Monday, February 1, 2010

Today is Call Frank Chopp Day!!

Update: A very angry commenter corrected my spelling mistake from cretons to cretins. Thank you!

Frank Chopp (D -Seattle) is the Speaker of the House in the Washington State legislature, and he is a lefty, lefty, lefty. Today we are calling on him to kill the anti-initiative bills that seem suspiciously popular with our state's Democrats... which is weird, because I learned in my public school education that Democrats are the party of the people, so why would they be trying to steal the people's voice away? Weird.

You can reach Frank Chopp at 360-786-7920 or Specifically we are asking him to kill House Bill 2614 & House Bill 2613.

On a side note, check out what the unions are saying about citizen led initiatives, and how to stop them. (Why would they do this? Because most of the unions need taxes to be raised in order to keep funding their lavish benefits - that most of the private sector goes without, but pays for anyway.)

"If you see a signature gatherer, we suggest you ask signature gatherers if they are being paid, find out their names and take their pictures (alone). 'We would like to identify as many as possible." -- Washington State Council of County and City Employees (AFSCME - AFL-CIO)

"Keep an eye out. The best way to beat this is at the signature gathering stage. Please let us know if you see those paid signature hunters in your area and let them know in no uncertain terms what their job will do to your job! Every signature we stop is one more Eyman has to pay for." -- Washington State Council of County and City Employees (AFSCME - AFL-CIO)

"If you see a signature gatherer, call us. We want to do all we can to stop them." -- Washington State Council of County and City Employees (AFSCME - AFL-CIO)

How about this, if you are gathering signatures for a petition and one of these thug-alicious cretins tries to intimidate you, immediately call the police and try to take a picture or video of the person intimidating you.

DO NOT LET THEM INTIMIDATE YOU. They are no better than the mafia, and so deserve to be dealt with accordingly - call the police and stand your ground.


  1. Actually, it's "cretins," not "cretons": I thought you went to "Oxford University"? Second, I do get the whole enraged populist thing. The working class in America is right to feel disenfranchised, because it is (sure, a lot of this is simply racist: we've got a black president, and that's scary to some people. But relax, crackers, Obama isn't coming for your guns. Few American politicians have the balls to take on the NRA, and as a die-hard lefty, I can assure you that Obama is a total centrist). Really, though, the question is about who has the power in this country: a handful of lefty college professors who make $40,000 a year, or huge multinational corporations who basically own those Republican politicians you support? Follow the money, folks, follow the money. Lastly, you TP folks seem pretty darn upset about paying taxes. Let's remember that the highest tax rate in the US is 35% (and that doesn't kick in till you earn around $350,000/year), which is pretty paltry, compared to 91% under that commie Eisenhower, 75% under Nixon, and 50% under that pinko Reagan. Let's also not forget that a big chunk of that money is going to the military, which, you seem to forget, is part of the government.


    Common Cents

  3. no better than the mafia?

    i've asked signature gatherers about compensation every time i've been approached for many years. "let them know what their job will do to your job." - an equivalent statement to yours on youtube, and that's mafia thuggery?

    i can't compete with the attention the internet can provide a histrionic blogger. but it seems reasonable, based on this post, to suggest she's no better than the mafia.


    Further, the 1st Amendment doesn't work that way. You aren't a government and that amendment applies to government.

  4. Union folk asking questions of petitioners are equated to "thug-alicious cretins" and the mafia...
    I asked God to curse ignorant right-winging tea-baggers with a limp so they could be easily recognized.
    I'll take this "lame" blog as sign that my prayers were answered.


  5. When you call someone a 'Cretin', you are calling them a 'Christian'. Look up the word history. I know most tea partiers are Christian, and think the US should be a Christian nation, so I figure you might want to rephrase that.

  6. "let them know in no uncertain terms"

    Wow, given that the SEIU has actually beaten Tea Partiers up, how are we supposed to take that comment?

  7. Tea Party Update:
    The big question for the tea baggers, World Net Daily's Joseph Farah.
    Where is Obama's birth certificate?
    Yep it's all about fiscal responsibillty.


  8. Tea Party Update:
    Thank you C-Span for putting these Tea Baggers on display.
    Joseph Farah: "Conservatives must takeover the cultural institutions: the schools-the press-the churches. Because we are the true Christians."

    ACORN-Obama Project Vote, Acorn affiliation-George Soros-

    "Obama is following a distinctive course to destroy America."

    Are we seeing the last gasp of a dying RepubliCON Party. A philosophy so empty that the Tea Party, represented by Tom Tancredo and World Net Daily are very hard to take serious.


  9. Cretins? Just wondering if you have cleared this word with Sarah Palin.

  10. what's with the "cretin/creton" obsession? Typical to twist from original message.

  11. I say that the signature gatherers carry cameras of their own, and say "Well sure, you can have my info and photo if I can have yours. Let's just put our liscenses or ID on the clipboard here and take a friendly photo, then get someone to take a group shot. Oh, and you said you were from which union?'


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