Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Great Insulation"

This email was sent out today by a lefty in regards to the state legislator Town Halls scheduled for this Saturday, February 20.

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From: "Kathleen Reynolds"
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:15:58 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Eric's town hall

Hi Ken and Brad,

Any chance you can attend Eric’s town hall on Saturday morning? He is concerned that teabaggers will show up and cause a ruckus. You two would be great insulation for our legislators against the ignorant righties.

I don’t know Ken and Jessica’s email address. Could you forward this message to them?

Thanks! --Kathleen

I'm glad to know that legislators that are supposed to represent ALL of their constituents are using some constituents as "insulation" from other constituents. If I lived in Eric Oemig's district, I would be very upset, and I might bring this email to the Town Hall and confront him with it.

For the list of Town Halls, click here.


  1. Pathetic that these people are on one sole mission - ram their agenda down everyon's throats. I'm completely disgusted with each and every "rep" that does nothing but tow the party line - whether you are a D or R. Time for a revolution!!

  2. I am much more enraged by the underhanded tactics of those so-called "representatives" who have no integrity about the job they were elected to perform than by the idea of additional taxes. Additional taxes, debated openly, honestly and within the framework of I-960, would have been against my opinion, but I could accept them if that is what the 2/3 majority believe we need. But no...they can't debate them honestly. They have to stack the decks, stack the meetings, protect themselves from having to defend their decisions. They have no honor!

  3. Dear Keli,
    I have nothing specific to say about your recent posting, but I read the profile of you on NPR and wanted to communicate with you. I am older, 65 and still working full-time, and would be classified I suppose as a liberal. However, I'm not interested in debating, but in finding common ground. As I understand it, one of the central tenets of the Tea Party movement(s) is that government is not responsive to the people it represents. I think almost everyone, regardless of political persuasion, feels that way. I'm sure there are many reasons for this non-responsiveness, but there is one structural reason that stands out above all others. And that is the rule in the Senate that nothing can be voted on unless 60 Senators agree to stop debate. This is a rule that has no basis in the Constitution, has only been in place since Woodrow Wilson's administration, has been changed several times since then, and is patently non-democratic. In fact, its only justification is the premise that democracy needs to be protected from itself by giving one branch of Congress the ability to thwart the people's will. Without this rule it would be easier to pass the agenda of the majority in Congress, whether that agenda is conservative or liberal. At times legislation might be passed too hastily by Congress. But wouldn't that be preferable to the current stalemate? Excesses and mistakes could be corrected at the next election. That's what democracy is about, in my opinion, the freedom to follow the best judgment of the majority while respecting the civil liberties of the minority. The Tea Party movement could take the lead in proposing a Constitutional Amendment that abolishes special rules in the Senate (or House for that matter) that make the government non-responsive. The link between citizens and legislators needs to be made more direct, so that all the impassioned debate results in something. I applaud your involvement and your passion, and I would be glad to help any group that feels we have matured enough as a country to trust genuine democracy.

    I'm not sure how to select a profile. I'll just include my name and home town. I'm in the phone book. Maybe you could send me a letter. Thanks for listening - I know I'm long-winded.
    Don Adcock
    Littleton, CO

  4. chick, obama is a company man same as anyone else

    just lay back and take it


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