Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bitter, Clingy, Angry, Spiteful, Hateful

I.e., progressives.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Oh come now: Nothing more pithy than a overplayed Obama comment?
    Bitter, that is what astro-turfers have been since they lost the elections to a black man.
    Thankfully the Nashville convention allowed us a peak behind the curtain at your coalition with bigots.


  2. Is there, perhaps, a periodic limit to how many cranky comments one person can make per blog? I love canines, but neondog is getting boring. Just so much background noise.

  3. So all you see is skin color? Obama is mulato...raaaaaaaaaacist!

    Obviously you didn't get the comment at the convention...the blacks that voted did so because of the color of the man's skin, not his character. People who vote simply because of someone's race have no knowledge of civics and shouldn't be voting for that sole reason. Talk about bigots...

  4. By far and away, the most hateful, ugly-souled human beings I have met are the liberals here in Seattle.
    Black hearted, talking point spewing progressives that think they are so tolerant and know how we should all live.
    Fortunately they are not reproducing at a very large rate and they will continue to stay a small portion of the population.

  5. Joe Biden is the Vice President. That says all we need to know about the left in America.
    What a joke. What an embarrasment for the United States of America.
    How low have we gone? A community organizer for president and a loon for vice president.
    God help us. And better yet, God please open the eyes of the brainwashed liberals.
    They cannot be that stupid. Or can they?

  6. Hey, Neondog, you must be one of those "progressives". Typical progressive comment referring to the president as a "black man". It's always about the color of the skin comments with the lefties, isn't it? They are certainly the group that's fixated on racist comments.

    And yes, progressives are bitter, whiny, little kids that are still stuck in the terrible two phase.

  7. Thanks for the insight Debbie:

    It was Aryan? yeah that works..


  8. People who vote soley on the basis of one's skin color are intelligent? Informed? I call it racist. Character not color works for me.

    Black man, Aryan...why do the left always read/see color first?

  9. It's funny that you all are calling democrates racist when they are just responding to the twisted comment and "facts" barfed and regurgitated by the far right with little of their own original thought.

    Scoop clearly you forgot about Dan Quail or whom ever that stooge was under Regan.

    As far as the whole tea party movement goes we all should be thankful that the Obama campaign reminded us that individuals do count in his whole process. Hopefully congress will correct that big government mistake the supreme court just made. But then again in might be nice to be under China's rule in three years. Talk about your socialist point of view. Just think of all the summer Olympic medals we will win with all those great chinesse atheletes mixed with ours.

  10. It's funny that you all are calling democRATs racist when they are just responding to the twisted comment and "facts" barfed and regurgitated by Huffpo with little of their own original thought.

    Dude, you seriously need a spell check and fact check on your computer. REAGAN. And Dan QUAYLE served under Bush.

    You think Congress is going to correct the big govt mistake? You think the SCOTUS started it? This is why those who pay no federal tax or have no knowledge of civis should not have a right to vote...

  11. As long as Debbie and Francine are taking us back to "literacy tests" at the polls, will they also want a redo on the civil rights act? Or how about the fair housing act?

    I'm just looking for a little NSM insight.


  12. Hey neondog,

    Take your whiny butt back to your progressive corner of the world. You are boring us with your mindless chatter. It's a waste of time having a conversation with you who has no clue. Go on now.... go back to your little progressive corner. Turn on your telly and watch Chris Matthews or something, lol.

  13. Actually neondog is one of the last ones watching Olbermann's ranting and raving.
    I wonder what he will do when Olbermann gets canceled next month?
    Maybe they could watch Oprah and gain a better perspective on life.

  14. I'm all for open discourse, debate, and expressing discontent, but must we stoop to the level of insulting each other over differing views? What's the use of that?

  15. Hi Aerik,
    You are correct, calling someone a watcher of Keith Olbermann is a huge insult.
    He is a hateful, spiteful, vicious, ugly sub human being. And people that watch him revel in his hate.
    I should be careful when I insult people like that. I don't want to stoop to their level.
    So thanks for pointing that out.
    Peace to you,

  16. When dealing with the Aryan attitudes, "Mindless Chatter" is akin to light on cockroaches. Containing properties that are deeper and more profound than a possessive apostrophe.

    much metta


  17. The term "racist" has been getting thrown around a lot lately, bizarrely enough, by people like Glenn Beck, who notoriously accused Obama of having a 'deep-seated hatred of white people' (um, really, Glenn? his mom IS white, so...) I've noticed that a lot of teabagger types have attempted to "reclaim" the term (usually applied to them) by labelling Black Obama supporters, or, to judge by some of the above comments, anyone who notices race, "racist." This is of course pure nonsense, and based on a total misunderstanding of the concept. Racism is not simply the belief that one race is inherently superior to another, it is ALWAYS about relations of power, and is ALWAYS rooted in a specific historical context. Here in America, of course, that means 400+ years of enslavement, and taking into account Jim Crow, a system of institutionalized oppression that didn't end that long ago, folks. Calling a Black person 'racist' for voting for Obama, someone whom, he believes, understands his experience and will represent his interests, is like calling a woman who votes for Sarah Palin 'sexist'--ridiculous. Again, folks, this is about POWER and the history of its uses. A woman passed over for promotions because of her gender might believe that women are inherently superior to men, just as a poor black man living in the ghetto might cherish the belief that blacks are superior to whites, but this is not sexism or racism at work, simply delusion. It's only racism or sexism when those IN POWER use the belief in the inherent superiority of one group over another to stigmatize or oppress a group that has traditionally experienced oppression (women, or here in America, Blacks and other minories). Whew! Complicated, huh?

