Monday, January 4, 2010

Grassroots Conservatives UNITE! Updated with link

Remember how we all rallied around Doug Hoffman in order to support the real conservative in New York's 23rd District?

Your help is dearly needed again. Scott Brown is running for Ted Kennedy's senate seat and he is a true conservative! He's running against a woman who is completely in the pockets of Big Labor and just think - if we can win this seat, Harry Reid loses his super majority in the senate!!! This is HUGE. Oh, and guess what. Remember how the GOP put almost a MILLION dollars into the very liberal Scozzfava's campaign in NY-23? They've given Scott Brown only $50,000! So he needs our help.

Please spread the word!!

Scott Brown's website. The election is January 19th, so if you can help out financially or by phone banking, get on it!


  1. Sent Scott $50 today. Everyone should contact Sen. DeMint who has a group to fund conservative senate candidates and ask him to send money to the Scott Brown campaign.

  2. I'd heard that he's a supporter of RomneyCare. Yes? No?

  3. Wished we could give more to Mr. Brown's campaign, but I have just contributed $35. Something is better than nothing.

    Step up to the plate all you freedom loving Americans! Get out that jar of pennies and spare change and help Mr. Brown win this crucial seat with your donations. Our lives might literally depend upon him winning this senate seat so he can vote NO against the freedom-bashing Obama Healthcare monstrosity.

  4. We just contributed $35 to Scott Brown as well. Consider, for a moment, the impact his election would have on the health care debate. I can contribute $35 now or pay thousands later. I'll probably donate more.

  5. So instead of being in prison where he belongs, Chris Dodd is retiring from the Senate to take some cushy government or Wall Street job?
    Why is he not being arrested and held without bail? Just because he is a Democrat?
    He is a criminal!

  6. Thanks to you this is going to be a great year for Republicans. The Mainstream Republicans of Washington state looks forward to your help in this coming year.

    This year will sure be full of sign waving, stamp licking, and door belling but in the end I am assured that we will see victory for the GOP just like we in 1994.

    Back then it was the United We Stand movement. This coming year it will be the teabaggers. But in the end it will be the same. Together we can bring back the same kind of fiscal responsibility we saw after the last great Republican Revolution.

    Thanks again, and I am looking forward to a lot of work from you on the behalf of the responsible government we both support.

  7. I know how sometimes Republicans won't let conservatives post on their websites but I hope you will allow me to post my comments.

    On Brown's own web site it says "in Massachusetts, I support the 2006 healthcare law that was successful in expanding coverage."

    Again, this doesn't come from MSNBC or the New York Times. This comes from the candidate's own website.

    Now I know as I post it the chance of you allowing this to become visible is practically nil. I have seen too many conservative posts on Sound Politics disappear to know how Republican operatives work. But the truth is the truth and enough people are going to go on Brown's web site regardless of you not posting this and you will quickly lose credibility.

    The Tea Party movement isn't a Republican movement. It isn't a Democrat movement. It is a movement of Grassroots AMERICANS and if you think you can co-opt it to serve your partisan agenda you are going to find yourself sadly mistaken.

  8. Greg, I have only recently heard that Brown supported the Mass. health care expansion, which is very troubling. I guess I'm just desperate to get rid of Reid's supermajority any way we can. I don't care that Brown is a Republican either. I'm going on the fact that he's campaigning hard against the health care bill and his opponent supports it hands down.

  9. Right on his own web page it says "I support the 2006 Health Care Law".

    What part of "I support the 2006 Health Care Law" didn't you understand?

    It is bad enough when politicians lie about their positions but when they clearly state their positions and people still don't get it then it is quite depressing indeed.

    The Republicans Conned You. Either that or you are part of the Republicans conning the tea party movement. Either way this support of Brown has totally discredited the tea party movement showing that regardless of the noble intentions that this movement may have started, the movement itself has been co-opted and it's objectives have become subservent to "gettin' Republicans 'lected".

  10. Alex, I only became aware of his statement yesterday. However, I'm willing to gamble that Brown will do more to stop ObamaCare than his opponent Coakley, who is nothing more than Ted Kennedy in a dress.

    I don't think your characterization of tea partiers as being co-opted by Republicans is justified. The tea party movement is made up of millions of people, all with their own opinions and paths. Yes, I am a tea partier, but no, I won't vote for a Republican just because they are Republican. If some factions of the tea party movement are endorsing Brown, that says nothing of the other groups' opinions.

    No one has conned me or anyone else. Even with the new information I will support Brown because he is a better gamble than Coakley and there's no one else in the race to support. Do you deny that he is a slightly better gamble?

    Some tea partiers will feel as you and withhold their support. Some will feel like me and will take the gamble. The whole point of the movement is that it is made up of so many different groups that there is freedom for some to go in one direction on one issue (or election) and the other groups to go in different directions.

    I understand his statement as do most other tea partiers. Some of us are just hoping he'll stand up for conservative principles. I may be proven totally wrong and you might be able to come back and say I told you so, but for the sake of the nation, I hope I'm right.

  11. I have gambled with the Republican Party for nearly two decades and have been stabbed in the back each and every time.

    "Lesser of two evils" is no longer an option for me. I feel that it's what led us here to begin with.

  12. I know.. I agree with you Alex. I guess I feel like this one instance is a special case. If this were a regular election and there had been a primary, or if a more conservative candidate had thrown his/her hat in (a la Doug Hoffman) then it would be different.

    Anyway, I hope he turns out to surprise us in a good way.

    Thank you for your input. :)

  13. Please tell me the name of any politican who ever got MORE conservative while in office.

    Because I can't think of even one.

  14. I guess what bothers me is that you tea party people still haven't convinced me that we will see not see you co-opted by the Republicans like we saw the United We Stand/Perot people co-opted in 1994.

    Here is a must view video. If you can't get the analogy between this video and the relationship that for all too long grassroots Conservatives have had with the GOP I guess all is lost.

    Lucy (GOP) THIS time you can trust me.

    Grassroots conservative. This time we are going to really do it. We are actually going to elect Republicans who once elected will not cave into progressives and who will restore our constitution and and..


    Lucy (GOP) what do you expect. They were only CAMPAIGN Promises.


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