Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Power to do Whatever Evil They Please

Frank James from NPR wrote a blog post in response to a quote of mine used in the NPR profile piece, and you can read my response to Mr. James at Red County. Pass it on!


  1. What an excellent article. I am surprised you speak of alternatives to the socialist road system and department of education. Most conservatives wouldnt touch those with a ten foot pole.

    Now if you can only be convinced that forcing someone to materially support a military that they have no interest in supporting is immoral. That is the last leap in logical consistancy many classical liberals make before realizing that any involutary governemnt on any level is immoral. Only voluntary government is consistent with natural rights.

  2. To be very blunt, I am fed up, like you, with the lack of honesty and frankness among our politicians. There are some in the Senate and the HR who are consistent in what they say and do and bring honor to themselves and our institutions. Not enough. Not nearly enough. Too many are weasles who slink around the corridors of power and say and promise and do anything to stay there. But, it comes back to We The Voters. We keep returning them to do more damage. WE DO HAVE THE POWER TO DEFEAT THEM...we just need to use it.

  3. King County Precinct Caucuses start today at 10:30 am

    Find your Legislative district, and then your caucus. Unfortunately the only interactive map I found was at this democrat site - but it works, and then use your precinct to find the location of the caucus on the Republican link above.

    Go. Be present. Stand up for Liberty, Freedom, and Conservative values!

    Let’s roll!

  4. I don't understand people who complain about supporting the military with their taxes.
    We don't live in a fairy tale world despite what your delusional mind tells you.
    There have been and there continues to be real threats against the USA. And I for one am very grateful for the many Trident submarines wandering the seas that will wipe out any country that participates in doing great harm to us.
    And God knows how many horrific terrorist attacks have been stopped by a Predator drone. 10's of thousands have lives have been saved by these and other proactive actions on the part of our military and security agencies.
    If you don't like it, move to France and we will protect your worthless butt there too.
    I don't know who the French can sleep at night. Worthless, weak benefactors of our protection.

  5. Keli's response over at Red County is extremely wordy. In lieu of sound argument she offers select cut and paste commentary of the Federalist Papers.

    The delusional world that Keli and other Tea Partiers (RepubliCONs: a spade is a spade is a spade) hang out in tends to overlook the 200 plus years of history in America.


  6. @Tom peterson,

    What you interpret to be the effectiveness or righteousness of the US military (which can be convincingly argued against) has nothing to do with whether coercive taxation is wrong or right. It is logically inconsistent to claim the government has no right to provide healthcare, but does have a right to provide military services. In other words, anybody the doesn't want healthcare or military services has a right to be free of coercion to support either.

    To claim that anybody who doesn't like American socialism can move to France is a juvenile argument to say the least. US soil belongs to whomever owns it, as in private property rights. It does not belong to the government. What you describe is fascism. Nobody has any responsibility to any government. To claim as much infers government is superior to the individual. "Love it or leave it" infers that to stay on your property, you have to love the US government. The US government is not equatable to the US landmass. Government and geography are two separate concepts. They are completely different. I can love my land without loving socialist militarism.

  7. Good point, Tom--your insightful commentary has really hit the nail on the head: taxes for education, social security, medicare = BAD. Taxes for our military (including all those already obsolescent, multi-billion dollar defense spending pork projects, millions for KBR and other military contractors,the whole Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex--that's what Eisenhower originally called it) = GOOD, because suddenly, "we don't live in a fairy-tale world." But if you're going to be a consistent libertarian (the kind that, as the Onion article has it, "reluctantly calls the fire department"), then can you really separate the two? If a Christian pacifist doesn't want to fund US military hegemony (estimated $600+ BILLION Pentagon budget this year--we spend more on defense than every other country in the world combined, plus we have a US military presence in 135 countries), why should he or she? What would Jesus do, Tom?

    Secondly, what is the deal with right wingers and France?? So they didn't go along with our Operation Iraq Liberation (O.I.L.) debacle. Boo hoo. They are an independent, democratic country, so that's their prerogative. And when De Gaulle kicked out NATO in '66 it was precisely BECAUSE France had nuclear weapons, wanted to defend itself, and didn't want foreign troops on its soil (imagine a Chinese military base up the road, Tom!). France is now fully reintegrated into NATO and is a major contributor of troops to Afghanistan. Also, let's not forget our history, teabaggers: France was a major benefactor to the Revolutionary American cause, contributing both men and a whole lotta money, and they did give us a little thing called the Statue of Liberty. So relax, Tom, and keep eating those Freedom Fries.

    Lastly, I've lived in France (gasp!) and can tell you that the French are much more obsessed about personal liberties than we are. They are much more resistant to the idea of State police power, love to smoke in non-smoking areas, and regularly tear down speed cameras because they see them as an infringement of their right to drive however the hell they want. French people talk about freedom all the time. When Americans mention "freedom," it means one of two things: a) we don't want to pay taxes or b) we're about to bomb somebody.

  8. So map it out, Keli, if you would. As a follower of politics, I'm always looking for conservative or liberals to succinctly state their view and not simplify it by stating what they don't like. For instance, if we cut taxes substantially, what expenses do we cut? What military missions are worthy of our tax dollars? Why should religion play a prominent role in politics? That sort of thing. For non-politicians like us, it should be easy to write a quick synopsis of our views. I would like to read yours because I saw your blog mentioned in a WSJ article today. I think the Tea Party phenomenon is interesting in many ways but am concerned that there is a lack of logical and coherent vision within.

  9. I think that you have seen an opportunity for some sort of fame, and have jumped through your nose ring without having any real talent.

  10. I think I see a little more milk in this teat.


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