Sunday, January 10, 2010

FBI investigates one of Norm Dicks' most generous donors

I'm telling you, this is the year to kick that bum out!! Get him out and let's get someone who actually believes in the words "public servant" in to serve the 6th district!

Via the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group:
Congressman Norm Dicks has never been shy about accepting campaign donations from favor seekers.

Now the FBI is investigating one of Dicks' most generous donors " the powerhouse lobbying firm PMA Group.


  1. You need to get this guy.
    Click here: Randy Neatherlin's 2008 Rollout Speech

    Randy Neatherlin is not afraid of a fight and has earned a loyal following. His race was the most expensive in the state for the primary. Second in the House races for the general. He did this with little money all of the money was his opponents. He did well in Kitsap and Grays with no help from the State. He is a threat to Debolts leadership. Randy made his own commercials Click here: YouTube - Randy neatherlin (Taxes) and even pounded his own signs. I saw him get standing ovations in Kitsap and Thuston caucus. The writer for the Kitsap Sun (Steve Gardner) called him the Republican Obama for his speech in Kitsap. We need to get him out one more time. He ran when no (R) stood a chance, why not get him to run when he has a chance?

    These clips don't do hi justice. This was his first forum and he only got better. I hope you take the time to watch. If you know anyone make this happen. Call him!

    Click here: YouTube - Randy Neatherlin (State Income Tax) Kapo Forum

    Click here: YouTube - Randy Neatherlin Healthcare (KAPO forum)

    Click here: YouTube - 35th District Candidates Give Closing Statements at KAPO Forum

  2. I really wish we could wrench Dicks out of his seat. I'm in the 6th and he has never represented me. When I write to him expressing my opinion, he writes back and preaches to me, telling me why I'm wrong.


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