Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Action Alerts and Other Events!

As is usual, everything happens at once. There are some issues arising that need immediate attention and action. If you can help out, then please do so! We have a lot of statewide items on our plates right now, and the federal issues, though still hot, have moved slightly off the burner, giving us a moment to focus on the mad scientists running Washington State.

SAVE I-960
Initiative 960 is the only obstacle standing between the vulture-like Democrats in Olympia and your pocketbook (and transparent government). To sum it up, I-960 requires a 2/3 majority to raise any taxes or fees, and also requires transparency regarding the cost of each bill. It forces our legislators to post the real cost of the bills they introduce, and this allows groups like Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) to put out their "Hey Big Spender!" list every year, which the sleazy politicians hate, of course.

Well, they're about to put an end to the transparency and the 2/3 majority requirements. From EFF:

Friends, this could be the week that legislators move to "suspend" I-960, effectively making it easier for them to raise taxes, and do so behind closed doors. Since the beginning of the 2010 Legislative Session, this possibility has been a topic of discussion on Capitol Hill, but now it is dangerously close to becoming a reality. Here’s how it will likely happen. Legislators will attach a provision to "suspend” I-960 in another piece of legislation that they intend to vote on. The key is to determine which one. We think it might be HB 2971, which is scheduled to have a hearing at 8:00 a.m. this Thursday morning.

Yep. They are going to suspend it, which is the CYA method of repealing or nullifying I-960. And with these massive statewide deficits, courtesy of Gregoire and her minions (and unions), they will raise taxes immediately. Rather than cut spending, they'll just force all of the hard working people in private sector to finance their out-of-control "budgets" and their bloated rolls of state employees. By the way, if you want to sign EFF's No New Taxes petition, go here.

There are two ways you can help. Attend the hearing in Olympia tomorrow, or call, call, call!

1. Attend the Hearing -
If you have the time and ability to travel, please consider showing up to support I-960 and Amber's testimony.
01/28/10 @ 8:00 am
House Hearing Rm C
John L. O'Brien Building, Olympia, WA

2. Contact Your Legislator -
The Freedom Foundation has been compiling a list of legislators and their stance on I-960. Check it to see if your legislator responded to us and what they said. If they support I-960, please call and thank them. If they responded negatively or not at all, please contact them and encourage them to consider how suspending I-960 will impact their constituents. Find your legislators' contact info.

3. Sign the Petition -
EFF has collected over 20,000 signatures telling the crazies in Olympia that we do not want any more taxes. EFF will bring the signatures to the legislators on Thursday afternoon, after the hearing. Pass it around!

Update: I forgot to mention all of the anti-initiative legislation that has been magically introduced this year by the Dems. Hmmm... and I thought they were supposed to be the populists, the "party of the people..." Even the Seattle Times is aghast at the anti-initiative measures of this legislature. Check out more at Voters Want More Choices.

Stop Anti-gun Legislation
State Senate Bill 6396 is a ban on "assualt weapons" which is not only dumb (and I don't use that word often), but also a violation of our rights. One of my friends who is a Seattle police officer, told me that the rank and file of the SPD do not support any type of gun ban. The Chief of Police stood by at a press conference and endorsed the ban, but the actual men and women out there on the street protecting us do not endorse this bill.

You can help by calling your state legislators and the Judiciary Committee. There was a committee hearing on this bill yesterday, but I have not heard anything yet about the results.

The committee members are below:
Adam (D) Chair (360) 786-7688
Regala, Debbie (D) Vice Chair (360) 786-7652
McCaslin, Bob (R) (360) 786-7606
Carrell, Mike (R) (360) 786-7654
Gordon, Randy (D) (360) 786-7641
Hargrove, James (D) (360) 786-7646
Kohl-Welles, Jeanne (D) (360) 786-7670
Roach, Pam (R) (360) 786-7660

Update: I found the email from my cop friend, and I'm looking for an online version of the newsletter he's talking about so that I can link to it, but the most recent one I can find is May 2009. If you find the one he is talking about, let me know.

The Police Guild paper came out the other day. The guild president confirmed that not only was the Guild not consulted on this, we (as a union) do NOT support the ban.

