Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And you want these people in charge of you private medical records?

Please. Via Hot Air:

The Transportation Security Agency has released what basically amounts to a "how-to" manual for terrorists. Way to go government!

This made me think about what might "accidentally" happen with people's medical records and other such things, when government sticks their huge mistake-prone noses into our health system.

Whatever or whoever caused this leak for TSA is a shining example of the complete ineptitude of big government.

So Obama thinks he's FDR?

Compare FDR's words (on December 8, 1941) and his espousal of the idea, of even the word, "victory," to Obama's grudging and tepid attempt at acting like the Commander in Chief. Oh and what kind of CIC leaves out the phrase "God bless our troops" in a speech about our troops fighting and dying, when the phrase was written into the speech prior to the event?