Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown, Explained

Michelle Malkin has a great analysis of Scott Brown on her blog, and I thought everyone should see it. She also admits that he's not 100% perfect, but she does a good job of explaining why he deserves our support. Lastly, I don't know any tea partiers or conservatives that think Brown is perfect. We all know this, but acknowledge his importance at this point in time.

If the people who have talked about the precinct process could actually write something up for me (besides just the date) I will post the information. I'm talking about the actual step-by-step process for tea partiers to get involved via the precinct caucus route. I am not knowledgeable in that area as I have never been involved that way before. So, if you can help with this, it would be much appreciated.


  1. This is what Steve Deace is saying about Scott Brown and I have to say I tend to agree with him on this.

    From Steve Deace's web site.



    The result of a Brown win today, which I think will happen, will likely have two outcomes. One I desire and the other I don't.

    First, it's hard not to grin down your chest at the fact the first public referendum on the Soetoro-Reid-Pelosi triumverate will result in a loss of Ted Kennedy's seat. The irony of that, considering the Democrats have shamelessly turned Kennedy's funeral into a rally for big government healthcare on national television is tough not to appreciate.

    On the other hand, a Republican Party Establishment cynically bound and determined to rout its own base, even at the risk of permanently driving them away, will likely be further encouraged to run more protential RINOs like Scott Brown.

    Whatever euphoria Tea Partiers and right-wingers looking the other way on Brown's beliefts might feel the morning after sticking it to the Left is likely going to evaporate within a few years after Brown is seated in the U.S. Senate. That's when they'll realize they've probably just seated another Trojan Horse in their own caucus who has much more in common with John McCain than he does John Thune.

    Yet, that is how we roll nowdays. This is America after all. Land of pragmatism and instant gratification, home of regretting it afterwards when the bill has to be paid.

  2. By the way, talking about Michelle Malkn, did you read her other post discussing the possibly of Senator George Voinovich providing the 60th vote?

    So the ultimate result of this election might not be stopping Obamacare but instead it would be just electing another RINO to office.

    "Voting the Bums Out" is great unless all you do is elect new bums to replace them.

    Like we did in 1994.

  3. Here is what Pierce County is saying about the Precinct caucuses.

    King County is still being sly about theirs.

    Pierce county says that you have to declare yourself Republican to go. I am afraid this might turn off some of the tea partiers.

    They need to understand that this isn't a "State declaration" like say they have in other states.

    Also, hopefully they can be just a little pragmatic here. Just because they SAY they are Republicans they don't have to vote Republican in Nov. And also, by declaring themselves Republican now it allows them to call the party up later renoucing their affliation if (or when) the Republicans betray us.


  4. Here's another good summary of what a Scott Brown election victory could mean. Go to the web page for the full article but here is the key quote.


    "Brown will send a misleading message to all those running for office. A message suggesting that being a fiscal moderatate is sufficient in gaining support of millions of people, a message we cannot afford. Waves of moderates running for office is percisely how we got into our current mess and a Brown victory can further exacerbate the situation.

  5. Again from the same post.


    "It will be interesting to see how Reid and Pelosi twist and turn to cram their horrendous bill odwn our throat and their tactics will continue to provide fuel for the tea party movement. A movement that might potentially be compromised with a Brown victory. This is the single most distressing issue for me as I have seen tea party activists and so-called small government proponents blingly throw their support behind a big government politician like Brown using him as a tool to bloody the noses of the Democrats. STILL, a perceived victory against the liberal tide can cause great damage to the tea party movement and sap the will to fight as many become complacent thinking the worst is behind them."

  6. Oh, here is another quote from the same post.


    "When supporting a candidate only in spite of another candidate you inevitably carry on the sad and sorry tradition of voting for the lesser of two evils. Whether you rationalize this by claiming that Brown is the most 'conservative' Massachusetts can produce or the urgent need to
    'Stop ObamaCare' is not relevant, you are still supporting a poor candidate."


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