Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Host a State of the Union Viewing Party

Via Tea Party Patriots:
As discussed on the call last week, citizens from around the nation are encouraged to host their own "State of the Union Viewing and Citizen Response". Host the event at your home, church, restaurant, or other facility, and invite you friends, neighbors, and your local media/press. After the President finished his State of the Union speech, and the GOP response is given, please choose a diplomatic spokesperson to give your collective response, calling for free enterprise, tax relief, fiscal conservatism, and freedom. Afterward, please tune into http://tvtownhall.com/ and watch Herman Cain as he, and representatives of several conservative organizations including Tea Party Patriots and FreedomWorks, give their reponse to the President's speech.

Please be prepared, be factual,and be diplomatic.

Please contact Julianne Thompson for details at georgiateapartypatriots@gmail.com
or 404-798-4663.

Sounds fun to me!


  1. The battle in America between the Old and New World traditions are seen in our two main political parties. The Republican Party is the older of the two if we take it back to Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, to Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Nelson Rockefeller and John McCain. Republicans are elite meddlers believing the national government should manage the industry and affairs of the American People. They stumbled in the 1960’s with Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. They left the party with people who do not accept original GOP policies.

    The Democrat Party was the libertarian, state’s rights, individual freedom and local government party, following Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe to Jackson and Cleveland. They made the biggest swing from their policies at the turn of the century, adopting the Old World policies of Rousseau and Marx. The GOP, except for the Goldwater-Reagan moments, held fast to their better-than-thou beliefs from its origin. In the life of our Republic, the only political party that held fast to the ideals of America, which made her free and prosperous, was the 19th century Democrat Party. If we are to take America back to its roots, the GOP may be the only hope. claysamerica.com

  2. Alexis De TocquevilleJanuary 20, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    Scoop Jackson Democrats like Scott Brown.
    What a great night last night. What a great night for America.
    And we know this is only the beginning. We are going to fight to the end to get America back and get people who are willing to work on our serious problems elected. People like Scott Brown. People like Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor etc. America rocks!


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