  18. thethirdtime,
    Your definition of racism is racist.
    We do not buy it, and we feel sorry for the delusion you live under. The person it hurts the most is you. Being a victim and living life immersed in self pity is an awful, awful way to go. That is why conservitism is the way out. We are color blind and we want every one to succeed. Regardless of any label that the left has put on them to keep them trapped in victimhood.
    Conservitives want everyone to succeed. Work hard, fail, work hard, fail, fail, fail, work hard and hopefully you will succeed. Don't be afraid to fail. And don't be afraid to succeed. Release the chains of victimhood that bind you and be free. It is a prison of your own making. With alot of help from the liberals I will admit.
    Come, join us as we take America back from the victims and the people who would keep you victimized.
    Freedom for all!

  19. Bitter, Clingy, Angry, Spiteful, Hateful .....
    You just described the GOP, The Tea People and every Rightwing leaning Independent. Liberals and Progressives the opposite of your little pathetic Valentines Day rant, I also love how the creator of this blog has a hot blond "liberty belle" while a photo I just saw of the blog creator looks like a

  20. Keri,
    I admire that you are sticking to your principles and allowing the left wing kooks to post on your site. It is disturbing to see the posts but you are taking the high, principled road and are to be commended.
    I hope your conservative fans continue to post their postive amd helpful thoughts to help balance out the negativity from the hurtful left. You are making a difference and from what I have seen it is a very positive difference for America. And it looks like you are just getting warmed up. Onward and upward! Keep up the good work.

  21. Scoooop!!!! I have to agree.
    The thread header, "Bitter, Clingy, Angry, Spiteful, Hateful", is all about "principle". I suppose you would like for us to take "all" of your posts seriously...


  22. Neondog,
    Peace be with you. May the healing love of Jesus surround you with peace and hope.
    May God continue to bless you and your loved ones. Thank you for all you do to serve America.
    With much love,

  23. Well, America may be broke, crumbling, and a sad failure in most respects, but there's at least one thing it never lacks: stupid white people who somehow believe that everything could be 1957 again if only taxes were lower.

    God you people are pathetic: how can anyone be so completely deluded as to believe that an obvious corporate whore like Obama is some sort of socialist?

    And I always get a rueful laugh at the way Teabaggers combine libertarian rhetoric with Pentagon worship: doesn't that strike any of you would be Galts as a tad confused and contradictory? Teabaggers seem to be quite happy with taxes as long as they're used to blow Afghan women and children to bits and pieces. But I suppose no price is too high for the right to shop and graze in peace.

    The Republicans clearly see the lot of you as useful idiots, and they'll no doubt sell you down the river for a buck or two as soon as it suits them.

  24. Keri,
    While Scoop is proud of you for taking the high road, I was disappointed in this post (which seemed deliberately derogatory) and in many of the comments from people on both sides of the aisles. Many of the comments denigrating liberals are the same things I have heard from liberals denigrating conservatives... It just makes me sad that there is so much hate. From BOTH sides. :(

  25. Amen to Maia's comment.

  26. I came here after reading the profile of you in the New York Times. It painted you out to be something new, fresh, and different.

    And then I read this post.

    A nose-ring doesn't make you different. What would have made you different is if you'd made arguments based on history, facts, and evidence. Instead, you prattle off insults and denigrations and paint your political opponents in broad strokes and generalizations.

    This makes you exactly the same as the very people who are causing all of the problems in this nation (of both parties).

    The only way we are going to change our government is to discuss and debate ideas reasonably. To inherently reject those who disagree with you by insulting them makes you a part of the problem - not a part of the solution.

    You can put a nose-ring on it, but if it just throws insults around it's still a political hack and nothing more.

    It's sad. I had expected something different based on the profile. Instead what I got is the same old thing in a different outfit.

  27. Debbie...we don't need a civis test or w/e that you want.

    But after you called Obama a racist I definitely think we need a IQ test.

    Liberty Belle I commend you for standing to your beliefs even though I don't aree with all of them, but to just blame and get mad at the progressives is baseless. Look at the GOP leaders, they object and they filibuster, cripple our government, but yet they bring no solutions to the table. Is this how you want your government to be like? People are losing their jobs, financial aid etc. as a result. I would like to hear your thoughts about those.

    p.s.: I am not saying that the progressives are right about everything, neither am I saying that the GOP and conservatives are wrong about everything. All I am saying is that the way our government is running right now, the leaders are playing a political game with US the people pitting one side against another. The day we stop thinking logically and start thinking how the politicians in the Capitol, is the day when party politics triumphs over people.

  28. Did you say Blacks voted for him because he was Black? And Blacks are the real racists? Nice. Because Blacks vote for Democrats... and when Black Republicans run against Old White Men Democrats... guess who Blacks overwhelmingly vote for? So, let us not pretend that Obama getting the Black vote had that much to do with his race--it had to do with who the Blacks in aggregate see as supporting them.


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