-7902 35 Finn, Fred (Shelton) VOTING NO
360-786-7894 41 Maxwell, Marcie (Mercer Island/Newcastle)
360-786-7858 47 Sullivan, Pat (Covington)
360-786-7848 48 Eddy, Deborah (Redmond)
360-786-7924 49 Jacks, Jim (Vancouver)
360-786-7976 17 Wallace, Deb (East Vancouver) VOTING NO
360-786-7962 6 Driscoll, John (Spokane) VOTING NO


Keep calling the ones that haven't said NO yet. Then watch and make sure those that said they'd vote NO actually vote NO. Keep them accountable to the voters. When they vote NO, call them and tell them THANK YOU!!


  1. Hhmm...maybe we should propose a tax on people with ddoubblle letters in their nammess...? :)

  2. Yes, that makes sense...tax just because of the spelling of a name. Makes as much sense as voting for someone based on the color of their skin.

    I called my rep's office and asked why she was voting yes. Recep couldn't tell me why (great communication in that office, right?). Do these "reps" believe we are fools? Well, obviously 52% of the population is...

  3. Haha anonomous, you would be double taxed twice for those n's and o's.

    Why are only 13 reps listed? Did we get the other 26?


  4. Hey Liberty,

    I have a solution to this whole tax debacle. For all the people that are shouting to raise taxes, go ahead! Raise THEIR taxes! But leave us out of the equation. Since they love, love, love having taxes raised, they can pay for our taxes instead. That's right. Selective redistribution of taxes! Just raise taxes on the people that want taxes raised and then raise their taxes even more so they can pay for ours.

  5. I think I've been misunderstood again... :(.. Out of the 26 first and last names of the legislators, 12 of them had double letters (two of the same, right next to each other) - I just thought that was a very high percentage and was pointing it out...Anonymous would still be tax free :).

  6. i have two questions for you. where are the minorities? why don't you see blacks, hispanics and other minorities participating in your gatherings? we believe the tea partiers are rascists.


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