This also allows me to bring up another point. I blast unions a lot, but I wanted to take this opportunity to say that not every union is a mafia-wannabe (i.e. SEIU, AFL-CIO). From what I can tell, The Police Guild is a pretty decent union, and uses its power for good, like giving support to the families of fallen police officers. I also believe that police are one of the only responsibilities that the government should actually take on. Police protect the rights of the individual from violation by others, and that is the primary role of government. I think it is pathetic when the politicians want to save their favorite slush funds and threaten to cut, or actually cut, the one sector they have any business being involved with. It's pathetic, deplorable, and everyone should through it any time the corruptocrats try to do it.

State's Rights
Some of our state legislators have taken up the fight for our 10th Amendment rights, and we need to step up the grassroots support to stand up with them. A resolution has been introduced to affirm our state sovereignty, HJM 4009. This is an extremely important start in the sovereigny process and this fight will require all of us to work hard.

Some other state sovereignty bill can be found here and here. Call your state legislators and tell them how important it is to you to retain that Constitutional right.

State of the Union Viewing Party
This party is being hosted by Kirby Wilbur and should be a great event. Come along!

What: Viewing Party of the President’s State of the Union Address, hosted by Kirby Wilbur
Where: Bellevue Marriott Courtyard on NE 8th at 110th NE, right in Downtown Bellevue.
When: AFP Webcast at 5:00pm. The President is on at 6:00pm
Cost: NO charge, cash bar, even some munchies.

Register to attend here. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy McDonald at Side Note: Want to ask Obama a question after the SOTU? Now you can! Click here for details. If you choose to participate, let EFF know by emailing CAN@EFFWA.ORG.


  1. I hope the tea partiers have a plan for the Precinct Caucuses.

    I know the Republicans fear they do.

    That is why they are being so secretive about the locations this year.

    It looks like the King County Republicans still haven't put the locations on their web site yet even though they promised they would be up by yesterday.

  2. To find out what precinct one is in the quickest way would be to call your county's auditor's office. Except for King County where they have an Election Division.

    For information on contacting your auditor I would suggest going to the following web page.

    In King County just go to:

  3. Some auditors web sites might include maps of the districts.

    I know King County (which is the only county in Washington State where it's not the auditor who handles the election) has maps on their web site with the Precincts on them.

    But even if you have the map it might be better to call them directly to confirm.

  4. If you live in King County you could look up your address at the web site below. If that doesn't work call the Election Division.

  5. From this web page you can get the links to all the Republican County web sites.

    But watch out. The RINOS are on the move. They have already taken out their anger at a State Senator. The progressive Republicans have been the establishment in Washington State for decades. They will not give it up without a fight.

  6. Here is what Benton County has on its web site regarding the Precinct Caucuses.

    There's a reaon they are trying to keep the information about the Precinct Caucuses hard to find. They don't want the Tea Partiers to come.

  7. The King County Republicans FINALLY have their Precinct caucus locations on their web site.

    They said it was going to be up on Friday. Shows how little you can trust the Republican Party.

    If you live in another county then go to the county website of that country.

    WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT IF OUTSIDE EVERY Precinct Caucus locations an hour before the caucus begins there could be a big tax payers rally.

    The important thing is though when the voting starts the right people, and not the RINOS as what usually happens, gets elected to become delegates.

    For a list of other locations in other counties go here:

    For Snohomish County for example the web page is

    And for Pierce County it's

  8. Here is a detailed overview of the Precinct caucus from the Pierce County GOP web site.

  9. The Reagan Wing has a very good article explaining the Precinct Caucuses.

    Please check it out here:

    Or at:

  10. Could you please include the following web sites on the list of websites you have on the right side of your blog?

    Washington State Legislature Bill Information.

    TVW video of legislative meetings as well as other politcal events around the state.

    Washington State Public Disclosure Commission. See who's bankrolling your candidates

    And (just in a quicker form)

    You can look up who they have donated to in the past as well as who donated to them. To find out who they donated to just use the Partial Contributor Name field in the web page above.

  11. Sorry for the typo.

    That Second Public Disclosure Commission address should be.

    I forgot a "t" the last time.

  12. that last link actually should be


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