Friday, January 15, 2010

Tea Partiers -> GOP?

Commenter Steve says:
Please let people know!

The Republican Precinct Caucus is going to happen statewide on February 13 at 10 AM.

This will be the final test to see if the Tea Party movement is really for real or if it will go the way of United We Stand.

Will the tea partiers storm these precinct caucuses like they did the Health Care forums. Will you see as many there as you saw at the rallies. I am skeptical. I don’t think they have the organization or the will to do so.

And then you have the Legislative District Caucus probably on March to elect delegates for the state convention. So they tea partiers will be tested early this year. I test I am pretty sure they will fail.

He's pretty pessimistic, but he also has a point. Tea Partiers need to show up, not only to large events and big time elections, but also to these really basic, first steps. Can we do it? Have you figured out how to be a PCO in your neighborhood? The NYT published an article on this today, about the Tea Partiers taking over the GOP from the ground up. Let's see if we can do it.


  1. I believe that the Legislative District caucus is going to be on March 10th but I don't know if the date is firm yet.

    The tea partiers need to be sort of pregmantic on this. Even though they get involved in GOP politics they don't have to consider themselves Republicans (the politicians who run as Republicans sure don't) but can see themselves as using a means to the ends. To be effective they have to take over at least one of the two major parties.

    But make no mistake about it. The GOP are our enemy. What is neccessary is that the tea partiers come into these caucuses with the mentality they went into the health care forums with. They should expect to be lied to. They should understand that they are facing the enemy head on.

    They need to come into these caucuses like a Tsunami, and wash away the old corrupt leadership with their own people. If they don't then quite frankly all is lost. Success or failure will not be determined in Nov, then it's too late. Success or failure will be determined in the next few months.

    But yeah, just like the Perot/United We Stand people, the tea party people don't have the organization, the sophisticaation, or even the will to mount such an effort. But indeed the question will be this year will the tea party people be successful in co-opting the Republican party or will they be co-opted by the Republican party. In 1994 United We Stand was co-opted by the Republicans and look at what happened. I fear that what is happening in Massachutts with RINO mandated health care insureance supporter Steve Brown co-opting the tea party movement is signs of things to come.

    Sure politicians can talk a good game saying the stuff we so want to believe they believe but they said the same stuff in 1994 as well and what did that lead to? The tea party people need to figure out how this doesn't become another 1994.

    And the first step in this is co-opting the Republican caucuses and electing their own people to the state conventions where then they could effect the platform and the primary elections. Which starts as early as Feb 13, 2010 at 10 AM. Will people be able to find out where their own precinct caususes are? Will they be willing to go? Will they be co-opted when they get there? Will they not be discerning when they get there? Or will they go in like a tsunami, create a ruckus like they did with the health care forums, elect their own people to the county and state conventions and instead of being co-opted actually co-opt the Republican party?

    As a veteran of the 1994 so-called "Republican Revolution" and an observer of the Perot/United We Stand movement's role in that I am afraid I am not holding out much hope for the tea party movement. Despite my hope otherwise I do fear that the end result of this will be a lot of Progressive Republicans (RINOS) getting elected this year. Sure they will sound conservative during the election but after they get elected the people they so strongly courted during the election they will treat as strangers.

    That's what happened in 1995 after the 1994 elections. And history has a way of repeating itself.

  2. If we let the Republicans do to us this time what they did to the Perot/United We Stand Movement here is going to be what will happen.

    1994. They will love you. They will tickle your ears with patiotic sounding, consitutional sounding rhetoric, make all kinds of wonderful promises and you will be their best friends.

    1995 They are now in power and you go to them in hopes that now they are in power they will actually make a difference and fulfill their promises. They go "who the hell are you?" "Get away, you are bothering me".

    That's not to say I don't think tea partiers should go to these precinct caucuses. But they should go in there like they went into the Health Care forums. Like they are going into the enemy's own territory. They should go in ready to fight the status quo there. They should go in planing to replace the current leadership with their own people.

