Sunday, February 14, 2010

Push Back No New Taxes Rally Tomorrow, February 15 - Get Inspired

If you are vacillating about whether or not to show up tomorrow at the Push Back rally in Olympia, hosted by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, then let these videos inspire you to be there.

The first is a video of Obama's "Organizing for America" conducting trainings all over the US, getting their people ready to creep and slither out into the neighborhoods just like they did in 2008. Amazing how he is still campaigning.

I want you to watch this video and realize that our only weapon against them is us. Our time, our feet, our energy. We will never, ever be able to out-money these people. The Democrats are so fully and firmly entrenched with Wall Street now (though they deny it), and they have so many unions stealing money from the working class and funneling to the President and his party, that we will never match that. But we can, will, and must exceed their enthusiasm and ability to reach out. We can only achieve this is every one of us volunteers our time and sacrifices a few things along the way.

Watch this first video and get energized to fight back - hard. Then watch the second video to get truly inspired.

And now a palate cleanser. Remember why we fight, and get you and your family and friends to Olympia tomorrow, Monday, February 15th. It's President's Day and it's the anniversary of that very first Porkulus Protest in Westlake Park. Come celebrate.

For all the information you need about the protest tomorrow, visit


  1. Keli states: "Amazing how he is still campaigning."

    What sort of naive world do you live in?
    Tea-baggers can organize and rally but the opposition should sit on their hands?
    This after sitting on your ass for eight years and watching (cheering) while Bush tanked the economy on WMD.


  2. We didn't sit on our arses for 8 years cheering...we were against the first TARP and were against the spending the DEMS started when they took control in 2006. Bush became a drunken sailor w/the DEMS. DEMS forced the housing bubble and repealed the Glass Steagall Act that ruined the banks.

    He can rally all he really support the quadruplng of the deficit? Stimulus that resulted in what, one job saved? What kind of world do YOU live in? THIS SPENDING IS UNSUSTANABLE.

    Go teabag yourself...

  3. How about a few volunteers to infiltrate OFA? Use all of the tools they provide to work against Obama's agenda...

  4. "creaping and slithering" really? Where do you get off publishing this garbage? What, are these volunteers taught to jump out from bushes and trees? Are the taught to get on their bellies and wiggle around on the ground to make a point? Do you hear how ridiculas you sound? How about the current administration stealing money via unions from us poor workers? Where is your evidence? People just can't take your word for this kind of conjecture. I request you provide evidence in your post and make that speak for your cause. Let truth and evidence speak. I'll join you if you do!

  5. So, how was the Precinct Caucuses?

    Also did you get the rally on video? It is very important to video these events and put them out on the net so they can reach a wider audience.

    Thanks for your efforts even though I believe they won't be successful.

  6. Why is the tea party losing support.

    Listen to this following podcast to find out.

  7. Scott Brown KILLED the tea party movement.

  8. Where were you when Bush lied/led the country into an extraordinarily costly, unnecessary war the cost of which dwarfs the stimulus? Where were you when he spent away the surplus and gave away billions in unproductive tax breaks (through reconcilliation by the way)...where was the passion then? Dick Armey wasn't training you then, was he?

    Seems odd to me that the level of passion came only when the color and the party of the president changed. Conincidental I assume!!??*#$

  9. Although I can't direct you to the quote, you seem to portray yourself as thoughtful rather than angry - that's why I came to check out your blog. But your intro says "I will not allow ... Without a fight." And you direct it at the nameless socialists and communists infecting this country ... Hmm ... Sounds like Joseph McCarthy.
    You whole schtick is "I'm angry as hell and I don't like ...". I don't think a movement based on anger and selfishness will go very far. Yes, taking $20 from you and giving it to someone else is morally just. And I'm stunned that you would argue with that. You want to take this country in an ugly direction. I'll be glad when your 15 minutes of fame is over.

  10. Did you pay licensing fees for the use of the song in the PushBack promo? Or are you against private property and think that we live in some kind of communist state where you can freely steal other people's intellectual property?

    Sure, you support property rights - when its convenient for you.

  11. Keli -how does your work feel about your recent media attention?

  12. Aren't you a little embarrassed that you complain about ad hominem attacks on you...and in your very front statement (About Me) you brand those who disagree with your personal feelings on the appropriate role of government as communists and socialists? Oh yeah...and corrupt ones at that!

  13. I have no problem questioning our leaders and their motives. After all, our "leaders" do NOT represent the common person in this country. However, attacking health care reform is crazy. I ask, is the system fine the way it is??? Uh, no (I hope your answer is, who knows though). Healthcare should NOT be run for a profit, that does not mean it's, gasp, that nasty S-word. Medicare, after all, is a socialist style of healthcare, and nobody in their right mind would question it's effectiveness. Lets look at healthcare reform from a common sense point of view. If somebody needs a routine checkup, but can't afford to get that checkup and problems countinue to add up, what is going to happen? Eventually, they will end up in the ER (or dead). If they couldn't afford the checkup, they sure can't afford the massive ER bill. So, who ends up paying ANYWAY. The taxpayers, of course. And if you want to talk about, not with my tax dollars, let's talk about the two wars we find ourselves in, costing us, the taxpayer, billions of dollars. And you are arguing against spending whatever it takes to help people. I guess your ilk is always the same, if you can't brainwash them, kill them.

  14. Two days until the first of the legislative caucuses. Will the tea partiers show up? I doubt it.

    But I hope they do.

    Here is an important article about the upcoming caucuses.


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