Friday, January 29, 2010

Declaration of Health Care Indepence and More!

Tea Party Patriots is supporting Representative Michele Bachmann's initiative to declare our health care independence! To read about it and sign on, go here.

Also on that page is Senator Tom Coburn's Fiscal Reform Amendment which would stop the Democrats from raising the debt ceiling again, and instead cutting out redundancy and waste from very specific programs. To read about this and sign on, go here.


  1. Thanks for promoting Bachmann's petition. She is the best conservative voice in the House right now.

  2. From the West coast to Florida conservative voices are being raised..."and not going to take it any more"...

  3. Hello LB,

    There is an article in the New Yorker called The Movement; The Rise of the Tea Party where you are featured for a couple of paragraphs. I found it on Here is the link.

    From my persepctive, it seemed like a fair article. Of course, you would know better.

    Thanks for all you do.


  4. Another Declaration of Health Care Independence can be found here:
    Ryan McGivern


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