    They should go in prepared for the Republicans trying to co-opt them, but instead they should co-opt the Republicans!

  3. Here's a very important article about what happened after 1994.

    I am all in favor of us going into and taking over the caucuses as long as we don't get deceived by them. As long as we co-opt them and not the other way around.

    We were fooled before. We must not let ourselves get fooled by the GOP again.

  4. Will RINO Scott Brown be the exception or the Norm this year?

    Will the tea partiers help RINOS get elected in 2010 like United We Stand did in 1994.

    I am not saying that will be their objective but indeed it will be the result I fear, as what we are seeing with the way they just kneejerked supported Scott Brown.

  5. Remember the last time we tried this?

  6. Remembering what the GOP did to us in 2008

  7. The Third Part in this very important video.

  8. Please be patient because there are only six of these. But if we want to talk about the evil of the Washington State Political Party infrastructure then we must watch this through!

  9. This only happened a little under two years ago. Has the republican party really changed that much since then?

  10. Last video of this sleazy display by the Republican Party. The same Republican party we are supposed to hop aboard this year.

  11. A new year, a new Republican convention. Will it be like 2008? Or will the GRASSROOTS take the Republican party BACK!

  12. You know I was thinking.

    The Tea Party people are all probably going to have big rallies on Apr 15. No doubt they are all going to be impressive and all with a lot of people turning out.

    But by that time, it will all be over, and no doubt all lost. Even though for the casual observer it won't seem that way.

    The Precinct Caucuses will be Feb 13 and the Legislative Caucuses Mar 10th (though not confirmed as they are being a little sly on this). People would have already been elected to the state convention.

    Let's admit it tea party rallies are fun. Caucuses where people are lying to you and where you have to battle the establishment to get your people elected aren't.

    And the Republican party while not technically keeping the locations of their caucuses "secret" they are pretty good of keeping the location of their caucuses on the "down low" and basically only known by fellow RINOS. Sure outsiders can find out but it would take a great effort on their part and there is no effort on the part of any tea party organization to find out where they are hidding, I mean having these caucuses. By it's very nature and design the tea party movement is not organized enough for such an effort and like I said there isn't the will. Tax rallies are fun. Confrontational caucuses aren't.

    Sorry, I know where this all leads because I saw it in 1994 with the Perot/United We Stand people. We are just going to replace progressive democrats with progressive Republicans.

    We are just going to throw the current bums out to put in new bums.

    Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Change had to come (in 1994) we knew it all along

    We were liberated from the fall that's all.

    But the world just looks the same

    And history ain't change (in 1995)

    'Cause the banners, they all flown in the last war (what makes this movement so different than the Perot/United We Stand movement?)

  13. What am I doing to help tea partiers understand the Republican party and how to become agents of change in this system?

    I just provided a video showing Republican methology that you can assess, analyze and develop strategities in order to defeat the Republican establishment. This is "game day" video I have given you to review.

    Look I want you to come into the State Convention this year looking for payback for what they did to you in 2008. More importantly I want you ideally to have the numbers to replace the current leadership. This leadership has been in power for decades in some cases and have become a primary obscycle for conservatives trying to get elected.


    The message at this website states that the information for the locations will be posted on Jan 28th. This is the site for knowledge about where the precinct caucus will be held. It is imperative that we all show up at our respective caucus.
    This website has the rules for the 2008 precinct caucus. I trust that, except for the dates, the rules will be the same.

    Grumbling doesn't pay. People just tune you out after a couple sentences. Let's be more focused on what to do so that this time we have a LONG LASTING effect on the direction and behavior of our elected officials.

    Such As: I'm for choosing someone who really believes (and has demonstrated over the years)that the Constitution is the blueprint for what should be passed in WA DC. If the Constitution doesn't grant the power to Congress to do something, it better not be passed into law.


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