Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Call NOW!

The senate lines are open my friends! I know it's close to Christmas, but think about it this way - if our troops work through Christmas, then so must we!

We've been given a gift of sorts. Dirty Harry has inserted a provision in the senate health care bill that locks into place the rationing boards (i.e. death panels - you know, that big "lie") and prevents future senates from being able to amend or repeal it without a three-fifths majority.

Jim DeMint challenged them on this and the parliamentarian allowed it to go through, and unfortunately, though it is sleazy and horrific, it may be just inside the cusp of the rules. BUT. This is where we can use it. Call all those supposedly conservative and moderate Democrats and tell them, to retain the honor and purpose of the United States Senate, that they must say they will not vote for this bill if that provision is maintained.

Yes, the senate is allowed to make its own rules, but one senate should never be able to be more powerful than a subsequent senate! Tell them to imagine what will happen when the GOP gets the power back, which is more than likely in 2010, tell them to imagine how the GOP will use this provision to forever hamstring any future Democrat-controlled senates.

For more information on this go here, here, and here.

For the phone numbers and contact information for the targeted senators, please click here, and scroll through that page.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Never Surrender - Reignite Your Fire - Video

I took the weekend to sulk around and yell at the TV and the radio, but folks, this is too important to get caught up in our disappointment and our emotions. We need each other, and we all need to keep the pressure on. Most likely we won't make the difference in the Senate vote - BUT - if we let up the pressure, it sends them a message that, with enough losses, our will to fight dwindles. It will tell them that we can be defeated by just dragging this out and chipping away at our spirits. DO NOT LET THEM. Keep calling and faxing, please. I know it's the holidays and some people have said it's over, let's put it away until after the holidays, but as someone commented over at Ace of Spades, "...our troops won't be home for Christmas Eve either." So if our troops have to fight through Christmas, then we must fight through Christmas.

Watch the following video as it will reinspire you to keep going. It's very short, but I got goosebumps after I watched it and almost cried a little. It's really powerful.

For continuous updates about Tea Party Patriots and some steps you can still take (remember, you are now doing these things to send a message - that we will never stop, even if we lose battles here and there, we are in it to win the war!) go to Tea Party WA and Tea Party Patriots.

Also, click here for an account of our very own Sally almost getting arrested in Lieberman's office because his staffer called a half dozen, armed cops to come and arrest three well-mannered citizens who wanted to speak to the senator. Video below.