Thursday, January 7, 2010

Phonebanking for Scott Brown and FreedomWorks Online War Room

Alright folks, if you are interested in phonebanking for Scott Brown, you know, the man who could literally stop ObamaCare in its tracks by becoming the 41st NO vote, then click here to sign up! It doesn't matter where you live, so if you have a few minutes, get involved!

Next, FreedomWorks has pinpointed the congressional targets that we need to reach!! DO NOT GIVE UP! Please check out their action plan by clicking on the "Call Congress" button when you reach their website.

DO IT! :)


  1. America’s plight is not irreversible! It will be tough for most people to begin all over again, but it can be done unless Americans, in their hearts, have given up on their own freedom and are ready to accept tyranny. A new book describes how, called SAVE PEBBLE DROPPERS & PROSPERITY, soon to be on, and mentioned in It tells how America became what it did and how we need to repeat and begin again if individual freedom is what we want to retain.

  2. Please let people know!

    The Republican Precinct Caucus is going to happen statewide on February 13 at 10 AM.

    This will be the final test to see if the Tea Party movement is really for real or if it will go the way of United We Stand.

    Will the tea partiers storm these precinct caucuses like they did the Health Care forums. Will you see as many there as you saw at the rallies. I am skeptical. I don’t think they have the organization or the will to do so.

    And then you have the Legislative District Caucus probably on March to elect delegates for the state convention. So they tea partiers will be tested early this year. I test I am pretty sure they will fail.


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