Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Immediate Action Needed to Save Initiative 960!!!

From Evergreen Freedom Foundation's Citizen Action Network:

Today we learned that the majority party has gathered enough support to gut Initiative 960 very soon.

This paves the way for tax increases and removes citizens' ability to track the cost of proposed tax hikes. Passed by voters in November 2007, I-960 sets a two-thirds threshold for the Legislature to raise taxes and requires the Office of Financial Management to calculate the 10-year cost of every revenue-raising bill introduced.

If legislators suspend I-960, the Freedom Foundation's Hey! Big Spender publication will disappear, much to the delight of some chagrined legislators, as we will no longer have the information necessary to compile the list.

Since it’s a pretty big deal to undo the will of the people, we think legislators should go on record. If they have to be public about it, some legislators may re-think their position. Please contact your legislator in the next 48 hours and send us their response (at CAN@EFFWA.ORG) to the following two questions:

1) Do you support informing taxpayers about the cost of proposed legislation, and if so, will you vote to uphold I-960’s transparency provisions?
2) Do you agree with I-960 that two-thirds of the Legislature should agree before passing tax and fee increases?

We will record their answers and post them for the public to see.

Six legislators have already answered the Evergreen Freedom Foundation by saying “yes” publicly to both questions: Sen. Jerome Delvin, Sen. Jim Honeyford, Sen. Bob McCaslin, Rep. Larry Haler, Rep. Mike Hope and Rep. Ed Orcutt.

You can also battle the big spenders in Olympia by signing the Freedom Foundation’s petition against new taxes here. We’re attempting to gather at least 20,000 signatures by January 24. This will help combat Rebuilding Our Economic Future, a coalition of more than 80 state and national left-of-center groups, which has already collected 20,000 signatures in favor of raising taxes. Help us beat their numbers!

Sign the Petition!

Please call your state Reps. and Sen. to ask them these questions, send their responses to Evergreen Freedom Foundation, and sign the petition. Much of the focus is at the national level, but we must remember our very own cesspool in Olympia! The forces that are pushing to raise taxes here in WA are very strong and very well connected. Let's get out there and fight them!

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