Monday, February 15, 2010

New Really Poorly Done Patty Murray Video - Are You Surprised?

Alright! Again, Patty Murray wows us with her video chops. Make sure to watch the whole thing and then leave a comment telling her what you think of her new bill that she's introduced.

Oh, and while we're at it, the following video is a pretty good example of progressives - at least the ones I saw today in Olympia rallying for higher taxes. Oops. I mean more revenue. Yup. They aren't saying the word "taxes" now. It's "Yes on Revenue!" It is as ridiculous as it sounds. This video is titled, "What Happens When He Doesn't Get What He Wants." (I.e. what happens when people slurping it up at the public trough want more taxpayer dollars to fund their own jobs and they don't get them. And they say capitalists are the greedy ones?? At least we don't demand other people pay our salaries and benefits. When we work and get paid it's because we provide a service or product that when exchanged for money mutually benefits both parties.)

And just to be fair. This video reminds me of our rally this morning, a.k.a. the rally for freedom and individual liberty.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    As I'm sure you realize, today is the 1 year anniversary of the Tea Party movement (at least that is my opinion).

    I really cannot express enough thanks to you.

    You inspired me to a do 1 man protest in Sacramento in support of your Seattle Tea Party - as I have written before.

    Congrats on Corzine! Congrats on Deeds! Congrats on the freaking KENNEDY seat and Scott Brown!!! Are you kidding me??? The KENNEDY SEAT! Oh. My. GOD!

    What the HELL have you started??? Armageddon???

    Whatever it is, I am LOVING IT!

    Give yourslef a big pat on the back, go have a nice steak and champagne dinner, and have a GREAT FREAKING DAY!

    Liberty Belle ROCKED AMERICA and it still doesn't know exactly what happenned!

  2. Regarding the first video, if that lady would move out of the way I could really see the guy making the sandwich, she was really rude to cut in on the shot. Seriously, thank you for posting these and keeping us informed!! Keep the faith Liberty Belle!

  3. Neondog here with more background chatter:
    I see where Tea Party bosses met with fat cat RepubliCON bosses in Washingotn today.
    I think it's great that RepubliCONs will listen to you today, write your thoughts into their platform tomorrow and then turn your back on you once they are voted in.

  4. The repubs had no choice but to meet w/Tea Party organizers. They know they are in trouble and are useless as well as democRATs. Us conservatives are sick of repubs and DemocRATs. Both parties serve a self interest (SEIU ring a bell?)and both will turn their back on you. Have you not witnessed what is going on in Olympia tonight? The democRATs voting against the will of the people to repeal voter-approved I-960. Your Huffpo talking points are useless here...

  5. Liberty,

    I'm not too sure what your problem is with patty murry and her bill. Instead of just pointing out that their is a problem with it why don't you use the same ability arguing the rights held under the constitution to argue why murry's bill won't work. That would give you so much more credibility to you and your political point of view. Frankly all your finger pointing and loud talk reminds me of another far right person who asks the government to not tell us what to do but is willing to write his own book about ethics and good behavior: bill o'riely. Is that really the kind of association you want for the Tea Party. Even Jefferson intelegently and eloquently built his arguements of facts and reasoning. If you learn anything from his life it should be that free thinking and solid reasoning convince people not finger pointing and talking loud.

    I beg you, please make sound arguements and I will join your cause. So far all I have have read from you that does this is your response to some comments to an NPR article. Where is that smart and thoughtful person that we can get behind that wants to teach rather than spout?

  6. BOR is far right? HAHAHAHAHA Just because he is on Fox doesn't mean he is far right. He's far from it...

  7. Happy Anniversary, Liberty! I remember hearing you a year ago on Kirby's morning show! Thank you for all your hard work. Keep rockin on, girl!

  8. I've got to say, I agree with the Anonymous post- From the "About me" I expected some depth in commentary. Reading through the blog, it seems a clearing house of information on political activities (which is good) and shallow, on in this case, non-existent, commentary (which is bad).

    Sen. Murray at least is speaking publicly, and this wasn't produced by her- it's an interview, and it looks like she's doing it sans notes, and definitely without a prompter. She isn't a stellar speaker, but she's speaking. Is her idea sound? Do smaller, community or regional banks need the help? Would buying, or at least insuring, against their assets help? Hurt? Would it be more effective to stabilize regional banks as generators of small business loans? And as Anonymous wrote- what are the larger Constitutional issues, if there are any? If you think Sen. Murray should pay attention to you, or to this discussion, or you think voters need to know the impacts of what she's proposing, wouldn't it be a good idea to actually discuss it? Instead, we get this. From someone with what should be a good education in thinking, examining and problem solving, I'm frankly disappointed. I'm just dipping my toes into the newer grass roots movements, and I hope they have more depth than displayed here.

    If you want to fill the 'educational void' as you state, then do so, don't take on the tools of the hot-air political commentators on the right or the left. What this country needs is a good dose of maturity, and so far, I'm not seeing it.


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